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      Stick Long-Term Reviewers Wanted   01/07/18

      We are accepting Long-Term Reviewers for a manufacturer. The category we are testing are sticks (player) Requirements: Must be Members+ 0% Warnings Must have experience with high-end 2 user-submitted reviews Please PM me with your name, age, location and playing level, and a short blurb about how you would be a good candidate.


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    Got a message from my parents on 31 Dec, that my grandmother had passed away. She was 95. That was the last day she was going to spend at the old folks home. My parents were going to move her to a hospice the following week so that she could receive more specialised care. The doctors had already thought that she had another year max to live, but her health was deteriorating fast. The last time I saw her, in my heart I felt that it would be the last time I would see her. She didnt recognise me then, and wasnt answering any of the questions I had asked her. I live in Australia, while my parents and her are in Singapore. I wanted to fly back, but my dad told me that her wish was for her grandchildren like myself to not return as it was a big inconvenience. Yesterday was Day 7 after her passing, and in the Asian culture (and I think others as well) there are beliefs that the recently passed would always try to communicate with you. I got a message from my mum that a large brown and white moth had landed in her balcony. And to which I recalled seeing a brown and white butterfly in our yard yesterday.... and we never have butterflies in our yard. I remember it flying around me a couple times before flying off. When I told my wife about the picture my mum sent me of the moth, my wife said she had also seen a brown and white butterfly in the garden at church (two blocks away). I told a colleague of mine about it, and she told me that these things happen, where the recently passed tries to tell those they have left behind that they are loved. And she also told me that I didnt have to fly to Singapore, as my granny flew to me instead. RIP Mama... I love you.
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    Alternate theory: Your posts aren't concise and clear enough to follow. And you didn't get funding because you're over inflating your importance. ...I'm saying this as someone who thinks you have a point, specifically around VH. But it doesn't matter what you know, if you want people's money, you can't be a dick and you have to be able to communicate.
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    A little update on my situation. Which has ended on a good note. I got my right skate to fit the way I want it. And it was pretty simple, afterall. 1) I actually ditched the red footbeds altogether and ran with just the superfeet carbon pro. The extra volume without the red footbeds actually created more room for a proper heel lock. Ironically, the increased volume with the red footbed and the heel lift of the superfeet made things kind of wonky. It was just weird that the combo didn't really affect my left foot/skate, but like I said my right foot has more pronation and always had fit issues vs my left. 2) I also noticed that swapping the tongues from the left made the right skate feel much more snug. And having the right tongue on the left skate made the left side feel off as well. When I compared the two tongues the right tongue seemed thinner and had deeper creases. I attributed this to that tongue being heated up a number of times when it was baked with the right skate What i ended up doing was I heated up the tongue in the oven. After it was heated up, it retained it's regular shape and removed the creases, and once cooled, it was back to it's regular form/stiffness. So doing the above two things, I was able to get the right to fit the way I wanted to, and glad it all worked out. When to a skate and puck session today to test it out and was extremely happy with the fit and comfort.
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    Some of you have found out; most of you don’t know, but as of this week, a personnel decision was made and as a result, I was relieved of my duties as a Pure Hockey store manager. It was on good terms. I’m grateful for the almost 5 years in the Detroit market and will always cherish the customer relationships I resurrected from my first Michigan stint as well as the new ones I’ve formed. I look forward to focusing my energy to grow MSH.
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    I can miss the net with this $400 stick better right?
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    spent Friday afternoon turning lowers and pants into shells: Ohio State Buckeyes: University of Michigan Wolverines Team USA 1998 Olympics (these were full pants that I made into a shell)
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    My cat's breath smells like cat food.
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    Gimmick...that’s an interesting choice of words. That gimmick is an actual product. They have actual functioning units out being tested by big name NHLers.
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    I always try to drink at least one beer in the locker room while getting dressed. Sometimes 2, if the game before is going long.
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    it looks more like Bauer just pushing the ceiling on what they can charge for sticks to see what people will pay.
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    My new favorite quote "Its not much". I'm putting that in my email signature.
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    Suggesting that people can’t have opinions, comments, or suggestions around the design because they aren’t engineers is just flat out ignorant. You aren’t that special. Starting your post with “For engineers” with all the added emphasis is very aggressive and a bit over the top.
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    This. Your posts are rambling and unclear. Additionally, it is unlikely someone wants to go point by point disagreeing or pointing out flaws in your statements. This isn't really the proper place, would take a good bit of time, and would likely be a waste based on your reaction to previous criticism. I think you are missing out on perhaps the biggest point many of the engineers coming out of the woodwork are making is that something making sense or working on the drawing board is a long ways from it actually working in reality. The underlying principles and dynamics can be perfectly solid, but it doesn't work for unforeseen reasons. This goes for manufacturing as well as product development.
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    Not to mention lengthy. Lengthy posts can be hard to absorb. In my experience, experiencing the product for yourself is far more important than any sort of detailed breakdown. That’s when you get to wow people. You need to stop telling people your design is better, you need to show them.
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    Sir , respectfully. You are essentially asking for an investment by and or from the hockey community. This being said . You should and need to treat this with the same approach you would seal funding from venture capitalists etc . They certainly would ask to see the information you talked about above that you are not disclosing. Also you never know who any of the members of this forum are. There are investment savvy folks . There are business savvy folks. Technically savvy folks . You don't know who has share the ice with hall of fame players or who's significant other is a financal planner in one of our nation's wealthiest area codes . You can't afford to have your above tone . at this stage you have to approach this as a market study. Every piece of information you have been given here has value . Potential investors, potential customers. Any investor worth there salt will want to see everything you mention above and then some. That is the basis used to measure the risk.. They will rattle your cage just to see how you react. Your take away from this should be ,the information ,knowing when to say thanks for the input there is much to take into consideration after the thread became redundant, this is business emotions more often then not become a liability.
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    I love messing with my son when he has clinics and camps. I'll write something like Beyonce or Hambone as his name and watch from the stands for the moment one of the coaches calls him by his "name" and he looks at them with the WTF? Look.
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    My new-ish twigs :) 95 flex, RH, PP28 curve BPM 150 & EK365. So far the EK365 is my favorite. can't get used to the half grip half clear on the BPM 150. I find it very annoying as the transition to grip is like right below where I would place my hands for a quick wrist shot & that throws me off.
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    Skate launches in April. I cannot stress how much that despite you asking, we are going to talk about it when we can. Let me do my job.
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    I went to an All Star game and a roller hockey game broke out.
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    Another 10 page manifesto?
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    When people question the ability to successfully mass produce high quality skates "with more complex designs and more complex production methods vs. current industry standard" as quoted from his fundraising page, he responds with some handwaving: "So a lot of the concerns you raise on my skates going through testing , impact, flex, stress testing, 12 moth delivery……have no merit because only a person knowledgeable in the art of developing skates would understand the process and realize that there is no need to reinvent the wheel, all we need is to fix issues that are ideology based not engineering based." So either the designs and production methods are not more complex, or the changes are engineering based. Making a guess here, he most likely he doesn't have much experience with mass manufacturing and a factory told him they can do it with no problem, so he is just assuming that it will be pretty easy. As someone with some experience bringing consumer electronics to market, it seems crowd funding products typically way, way underestimate the time, cost, and headache involved in going from a prototype to a commercially viable, mass produced product. And that's starting with a prototype that is shown to be functioning. It's one of those, you don't know what you don't know sort of things. I commend the OP on his determination and goals, and any successful entrepreneur needs to be able to push past doubters. However, doubters usually have a point that at least needs to be considered, and often adjustments taken as well. And based on the fact that the funding is total is currently $0, it appears just about everyone is a doubter at this point. In my mind the two major unanswered questions are 1) does the skate actually work in the intended way? and 2) can it actually be successfully brought to market? I think it will be very hard to get funding without much better answers to these questions.
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    We can do this pattern on the custom program for now. We have discussed potential of this curve because of the overwhelming feedback, but nothing is a for sure at this point so stay tuned
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    Ahem- this was Easton's curve. OG Shanahan.
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    True on social media announced that 2 players will be using the new 6.0 stick in tomorrow's outdoor game
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    I ordered some custom Alphas at the end of November, 6 weeks later theses guys showed up. The mesh on the figures and cuff roll almost looks dark grey (which I actually would have preferred) in certain lights, which I think looks pretty slick. The emblem is my initials and number (80 or 8). I do like the cuff on these a lot better than the retail gloves, but I liked the stretch gussets better on the retails. They feel a bit tighter and smaller, I'm hoping breaking them in will loosen them up a little.
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    I customized my FT1 and they look great! https://photos.app.goo.gl/RMrKtgNI4hWs5HQ72
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    Christmas glove haul: TML pro stock True WSH pro stock True DET pro stock True Some custom Maine color Franchises I got off SidelineSwap
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    Man, haven't been on this forum in forever! Garage has changed... When I relocated to NC back in 2015 I decided to grab an E46 M3 convertible. Blasting through the mountains with the 8,000 RPM S54 and the top down makes for a great time! And my 2002 Audi B5 S4. Stock looking (at least for now), but I've upgraded it to around 470 whp with hybrid RS6 turbos and some other goodies.
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    Tying them like this can give you a lot of forward flex while retaining some ankle support.
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    I don't get the issues people have with the aesthetic. They're literally all black skates with a silver accent. Pretty non-offensive from my perspective.
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    HAHAHA! The royal bloodline will end with him. Quickly! We must find an heir! Please man, at the very least freeze some of your "genetic material" so we can create an heir in the future! Apparently hockey will cease to exist in the near future. I will say though, sometimes the biggest nut jobs are very successful.
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    Hi Skate Mod, I have reviewed your "skate concept" comments to solve the problems that in your opinion the skate industries face today. I will only leave you with the following comments. I wish you the best of luck, it is welcoming to hear other opinions on skate design functions to improve the athlete but one must also realize the logistics of validating the proof of concept with this type of idea.before confirming you have solved these product issues in your overall plan, proof of concept is the 1st step one must complete before looking too far ahead at the bigger picture. One step at a time.
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    I’ve reread the introduction on your funding page, and it says that the aim is to create skates with more complex construction and production. Surely the first question that any investor is going to ask is what benefit does the skater get from these skates, especially in comparison to existing skates, and I could not find the answer to that question. Surely the complexity of the skate and the production are not goals, they are side effects of the solutions chosen to achieve the goals. Now it’s possible the answer to my question is buried in the large amount of text, and if so then it is my view that you need to make it clear in the introduction. And the other posters are right, we’re not being mean, there’s gonna be loads of cash rich people reading this forum. Hell, I wish I had been able to invest in the Sparx crowd funding offer.
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    Not sure why the negative under tone when someone is excited about an expensive product. Guys on my team get chirped for spending $200+ on a stick or any nice gear general for that matter. Hating on someone for buying or valuing nice things (just cause you don’t) doesn’t make sense to me. As someone with OCD , I’ve had my eye on that but I currently like my backpack with wheels. Anyway that bag looks sweet. Enjoy!
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    Do more squats and work up to a large.
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    In our shop I have noticed over the last few years that elite travel players replace their top end skate less and less. The skates last longer so why replace them. Good luck getting that end of the market(which is the guts of your product)to jump in the deep end on unknown product. Puckskin, Brooklynite.....who else am I missing.
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    Howdy, Merry xmas to me.... :-) Opened up my new Sparx and gave it a whirl today. Everything went as the manual suggested, though I did get a weird error when I was cutting my first skate again to get the edge checker happy... Got a 3-6-10 "Translation Error - Limit undetected" and the wheel didn't return to the home position after making a "back" pass. Turned it off and turned it back on and it cut the other skate fine. Hoping it was just a weird one time thing. Otherwise it was smooth sailing. The blades on my skates are pretty cut down, so I've got the height the highest it goes, but it seems to cut fine. I should have a chance to get on the ice in a couple days, but visually and edge-checker-wise (just a cheapo ebay one), they look the same as the sharpening JR did for me last weekend. I did have to give the adjuster a couple clicks after initial alignment with the tool to get the edges coming out even. Probably more down to my crap vision than anything else. I'm going to have to write down which way the grinding wheel moves when you turn the adjuster. Forgot to the do that the first time around. :-) It's just sitting here in our dining room for now, but it'll get a permanent home out in the (heated) garage with the other hockey gear soon. Crazy that something that throws as much dust as a skate sharpener can run in our dining room without my wife yelling at me! :-) Mark
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    I happened upon a Pelican 1650 deal I couldn’t pass up. Here’s my Sparx in it for a test fitting. colins
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    You don't know him like fans on LI do. Very loyal guy. True leader. Humble. He will stay.
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    I take him at his word. I think he legitimately wants to stay on the Island and wants the team's future to be decided. If they don't start building a new arena then there would be the distinct possibility of relocation. He knows he's going to be a max length contract and wants to sign it knowing where he is going to be spending those years.
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    I should've said this earlier but better late than never? Thank you so much to JR and Erica and everyone else who helped set up the event. Twice a year Brie and I get super excited to make the drive down to hang out and play with everyone! Thank you so much to JR for setting up the LCA tour, ever since Yankee stadium we want to tour arenas and venues as much as possible to see the interesting quirks in the different venues. The gondola seating is very interesting but obstructing the scoreboard seriously sucks for the nose bleeds. Sorry to @IPv6Freely for the awful defence this year... thanks for @Stewie for being a post box for the Canadians!
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    This case almost exactly fits the Sparx. I padded the 2" that are left with some of the foam the sharpener came with: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-35-in-Mobile-Job-Box-222167/205053257
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