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    How about a Coaches Corner or a Ask the Coach thread - Essentially a dedicated thread where players of all ages can pop in and ask questions and get answers from guys who actually coach the game. I'd suggest coaches in this section would need to be vetted and mod approved. With all the home sharpeners, maybe an updated DIY thread focused on things like sharpening and profiling might be a nice add. A beer league section. Members can share experiences, share ideas for uniforms and problem solving. Now I know many of these things already exist, but they are spread out in different sections and aren't pinned. Some of the threads have great info but are hard to find, like the shop locator for example.
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    And this is why telling an entire generation "you are special" everyday was a big mistake.
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    I see the opposite here; the higher the level of the league the less amount of hack jobs there are. Most guys that have played for a long time know they aren't playing for the stanley cup. C league on the other hand people think every game is the stanley cup and they have to balls to the wall. Another note that if you do that in a top league you better know how to drop the mitts because another will and has done it for a living somewhere and isn't afraid to make an example out of you. My 2 cents.
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    My buddy was nice enough to get some pics of me at a private pickup last week. Not bad for his first time shooting hockey!
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    back to back league champs. i scored 6 goals and a few assists in the last 3 games
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    I wonder if each manufacturer could have their own channel where people could interact in a forum with them and they could post their latest offerings. Maybe even video breakdowns of products.
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    Custom guides. There are companies with very detailed custom options, but they don't always have detailed images and descriptions of those options. Warrior custom sticks is one example; they offer a lot of stick finishes, textures and curves, but I don't see any pictures or detailed descriptions beyond the names in the customizer tool. There are threads here where members have helpfully posted pictures of grip types, but you have to search through a very long thread to find the images. Having a walk through for various products (Warrior custom sticks, Warrior custom gloves, Base custom sticks, True custom skates) with detailed descriptions and pictures of every option would be helpful for anyone ordering a custom product. As mentioned, most of this information is available in various threads, but taking all of that out and putting it in one or two posts on one page would be great. Of course, having all of those available on the manufacturer pages would be great as well, but I think there are currently gaps. It's fantastic to have a lot of options, but it's hard to decide what to order without having full descriptions and pictures of those options.
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    Thankfully this topic was "toe to heel curve," and not " toe to heel taping" because only Yoopers do that. Don't be a Yooper.
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    My advice would be don't get to used to the heel curve unless you want to drive yourself mad trying to find them.
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    Howdy, One of my teams decided that these would be appropriate... Mark
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    At a store that carries multiple skates in the $899-$950 range and sticks that run close to $300 a pop, I would hardly consider $1300 a "significant purchase", your words, not mine. But hey, it's all good. You got your custom skates less than a week from the date of order. All seems kind of silly now doesn't it....
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    OP and rest of the MSH group overseeing this thread. In efforts to not make this too much of a retailer post(I work for Pure), I will be in office tomorrow and in direct contact with our San Jose store so as soon as those skates are delivered we can get them repackaged and shipped back out to the customer. Shipping to store the order was placed at is True policy and I apologize if you were told otherwise by anybody at our company. My goal is to deliver on that service that you expect and make the best of the less than ideal situation that we have here. Again, not trying to make this a retailer post or spam in anyway. Just wanted to follow-up with the customer. I look forward to the review and I am sure you will love the skates. Best, Tyler
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    I guess that makes sense. I’ll happily enjoy both wearing my True skates and driving my Tesla
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    Because there aren't enough beer-league jackasses to drive demand.
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    Finally met EJB in person. This past weekend in Idaho Falls, his daughter's team played the 14U select team I help coach. His kid has a WICKED shot for a 12 year-old! I can see why she was the high scorer for the league. 2 games; his daughter's team won the first 7-2 and she frequently dangled our D. I think she had 3 goals and 2 assists. 2nd game, the MT girls won 4-2. I think they shut EJBjr down to 1 goal--they had to close the gap, put a body on her, force her outside, and shut down her dangles. Sorry EJB, it had to be done!
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    Depends on the player, as stated. When I was with Tampa Bay, the heavy switchers were guys like Ohlund and MSL - the latter, I think one season I had ended up with 15 pair of his skates - each skate certainly still with life in them.
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    Well, I lucked out big time.
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    it will probably make its way into a skate in 3 years as breakthrough innovative technology
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    Some pickups from the Lightning sale. XL Warrior Pants, Sustr Third gloves, Filppula gloves and Sustr stick. Everything is brand new and not even used with the Pants, Gloves and stick. Yes, I taped it to try out the curve lol.
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    He looks like he’s wearing a baby’s bike seat as pants.
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    Every company should just offer: Shananan-Sakic-Modano-Lidstrom-Drury Yzerman can be replaced with the P28 I guess. Signed, 90s kid.
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    Ummm really... everyone and their mother can do this. I bought customs and waited patiently for 8 weeks. No big deal. Truly (see what I did there. ) spending $1300 is not a big deal in this game and neither is getting customs anymore. Suck it up buttercup!
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    Thread sounds a lot like Tesla threads I've read. The owners of Teslas worship their cars, even with it's faults, because it's got a fantastic engine/tech and it's got a lot of panache. They'll defend it to the death even if there are good counter arguments against buying one. Whereas people who don't own them, nitpick the hell out of the faults and cost, saying they're overrated, without acknowledging the innovation and what Tesla is getting right. Human nature, albeit somewhat misguided, playing out on both sides. Personally, I think Teslas have ridiculously amazing engines and cutting edge tech, but there is room for a lot of improvement in QC and tolerances. Similar to this thread, Trues are not for everyone, but for some they're a real step up in improvement, fit, and innovation (and that's not "kool-aid"). Do they have room for improvement? Sure. Full disclosure, I own them, and so far they've been great. Are they perfect? No. Could I make a retail skate work for me? Yes. But did I reach the point where I saw the value in them vs purchasing a similar cost skate which I would have to mod anyway? Absolutely.
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    TL:DR...Bauer fanboy comes into True thread to complain that True fanboys aren't impartial. True fanboys say shut up poopie head! All kidding aside, True, Bauer, CCM and even Graf have positives and negatives. Just accept that everyone has different preferences and priorities. It's great to discuss gear and give our opinions, but stop telling people they're wrong, as it serves no purpose other than to make you look like a jerk.
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    Who said anything about masking tape being there to support the footbed and or aiding in the rivets holding? The masking tape could have been used during the build process. It's kind of ridiculous you are now assuming things and making stuff up. You really are that bored aren't you.
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    Finally got the hockey room in the basement complete...
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    a few members helped make these happen. True/VH boots, LightSpeed holders with Step BlackSteel. Replaced the tendon rivets with bolts, and rivets with MLX screw system
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    simple is good at the beer league level and the tips above are all helpful. for players who've never really paid attention to that side of the game, I'd suggest first getting a feel for what their current habits are before trying to get them to make conscious tactical changes. 1) be mindful of your check's body language - if you see his numbers, pressure him against the boards and try to take the puck away. if you see his crest, hold your ground and look to a) take away passing options to the middle of the slot and b) deter him/her against walking with the puck into the middle 2) be mindful of your stick position - if you can't physically get to your check, try to influence his play either up to the point or down to the corner by inviting that option with your stick and overall body language. either outcome is better than a pass to the slot, which you should be taking away with your skates and stick blade 3) be mindful of skate position - good offensive players either consciously or subconsciously try to manipulate defenders' feet in order to cross them up and open up space to attack the net. if your skating technique is already deficient (cant stop/turn/pivot in both directions) this is where you may run into problems. at the elite level, the best defenders react quickly, sprint to their check, and are able to keep their toes pointing at the check for as long as possible before having to stop or turn "on a dime" depending on how the play develops. if you turn away early because you don't trust your edges, you're very easy to beat with a shake on one side and a pass or carry to the opposite side.
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    Johnny Gaudreau Covert QRL dressed as Alpha QX 65 flex 57" and something like a P88 curve.
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    What about an LHS finder? Users can submit LHS info about shops they frequent for sharpenings and services... Might be a useful tool for those that have kids in travel hockey, finding a trusted store when they're out of town.
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    Johnny Hockey Coverts arrived
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    I sharpen skates for a bunch of my kid's teammates, a few of my fellow coaches, and a fair number of other guys around and I've definitely noticed that some steel burrs more than others. I've always been able to deburr adequately, but being a nerd at heart, I got interested in this phenomenon and started poking around on the internet and found the weird world of hobbyist knife makers. Those guys are fanatical about steel and go into agonizing detail about it; which, closet nerd or not, turns out to not be all that interesting unless you have a burning passion for chemistry and metallurgy. Anyway, I learned that, all other things being equal, some compositions of steel are simply more prone to developing edge burr than others. Since we can't exactly change the formulation of our skate steel, there's nothing we can really DO about it as skate sharpeners/Sparx operators - we just have to deal with it. In general, I've found that if you sharpen with fewer passes more frequently, you'll deal with WAY fewer burrs than if you're running a bunch of passes, less frequently. Put differently, since you've found the Step burrs more easily than the LS2, consider sharpening twice as often with 1/2 the passes. That way, any burr that forms will be smaller and easier to deal with. Sparx has a good writeup on its website about burrs - worth a read if you haven't already... http://blogs.sparxhockey.com/how-burrs-occur-on-skate-steel-and-how-to-mitigate-them
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    There's been plenty of threads and/or discussion about the LS Edge system. Do some fail? Yes. Do most not? Yes. Let's just leave it at that.
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    Just got the invite to configure and order my Model 3
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    Finally got around to getting these done. I had some issues with our initial choice of vendors (long story). I ended up having a quick turn set done at TSR. They’re nice but we still wanted to exucute our original design. After much research I decided to go with homegrownsportinggoods.com out of CO. It was great expereince and a quality product. We went with a Canadian made AK proweight jersey, sewn numbers with sub patches. Prices were pretty reasonable. I’d definitely work with them again.
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    No, it isn’t. It does an adequate job. But still, it all goes back to my thoughts on it.
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    Those two comments conflict each other. You dealt with a manufacturer, not a retailer. And the reason why you weren't going to get tracking info is stated below. I wasn't going to get into this thread, but now I feel like I have to. When PH sends the order to True, it creates a purchase order. The reason why the skates have to go to the store or warehouse first is because the PO must be reconciled. That is achieved by receiving the product. It ensures that the product is what is ordered and undamaged by shipping. What you're asking for is what VH used to do, which was direct to consumer. Since they now have retailers setting up as Fit Centers (hence why the WS/Pure argument doesn't hold water because True opened up to retailers last fall) they can no longer do the things you're asking for. Retailers try to underpromise and overdeliver. They do it to protect themselves as well as the manufacturer - remember, these are items that are built to order, not something sitting on Aisle 10, Bay 16 in a warehouse. I've had custom skates I've told people would arrive in 6 weeks and they have arrived in 2. It eliminates any mishaps or production snags. Sometimes you just need to trust the process. Giving consumers too much information may hurt you, especially when it comes to issues that are out of your control - we're not making the skates. Regardless, at this point, it's probably best to lock this thread.
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    My Mako conversion. Thanks to @JR Boucicaut and the new MSH Pro Shop!
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    There is no reason for a 7 year old to need Super Tacks or 1S. They will get no "performance" benefit from these expensive skates when compared to a mid level properly fitting Bauer of CCM skate. Since a kid that age has a rapidly growing foot, you'd be far better off buying a skate that is half the price and replacing it sooner as the feet grow.
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    I have owned a Sparx for almost two full hockey seasons and love the machine for its convenience and consistency of sharpening. I have had no issues with the machine itself but I have had to return 3 discs due to various issues. Would highly recommend the Sprax edge checker, I wore a grove in the Blademaster one quickly as I did not know about the tape trick. As an entry level skate sharpener myself, the biggest issue I have had to deal with thus far was not related to the sharpener but the blade itself. Thought I would I try out some of the Tydan Steel (supposed to be similar to the Step Steel), ordered them with a 10ft radius and not sharpened. The blades (2 sets) arrived and I sharpened them up, took about 18 passes to get a good 1/2 inch fire edge on them. I sharpen with my toe to the right and always edge check with he toe facing me. I got the edges perfectly level in the centre of the blade, and sent my son out to play. He could not make his tight turns, only had one edge (on both sets), this baffled me... Brought them home and tried again, same issue. I was baffled as I never have had an issue with LS 4 Steel ever. Upon further edge checking, I turned the blade around and checked it from the heel and it was out of level by 6 thou. I proceeded to contact both Sparx and Tydan to see what was going on.. Of course Tydan had never heard of that before and that was the end of discussion, couldn't return as they were skated on. Sparx was helpful in stating that they have seen this before with various steel in that the edges aren't always 90degrees to the running edge of the blade therefore the edge checker does not sit properly on the blade giving a false reading. I sharpened the blades again edge checking with the heel facing me and it was night and day difference, everything is ok now.. I sharpen skates for a few friends and they all have converted to the fire ring, they seem to like it as it offers a good combination of glide and grip. When the weather turned real cold and the ice got super hard I had to put my son to a 3/8 fire sharpen as the bite on the 1/2 inch fire was not quit what he liked. I have referred 8 people to purchase a Sparx and all have been happy with the purchase to-date. Bottom line is I don't think you can go wrong with this sharpener for home use, I can't speak for a commercial situation.
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    We now offer those exact types of services here on MSH.
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    Beer league is no check...........don't hip check, don't body check, don't back check.
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    It is funny that people believe this. If you watch a truly high level beer league game you'll see that pretty much the only contact at all is by accident.
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    He's kind of politely telling you its obvious you're ruining a thread for whatever gratification it is you get from making comments that rile people up.
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    If you don't work in an LHS you don't have access to the catalogs beforehand.
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    Wearing down the steel blade? No Wearing down the crappy Edge holder and trigger system? You Betcha
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    Howdy, Per Sparx, they now recommend toe right, but say its ok to do it with the toe facing either way. https://www.sparxhockey.com/manual Mark
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    I'm 6'2"/ 230lbs, I'm obviously not going to compare my skating to an NHLers in terms of power (or anything for that matter). However, all things being equal, I do consider myself a very strong skater. I've never had any problems with "torque", or the holder ever feeling anything but solid on my Ribcor's and Tacks.
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    Um they are playing for gold, we are playing for the beer and bullshitting after the game; upper level beer leagues aren't played like that.
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    Every beer league team also has “that one guy” who’s too cheap to replace any of his gear and will take any old POS’ you’re no longer wearing. 😂