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  1. Hockey in Utah?

    There's plenty of hockey in the greater SLC area. Youth hockey goes up to the AAA level, there's some WSHL junior teams, ACHA college teams, and a handful of full check, Senior A teams. You should be able to find whatever level you desire.
  2. Whats your worst on-ice injury?

    Broken jaw Broken nose Split eyebrow (7 zips) split lip (6 zips) 4 broken ribs, torn cartilage (one hit) 1 or 2 concussions Back of thigh sliced by a skate, fortunately it was really shallow All the aches and pains and cracking that comes with 21 years and counting of playing.
  3. 3rd Annual OKC Gladiators Labor Day Classic

    I guess. Still seems like an awful lot though. I play in a tournament in Aspen that isn't anywhere near that much.
  4. 3rd Annual OKC Gladiators Labor Day Classic

    I get there's a chance of a sick prize if you win, and free beer and food, but seriously? $1300 for potentially only 3 games? $433/game.
  5. Keenan to coach in the KHL

    A loud-mouthed, brash Canadian coach screaming in the faces of a bunch of Russian players.....that'll work out well.
  6. Skating tonight, just polished off a lunch that consisted of 2 slices of gas station pizza and a sugar free redbull.
  7. A,B,C,& D divisions in tournaments

    CHE will adjust divisions accordingly. I played in their Phoneix Memorial Day tourney a few years ago. The year before the team I was on was in the 2nd to top division. We were slated to play in that one and in the 3 weeks leading up we lost 3 former D1 guys, we let the director know and they dropped us down 2 divisions. With the CHE tourney's it really depends on who shows up. You could have a team full of former AAA/Junior players and they'll be in the B or C division because 30 teams full of D1 and pro guys decided to come.
  8. Visors in the NCAA

    I'm guessing the thought on that is that if everyone is wearing the visor, everyone will be paying much more attention to how they hit someone. A guy wearing a cage going face to face with a guy wearing a visor can be ugly.
  9. If only that were true 100% of the time. Sometimes you get the guys that played minors and don't know how to turn that switch off, or get upset when they are challenged by guys who didn't play pro. That sucks a lot of fun out of things and can be dangerous/expensive (My ER bill for Xrays to find out I had 4 broken ribs in March was not cheap).
  10. Pro Equipment Bags (Team Order)

    Laurin bags are really good. My HS bag was a laurin, got it in 2001, used it solely until 2006 and off and on since then and it's in great shape. I also have a K1 bag that I'm currently using that is in worse shape than the Laurin bag and is half as old.
  11. Players Parents Wants Charges filled for on Ice Hit

    If you feel your kid is too undersized to be playing contact sports, take him out of them. I wonder if his parents flip out when he gets hit playing lacrosse as well? I've seen just as many violent hits in HS lacrosse as hockey. Size differential happens at every level of hockey. I started 7th grade at 5'0, 100 lbs, by the time I started 8th grade I was 6'1, 150lbs. You can't punsih people for genetics.
  12. Adult Ice Hockey Camps

    Minnesota Hockey camps does a parent/child camp. I used to go there as a HS player. It's a pretty sweet set-up they have. And if you're there at the right time guys like Blake Wheeler, Scott Hartnell, TJ Oshie, etc are up there training. http://www.mnhockeycamps.com/camps/parent-child-camp.htm
  13. Whatever kind of padding you come up with, take it to a shoe cobbler, have them rivet the pad in. When the stitching in my shoulder pads blew out I had the caps riveted back on and never had a problem again. Takes all of twenty minutes to have done.
  14. Visors in the NCAA

    http://www.al.com/sports/index.ssf/2012/02/college_athletes_rights_ncaa_r.html Looks like a blanket policy for all athletes. The schools cover what they want and you pay for the rest.
  15. Visors in the NCAA

    The USHL seems to be doing ok with visors allowed. Insurance companies cover all sorts of leagues that allow visors. I doubt the rise, if there would even be one in insurance premiums would make a noticeable dent in the athletic budget. Just because you have a full mask on doesn't mean you can't get your teeth messed up, I've seen it happen.