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    You’re not going to use my website to personally solicit our members for money.
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    New skates! I think they are hideous but if they are comfortable they will be worth it.
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    I'm pretty excited. i just got my custom True sticks in and i couldn't be happier. P10 / Kane Pro curve, 80 flex, matte finish
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    Just returned home from my teams annual Montreal tournament. In 10 years we have never won more that a game but this year we had a special squad. We went undefeated and won the championship outscoring our opponents by a combined score of 20-4. I put a lot of time into planning these and when the boys all have so much fun is beyond gratifying. Two of my best friends have been dealing with serious back injuries and both were able to play. One, typically a center, was far less an impact player than he usually is but he battled and contributed. The other, our goalie, played the best hockey I have seen him play in 10 years. It was an incredible performance and I am so happy for him. As for me, just happy to be injury free and do what I can out there. Such a great weekend... details will remain in Montreal!!!
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    Big month for me. @JR Boucicaut fitted me for custom Bauer Nexus V-Cuts at SJ and they came in about 3 weeks ago. I've been working through the break in process and the fit is unreal. I never realized how loose the fit was in my old skates. Kinda hurst like hell getting there because they are so much tighter then I was used too but well worth it. I already feel performance benefits. Details: Custom Nexus V-Cuts. Stock Nexus lining (wanted the new 1x grip-tec but couldn't get it). built in comfort edge (can't really see it), memory foams in ankles and heel pocket. Using LS2 steel and Edge holder. When I was baking them I also popped for these.... figured what the heck... If that wasn't enough decided to upgrade buckets and bought a back and white Re-Axt combo. (yup... marred and melted the bucket taking off the sticker... oh well....) No need to take pics of the white one..... Like I said... big month.... fun!!!
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    Welcome to the dedicated thread on the Warrior 2017 Holiday product. This product line launches Friday October 27 at select Warrior dealers. Here's a rundown of the new product: click the product below if you want even more info and details on what dealers have them. Covert QRLSE Covert QRL4SE Alpha AK27SL Alpha AK27 Alpha QXSE Gloves SE/SL mini sticks Swagger SE Goal Stick (Black out) First off, thanks to JR and MSH for the opportunity to get information out on our product - direct from the source. Hope this helps the community with good product info and an open forum to ask questions. Covert QRLSE - Warrior 2016 Covert QRL release was our most successful in history. Our sales were tremendous and I'd like to think that had to do with the marketing campaign. Let's be honest, the real credit goes to our product teams in Mexico, California and Montreal. They followed up their 2016 success with a re-fresh on an old Warrior graphic concept - the white stick. This is everything you love about the QRL in all new White Lightning package. Covert QRL4SE - The QRL4 dressed in all-white after labor day - what a beauty. Alpha AK27SE - Our design team hit another home run in the "throwback graphic" game. The stick (or I should say shaft) that AK in Montreal made famous gets a whole new tech upgrade. The internals of the stick are all "Quick Strike" but this stick is made using our SL carbon package. This SL package has been used in NCAA/CHL for 3 years now. This stick was developed for teams looking for the durability of our "QXPro" but for players looking for a lighter feel. It comes in at an incredible 400g and an even more incredible price (Canada SR $230, USA SR $180) We expect this stick to fly off the shelves based on performance, weight and style. Alpha AK27 - This is the Alpha QX5 stick dressed in a silver/black AK graphic. Beautiful. Alpha QXSE Gloves - Remember when Warrior was the first to dabble in sublimated graphics on a hockey glove shell material (AK27 Pro)? Well we revisit that idea again with this new SE glove but using a digi camo covering. Amazing glove (based on QX4) at a great price and look ($110 in USA and CAN) Swagger SE - Our Swagger line with blacked-out graphics. A trend in goalie equipment that will now match nicely with our sticks. As always, let me know if you have any questions in this thread. KP - Warrior Marketing
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    Not exactly true - here is a conversion chart US Canada 8 8, eh? 8.5 8.5, eh? 9 9, eh?
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    Would have preferred a 5th straight championship but we’ll take a 5-2 win for 3rd place!
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    I always try to drink at least one beer in the locker room while getting dressed. Sometimes 2, if the game before is going long.
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    I’m just surprised there’s areas where 945 is considered a late game.
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    Dallas Police team pants shells finally came in. The quality feels decent, but I kind of wish for the money we paid for them that the logo, stars, and lettering would have been embroidered instead of sublimated. I might look into getting a company to make me one at a later time, but for right now these will do nicely, and they will probably hold up pretty well.
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    didn't realize Canada was sending an inline team to play at the winter Olympics. those are atrocious
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    How many threads have you started about getting a stronger shot from X stick? Seriously? You're chasing that last 10% and it's likely causing more problems than results. That being said, sticks lose their "pop" over time. So any stick you've had for a year isn't going to shoot as hard as it did when it was new. And yes, going lower in flex will help with load, but hurt with power. I was talking with a Bauer rep at the Expo a few years ago and discussing flex and power. He suggested I try going up in flex with the 1N because the new fibers caused easier loading. So I'd be able to load a stiffer stick, and gain the benefit of a harder shot from that. He was correct. My shot noticeably improved going from 77 to 87. You should be using the stiffest flex that you can load on all shots, optimizing for your style of play. It's unlikely that you'll be able to get the same performance on all shots since different flex profiles work better for different things. I feel like this is what you're chasing, and it just isn't possible. You're changing one attribute, be it flex, curve, profile, brand, model, etc, to gain an edge on one thing and it's causing you to lose performance somewhere else. Then you try and change again to get back what you lost, and so on. I don't know what your hard on is for being Steve Stamkos and having this superhuman shot. You play B league. No one cares how hard your shot is. Get what works best for how you mostly play and what you need and just go with it. I'm not trying to be a jerk. But it's constant threads asking the same questions all focused around this fixation of having the hardest shot ever recorded.
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    “VH is a hobby skate” completely discredits every other word of your post.
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    There is honor in doing things the right way.
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    Relax a bit, your threads are weird, borderline useless.
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    Okay so this thread is just going in circles. At this point it doesn’t matter who was at fault (for the record it was you) and HM going against their policy isn’t going to happen. So moving on from the past... you’re needing new skates that fit. Okay, the people on MSH can assist you to a degree (if x doesn’t fit you then y might) but realistically they can’t do much more than the 16 year old kid manning HM’s chat software. So no matter how many times the conversation is going to circle around, the simple fact remains that you’re not going to get fit properly without getting to a store and having somebody who knows what they’re doing to help you. You might get lucky and find something eventually, but it’s likely you’ll just continue to be disappointed. Do it right the first (or in this case the third) time.
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    Most every retailer on earth will tell you that baked and sharpened skates are not returnable. Sizing today won’t dorectly correlate to older Riedell and Bauer generations. Unfortunately with online purchases, therein lies the rub. I would caution you that a guy your size size will likely ruin any $150 skate in very short order.
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    For THIS situation, yeah probably. Though normally I'd 100% encourage the idea. But then again, our player of the game award is F-ING AWESOME.
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    So jealous of those Mega Air's, I wanted a pair so bad when I was younger but only came as close as getting a pair of the Bauer Air 60's (I think they were 60's, def not the top end one). So I worked out a deal with the league I play in to shoot photos of some games and occasionally bring my camera on the bench to take photos between shifts if we're winning by a lot (and/or have 3 lines to give me enough of a break). Last game we were up 6-1 late in the third so I set my camera up and asked a teammate to shoot some photos of my line (since I'm never in any photos), he did a pretty good job: October 24, 2017-7236-J. Schusteritsch-web by Jon Schusteritsch, on Flickr October 24, 2017-7262-J. Schusteritsch-web by Jon Schusteritsch, on Flickr October 24, 2017-7263-J. Schusteritsch-web by Jon Schusteritsch, on Flickr and here's one from another team, I asked the ref very nicely to take a team photo of us since we just got new jerseys which were paid for by a teammate's restaurant, I'm kneeling in the middle with the white cage and yellow laces. October 23, 2017-6829-J. Schusteritsch-web by Jon Schusteritsch, on Flickr
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    Actually, I think this thread has gone off the deep end. Skate Mod - you brought up some interesting points. However it won't go over well when you are scant on details then ridicule those questioning it by telling them that they don't understand the process. Maybe some day we'll look at this and say we knew you way back then. Good luck. Some of us will be watching. MSHers - this was disappointing to see. I don't like to see the mob mentality that was displayed here; this board has been successful for years by being the smart ones; people analyzing posts and responding in a critical way - not stooping down to memes and bringing up someone's country of origin to insult them. So, I'll close this for now and revisit if other developments happen.
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    Where is Skatemod when you need him.
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    You should learn from your previous mistakes and try them on before buying them.
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    Taller than retail Pro sticks have a fused extension. You can clearly see two separate pieces, the plug tenon and the outer shaft.
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    This is beer league, not squirts, who needs a "player of the game" award? Do you also put scoresheets on the fridge when you score?
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    Finally mostly healed from injury. Skated a total of 3 times from April until September, wasn't fun, but I cant complain too much as i've enjoyed good health and low amount of injuries the first 35 years of my life. Skating regularly again now. Starting to regain speed, but understandably my stamina is a bit off. Mostly private drop ins for now, hopefully start playing leagues again here soon. Local roller rink closed down, so the roller hockey experiment is mostly over, and I don't think I want to rejoin my tournament team for that. I would be bummed, but this means less EDM in my life, and more ice, so I'm cool with it .
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    Just took the plunge after being on Bauers since I was a kid. True's Pro Rep came over here to Qatar and did the fitting being a good friend of his is one of our goalies. Pretty excited about getting them, had my eye on them for awhile but since I was not going to be in Civilization anytime soon I never thought it would happen. 13 of us in the League over here will soon be sporting new wheels.
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    I have battled some weight issues my whole life. By 9th grade I was over 200 lbs and in college over 220. Early on in my marriage in my late 20s I was up to 254. I have yo-yo'd around once dropping 60 to get to a low of 194 but then went back to 227. A year and a half ago I was convinced to try a cleanse system called Isagenix. In one month I went from around 218 to 203. Over the last year or so I kept a lot of but I was back to 216 in September when my wife, who also battles weight, said; "Hey lets do Isagenix again." I jumped at it knowing I was going to play in a tournament in November. My goal was to be 198 by the time I stepped on the ice in Montreal. Today I woke up and I was 199.5! I haven't been this light in about 20 years and even then it was only for a short period of time. I know I will reach that goal and I truly believe this time I have learned what I need to do and will change my lifestyle and keep it off. It's such an great feeling!!!!
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    No way this is wayyyyyyyy to much fun. First I couldn't skate. Then I had no credibility and now I am a 6th grader? This is AWESOME!!!!
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    Through MLX, VH and now True, Scott Van Horne's hobby has produced a lot more hockey skates than this guy's hobby. And Van Horne's Masters of Science in Biomechanics impresses me a lot more than the engineering credentials that he has hinted at, but not yet produced. With the exception of a couple of expired pitches in Australia and UK, various email addresses and an offer to upload some audio software to a software "sharing" website in 2001, unless he is also a Chess Master, he is pretty much a ghost on the internet. I can't find any successes or credentials. What is sad, is that MSH would normally be a target rich environment for such a person. This board is populated by people who are "gear wh***s" who spend a ton of money on what they hope to be perhaps a slight improvement. However, it is also populated by a lot of people who don't suffer fools gladly and don't appreciate smoke being blown in their faces. And REALLY don't appreciate being told they are wrong or stupid by someone who can only be rude and never seems to back anything up. The kid has moxy though, I'll give him that. He'll probably score big with something someday though.
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    This reminds me of the Brooklynite guy from back in the day.
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    Sweet manifesto bro. Is this you?
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    Aside from nearly being smudged out of existence a couple of weeks ago, I did get to go to Montreal for the first time over Columbus Day weekend, on top of that for one of the major GLBT hockey tournaments in North America. Nearly 200 players from the US and Canada, all invading the Gay Village for a weekend. While I'm disappointed in losing all four games, I had a great time and met some great new people, and hopefully I'll get to skate with them again sometime. The tournament hosts were incredibly welcoming as well.
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    I still honestly don't understand why CCM discontinued the vector helmet line, so many pros still use it it's crazy! It would be awesome if CCM brought back the shell but put the new tacks liner in it!
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    10 guys is the max I'll play with. The team I play forward on, 2 full lines works best. When I play defense I prefer to go with 3. Sometimes 4 D can be too many depending on the game.
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    I'm trying to figure out why this guy starts a thread about every single new stick.
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    So what you’re saying is that you didn’t get properly fitted and are now upset that you’re in the wrong size?
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    Here’s a photo of the method I use for this, in case anyone is interested. The tape adds just enough thickness to make things a little more snug while still maintaining some adhesive properties in place of the glue that it’s covering.
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    It's sooo worth the money especially if you can find the right/left hand specific hockey glue.
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    With orange gloves two sizes too small?
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    ** A 1 increment in pitch is 1/32". Just food for thought.
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    Sorry man, you didn't plant a tree here, you walked into someone else's house and took a fat dump in their living room. And once you were done with that, you asked them to pay you for delivering fertilizer. And now you continue to ask those same people, who's living room you took a dump in, for money to start your own fertilizer business.
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    Skate Mod, another frustrated Russian engineer not getting any love from the motherland? So now you try to persuade Westerners that you have the ticket to skate shangri la. I'm surprised Putin and the KHL turned down your offer for global skate supremacy. I thought hockey was Putin's favorite sport. Oh well, thanks for the Shark Tank Super Skate offer but I'm going to stick with the North American companies with over 200 years in skate engineering experience. BTW, the "cheers" at the end of your diatribe was a nice touch to deflect any idea of your homeland. Nothing wrong with it mind you, just that Sherlock Holmes would easily recognize it as a false intention to divert attention to your history. No worries. Keep calm and skate on.
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    Don't even name them, at this point just hand a resume to Graf and maybe since they don't have much going on they'll say fuck it and chug your kool aid. you say you don't care about VH and think their popularity is due to CCM and Bauer not delivering a product. that simply isn't true, their target market and who their main focus is differs on a rather large scale in terms of focus. it's very tough for me to take this seriously considering there is absolutely no concrete evidence or proof given in any of your pitch about how essentially a shittier skate is better for you than anything that's offered at retail already. 0 information about who you are or what you've done or your involvement in sports or studies to justify your claims and you want us to jump on board. Get Real.
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    Please name a few skate designers at Bauer in the last 20 years. Some players here know them personally. Go ahead.
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    Well to the above statement about wanting to see a better skate for the masses that actually did what it said and fit and all of that I am in. Although, to say everyone else at every company is flawed is a bit of a concern. There would not be as many skates sold around the world and players playing at such a high level as they are today if they were all complete garbage as you seem to think. That being said, I still feel you have a point and for that, I am still interested and in. However, you made a comment earlier that A, I cant skate and B. I have zero credibility in the industry. Yet I am still flown around the world to work with players of all types. From Top NHL players to the up and coming. So for that reason Skate Mod I am OUT! Better Luck with the rest of the Dragons!~ PS: I have this great idea for a mobile skate sharpening business. I cant tell anyone about it but its all legal and can be fit to suit any country and is fully portable. JR with your permission I would like to start a GoModSqaudFundMe Page to help raise the money to build a demo vehicle.
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    Not sure why people who have a (potentially) legitimate alternative to the most important piece of equipment look to take shots at an established brand. You have a website and interesting content. Instead of intentionally trying to rub people the wrong way, why not just let people know that there may be something out there for them to consider? It baffles me when someone has no leverage looks to not take any opportunity to gain some. Not good business.