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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
xrickyb86x xrickyb86x 03/14/11 Fast payment. Easy to deal with. :) Machinehead2k5 Machinehead2k5
fastbrother7 fastbrother7 03/12/11 Awesome price and good communication. dsjunior1388 dsjunior1388
shute shute 03/11/11 Great guy to deal with. Great and fast commmunication. fatwabbit fatwabbit
fatwabbit fatwabbit 03/09/11 Awesome seller, great communication. Thanks! english15x english15x
fatwabbit fatwabbit 03/09/11 Solid, reliable and trustworthy buyer. team50 team50
team50 team50 03/09/11 Good communication, went out of his way to help. fatwabbit fatwabbit
kklinder kklinder 03/06/11 wanted to buy one SE shaft since cash was tight, seller told me to take both and pay for the second when possible. class act, wouldnt hesitate to deal with again ndlancer95 ndlancer95
hellkitty hellkitty 03/06/11 Good buyer! Easy transaction DolomaticDangles DolomaticDangles
sickwilly sickwilly 03/06/11 Sold me a Malkin One90 OPS, as described & quick shipping. Hradsky Hradsky
Hradsky Hradsky 03/05/11 Good buyer, great communication. sickwilly sickwilly
Ranger-#8 Ranger-#8 03/04/11 Bought an FX-50 visor--awesome communication, Ranger worked hard on packaging to lower shipping costs. Visor was exactly as described. Thanks! theflash0000 theflash0000
malcb33 malcb33 03/04/11 Great communication. Nice guy who's easy to work with. sickwilly sickwilly
fatwabbit fatwabbit 03/04/11 Great buyer, never hesitate to do business with. sabres48 sabres48
english15x english15x 03/04/11 Good Communication, fast payment. fatwabbit fatwabbit
sabres48 sabres48 03/04/11 Good communication, honest in dealing fatwabbit fatwabbit
larrivee larrivee 03/04/11 Good communication, prompt shipment, gloves quality as expected wrangler wrangler
McDougalfaschnitzer McDougalfaschnitzer 03/02/11 Testinggggggg JR Boucicaut JR Boucicaut