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  2. what's the point of posting an article here when you need a subscription to read it? Looks like a site advert to me....
  3. I think it's assumed people won't export and post to other forums.
  4. For your own personal use as pointed out in their terms of service, I am sure posting it on message boards wasn’t what they had in mind.
  5. nutters

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    Nice lid Jake, good to see Reebok back in hockey...
  6. I think the evolution of stick blade construction will lead to this eventually. And we'll look back in disbelief about the period of time between wooden blades and this future state when "you had to buy a fixed curve and couldn't even adjust it to your own preference". If a manufacturer can perfect this with a similar blade response, weight and durability to existing process, it would change the market overnight and all manufacturers would have to follow. At that point you could just sell two versions - a lie 5 and a lie 6 mid closed curve that can adapted to your preference by heating and bending. Bonus points if the material lends itself to sanding and you could round or square the toe to your preference. colins
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  8. SkateWorksPNW

    Interesting story about profiling/sharpening

    If you pay for access to the article you can actually export it in mutiple different formats on your phone. One of those formats allowed is as a PDF.
  9. I'm not really familiar with the current manufacturing process other than I know they use moulds. I have no idea if there's heat involved. I was talking more about the ability for consumers to tweak curves by heating the blade and applying force, similar to the method us old-timers used on our wood sticks. You can technically do it now, but you create micro fractures in the carbon fibre, which causes premature breakage. To my knowledge, baking True skates multiple times does not damage the carbon fibre. I'm just curious as to why that property of the skates hasn't or can't be used in stick blades.
  10. The nearest ice rink, I could walk to in 10 minutes or so, and do so to get my skates done. The rink I typically skate (when healthy) at is a 15-20 minute drive at that time of day (0700 on a Saturday). I happen to live in an area (metro Boston) where you can't swing a cat and not hit a rink. Do they all have adult hockey times? No, but they all absolutely host kids programs. I would prefer to travel a half hour at most. I have to get there, get dressed, play, get undressed, and get home. For a 9pm session/game, more than that is simply not worth it for me. However, as noted, I have the luxury of many, many rinks in that 30 minute radius. Before I had a car, I was willing to travel further because the rink had to be transit or foot accessible (with gear). The year I learned to play, it took me nearly 2 hours to get to the rink. Two buses and a half-mile walk. Glad I don't have to do that anymore.
  11. 218hockey

    Sparx Skate Sharpener - At home sharpener

    Right, I said that. Thanks.
  12. That isn’t what he said.
  13. BruinDust

    Nexus Boot Last question

    IMO the 2016 1N series and the 2014 8000 series do not feel the same. I used a pair of 2014 Nexus 5000s starting in late 2014. In the spring of 2018 I felt that they had started to really soften up and started looking for a new pair and knowing I loved and best fit in the Nexus line, started trying on the 1N series was starting to go on clearance at my LHS. Tried different price points and sizes (all D, couldn't fine any EEs) and none were really close IMO in terms of fit to the 2014 series. I ended up finding a 2014 series pair of 7000s and went with those instead. I can't speak to the 2N series fit. Hope this helps!
  14. 218hockey

    Sparx Skate Sharpener - At home sharpener

    If you don't want to ever be misinformed I suggest you stay away from the internet.
  15. IPv6Freely

    Interesting story about profiling/sharpening

    ^ This. Imagine the potential legal ramifications of posting somebody’s copyrighted work here...
  16. IPv6Freely

    Thermoformable Stick Blades - Why Not?

    Have they not? I mean, that’s how they get the curves on their sticks in the first place isn’t it? And they can clone curves for pros if I recall. Now, if you meant doing this at retail... well, that’s pretty unlikely. Requiring stores to have the kind of machinery to make that work is highly unlikely.
  17. IPv6Freely

    Sparx Skate Sharpener - At home sharpener

    It does matter. We’d prefer people not be misinformed.
  18. Siponarius

    Nexus Boot Last question

    I know the boot last changed between 2012 (1000 Series) and 2014 (8000). I’m not sure if it changed again afterwards the 2016 (1N Series) and 2018 (2N Series). Does anyone know if they did? Reason why I ask is I have a pair of SMU N2900 which fit amazingly, and I had the opportunity to pick up a pair of 6000s in the same size, possibly for ODR use. Poking around the internets, they appear to be the same heritage/price point, but they don’t feel the same, and I’m not sure if they were built on the same last, or they just aren’t broken in. Anyone have any insight? Additionally, how much different do the N2900s and 2Ns fit? thanks in advance!
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  20. badger_14

    The Sweet Spot

    I had my 2 week postop yesterday. I am now allowed to drive, lift up to 15lbs, and swim (within reason). I can even go back to some desk shifts at my gym job. I had a nice light swim this morning, and I'm going to go see my horse buddies on Friday. (Can't ride for another 4-6 weeks).
  21. badger_14

    The Venting Spot

    Officially, my workplace allows up to 48 hours of sick time (Mass. has an earned sick time law, so every employee in the state automatically accrues 1 hour for every 30-40 hours worked), which is 6 days for a normal job, but for a paramedic it's two shifts. They also get real, real pissy if you have to leave work sick.
  22. 218hockey

    Sparx Skate Sharpener - At home sharpener

    Read that multiple times over the years in this thread. Does it matter? I read it here I take it as gospel! Maybe it was the Fire vs FBV chart? Idk.
  23. I must have read most if not all of this thread prior to buying a Sparx machine, and I don’t recall any such comments. My sharpens feel must like ones from my local hockey shop. Maybe if you quote the posts you refer to.
  24. You mean with a rounder toe shape or more rocker under the toe?
  25. 218hockey

    Sparx Skate Sharpener - At home sharpener

    I dont know where you got that from. I said where I got that from. ???
  26. Just curious..... We know that a carbon fibre based product can be very pliable when heated and very rigid when cooled, (True Skates). Why has no manufacturer adapted this technology to stick blades?
  27. Would recommend OP check out Base as rumor has it the P30 from CCM is now discontinued on all new sticks moving forward. Which leaves you with only Pro stock , older models , and custom. Sad to think retailers will only offer 3 curves at some point on all sticks. Slowly but surely. Well that's where it seems to be heading anyways.
  28. You are publishing someone's content in violation of their business model....
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