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    Easton S17
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    Bauer Total One
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    Bauer One95
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    Tackla 9000 +2"
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    Reebok 6k
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    Reebok 8k
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    Bauer One95
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    Junkyard Athletics - MSH Bag
  1. High Sticking?

    I played against a guy who was called for high sticking after he scored a goal. He blindly turned after the score with his arms raised (stick in hand) and clocked me pretty good. I shook it off and was surprised to see him called for the penalty.
  2. Haglunds / Bauer Bumps

    I received my bumps from using a pair of Vapors. I tried a few different skates (Grafs, Eastons) and found my way back to Bauer. I ended up fitting better than I would have ever expected into a pair of One100's. Since then my feet have been in heaven.
  3. New wax laces killing my fingers

    +1 on the lace tighteners. With my waxed laces I will tighten up the boot by hand to make them somewhat snug then do a second pass with lace tigheners in both hands to get the laces and boot dialed in. This has worked really well for me and has saved my hands from much pain.
  4. I've got an old Rob Blake Vapor x60 that's a 112 flex. It feels like rebar in your hands.
  5. Then I'd probably really be hating myself if I bought the APX in a 102 flex!
  6. Unfortunately for me I've got a couple Bauer Total One sticks in the 102 flex. I bought these as I was learning the game and have since realized that they are too stiff for me to really flex and get the most out of them. On a whim a few months ago I bought an 87 flex APX (P92 curve). I really like how I can load up that stick and let loose some hard wrist and snap shots. Slappers even feel pretty good. Knowing firsthand what the APX is like in a softer flex, what would I experience if I went to an 87 flex in the Total One? I'd like to get some feedback before I drop money into a new stick. Lastly, has anybody made a switch from the P92 to the P91a curve? I've tried a few different curves (P88 - not my favorite, P106 - liked, but not 100% sold) and have thought about giving the P91a a try. -Thanks, Todd
  7. Graf G75s - anyone have them?

    +1 on the footbalance insoles. I've been very pleased with mine and previously used Superfeet.
  8. Seeking Back Injury Advice

    Injury update: I played Saturday night and work up Sunday pretty sore everywhere except the back. It was a little bit fatigued, but the rest of my body took the brunt of the pain due to being away from the game for ~2 months and the fact that we had a short bench for our game (only 5 forwards/centers). The legs were still a bit tight yesterday, but I decided to play for my other team last night. I think I've pulled together a routine that I can repeat and use to help maintain the health of the back and continue to let it heal more completely. I arrived about an hour before the game and did about 10 minutes of core work (planks, bridges, clams, crunches, etc.); did enough core work to get the muscles warmed up, but not over-worked. I followed this up with about 15 minutes worth of stretching (quads, hips, hamstrings, glutes, back, etc.)...if it could be stretched it was! Knowing that I injured the back when I laced up the skates, I now have the flexibility to bend down onto one knees and lean over with my body resting on my thigh while I tighten down the laces. This is the one thing that has helped the most. The stress on the back is greatly relieved by lacing in this position (when sitting on the bench I've started to put one knee on the ground to help keep me stretched out during the game). The back held up fine during the game. Fatigued, but not in pain. Afterwards I did another 10 minutes of stretching and then hit the showers and cranked up the heat to keep the back loose. Once home I flipped on the NHL network to catch up on the playoffs and spent 15 minutes icing the back, then off to bed. I woke up this morning tired, but not in pain. My greatest fear would be a repeat of my Sunday morning experience, but the body is now adjusting to the rigor of the game.
  9. Seeking Back Injury Advice

    Wrangler, excellent point. That's the same kind of thinking I had the morning after I skated. I'm more than happy (actually not happy, but what can I do but heal up) to wait and heal.
  10. I've got a unique situation and perhaps others might have this same problem too, so hopefully I can gain some insight from how others have dealt with this problem. I strained the muscles in my lumbar area (low back) pretty bad several months ago. It definitely hurt to bend over and lace up my skates, so I stayed off the ice for quite some time. I went to physical therapy and got into a great routine of doing 20-25 minutes a day of core strengthening followed by some focused stretching. I was starting to heal up and felt it would be time to lace the skates back up. I even went as far as taking my skates to my physical therapist and showing her how lacing the skates placed stress on the back. A few days ago I went to the local rink to skate and see how things felt. Well, the back still didn't like me sitting on the bench and bending over to lace things up. I didn't tighten down the boot as much as I normally do because I would have really torqued the back if I did so (I might try some waxed laces to see if it makes any difference). So here's where I need advice/feedback/opinions. Has anybody else successfully dealt with this type of injury? And have you found a way to lessen the stress placed on your back when you lace your skates? On a positive note, once I did get back on the ice I quickly found that all the stretching I did really helped increase my range of motion and allow me to skate much easier. Amazing how much easier it is to skate when your hips are flexible and have more mobility. -Thanks, Todd
  11. Leg Workout for Hockey

    Over the years I've battled some back injuries and I've found that with proper form I get just as an effective leg workout when doing single leg exercises. I no longer get into the squat rack (but I do miss it from time to time); for me, dumbell step-ups and walking lunges make up for what I'm missing with the classic squat.
  12. Stiffest Retail Skate On The Market Now?

    Stiffest? The Easton S17's that are sitting in my garage gathering dust! I recently switched over to a pair of One100's because they had the lateral stiffness I needed but I could flex them forward much easier than the Easton's. Now I can actually get low since my ankles don't feel like they're in concrete boots.
  13. Building a better skate article

    Claude could have been visiting a Sharks player or somebody from another team who was swinging through town and playing San Jose. This research looks interesting. From my own experiences I've found that I don't like the stiff skates and do better with a boot that has a moderate amount of forward flexibility. It took me a few pairs of skates to find the right pair, but well worth it now.
  14. Bauer APX stick anyone tried one

    I finally caught a slapper flush last night with the stick and wow did the shot pop off the stick. My problem, and I realized this after I shot, was that I hadn't been getting my bottom hand low enough on the shaft. Once that happened I was able to really take advantage of the stick. The rest of the evening I made sure to play my lower hand an inch or so lower and it made a world of difference. This experience could also be influenced by the fact that I've got a 4" plug in the shaft. Perhaps my hands are just a bit above where everybody else would normally grip the stick if theirs doesn't have an extension.
  15. CCM VS Bauer blade radius

    I just made the switch from Easton's to Bauer's last night (S17 --> One100). Definitely felt the different and felt like I too was on my heels. Thankfully I spent about 20 minutes skating around getting used to the feel. The jury is still out as to whether or not I'll leave the pitch as it stands or if I change it to feel more like the Easton's. I'm leaning toward leaving it because I did like feeling more balanced across my foot instead of being on the balls of my feet.