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    Bauer Supreme One80
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    Nexus 1000
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    Pro Stock Vapor XXXX
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    CCM V10 w/ FM480 cage
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    Easton Synergy 700
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    CCM U+ Fit09
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    Easton Synergy ST6
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    Reebok 7K
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  1. FBV in Houston?

    Does anyone know of a place in Houston or the suburbs that does Flat Bottom V sharpening? According to the Blackstone website, the nearby only place is Sugar Land Ice, but I was told by the shop there that they no longer do it.
  2. Show It Off

    Returning from my long hiatus to post this purchase from a while ago.
  3. Your current equipment

    A long overdue update: Skates: Bauer Supreme One80 Stick: Pro Stock Easton Synergy Elite (dressed as an EQ50) Gloves: Pro Stock Vapor XXXX Helmet: CCM V10 w/ FM480 cage Pants: Easton Synergy 700 Shoulder Pads: CCM U+ Fit09 Elbow Pads: Easton Synergy ST6 Shin Pads: Reebok 7K
  4. Ovechkin Pro Stock Stick For Sale

    No, sorry. It has been sold. Mods can lock.
  5. Ovechkin Pro Stock Stick For Sale

    It has an ever-so-slight tackiness to it. I definitely wouldn't call it "grip".
  6. Ovechkin Pro Stock Stick For Sale

    Bump. $120 shipped in the U.S.
  7. Ovechkin Pro Stock Stick For Sale

    For sale I have a CCM Ovi Pro Stock. Used by me twice before switching patterns. 75 flex, about 57" butt end to heel. Looking for $130 $120 USD shipped in the continental US. Feel free to message me with any questions. SOLD
  8. Warrior Covert Stick Lineup

    Xero117, can you elaborate a little on how the stick feels stiff but plays soft?
  9. RH Blades for Sale

    Sher-Wood blades sold. Just the Dolomite left.
  10. RH Blades for Sale

    Zetterberg blade sold. Make me an offer on the last items!
  11. RH Blades for Sale

    Check your PM's.
  12. RH Blades for Sale

  13. Best all around curve

    For me, the best all-around curve is a Sakic. I always had trouble shooting high so one day I bought a Kremlin blade I found for cheap and it turns out that it was the only pattern I was able to hit corners with. But my passes were awful and I had no control on the backhand. The next blade I purchased was a Kopitar and I found that with a little practice, I could shoot just as high but my passes and backhand abilities no longer suffered.
  14. RH Blades for Sale

    Vanek stick and blade sold
  15. RH Blades for Sale

    Yes, I do.