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  1. Referee Skate Profile

    One other thing to consider for refs is endurance. So many refs are doing multiple back to back games or working games by themselves. The less effort they expend the better, the faster they can go the better.. Larger radius really pay off as well as FBVs. If a ref is also playing, sometimes a set just for ref-ing is a good choice.
  2. Put that blade on the other skate and see if the symptom shifts to that skate. Many skaters use their dominant side more, digging for pucks in the corners, etc, so that skate/side naturally will dull quicker and get damaged easier. So, if you swap blades, and the problem stays on that same skate, you'll know it's not the steel.
  3. There is no fire ring "close" to the real FBV. The fire is the same old BFD that was pulled out of mothballs when the FBV hit the market. But try the Fire and compare it to the FBV, see which you like better.
  4. New Steel? Blackedge vs LS2

    Blackedge is the best steel you cn get. if you need the extra height, go with Step Blacksteel. The DLC coating is extremely nick resistant, holds edges much, much, longer, and the blades will last longer because they don't need nicks taken out or have to be sharpened weekly like the crappy chinese steel.
  5. Bauer injected lacing system, eyelet repair

    I installed CCM lace locks on a broken eyelet for a customer, seems to wirk good. Put one on the opposite good side just so laces were even
  6. Here's one that came in today. Not DLC coating, it can be scratched off easily.
  7. Just to clarify, be careful of Tydans, most of what they sell is painted steel, not DLC coated. I've heard they make DLC, just haven't seen any yet. Of the 50 or so sets sent to me for radiuses, all have been the painted version which is nothing like Blackedge or Step Blacksteel.
  8. I got E700 in med flat black, med white, red large, $75. S19's in med white, lg white, med blue. $70
  9. Bauer Skates Durability

    Skaters who wear shin pads inside the tongue tend to have liner tearing issues, regardless of model/brand skate.
  10. Flatter rocker for increased stability?

    Nice try. When FBV first came out we were one of the very first to offer FBV's. It was new and Skater's barely understood hollows, never mind what a 100/50 meant. To avoid the deer in headlight looks, we tried to make it easier for customers to understand FBVs/hollow comparisons. We have always had the Blackstone nomenclature clearly on our website and in our shopping area. Customers know exactly what they are getting.
  11. Tuuk c+ bolt size for runners?

    I grind the heads down till they fit, dont have to take off much. If you pound them in you might now be able to pivot them straight up, which makes it hard to get the nut threaded.
  12. Edges wear unevenly

    Yes, the edges wear unevenly, completely normal for ALL skaters, beginner to pro. Inside edges wear more, especially at the front, dominant side wears more than weak side, outside heels wear more than inside as well.
  13. Step Steel Holder

    In the US Step doesn't have retailers, it has wholesale distributors who then resell to retailers. As a retailer I have no direct account or agreement with STEP whatsoever. Once I get the steel, I can do anything I want with it, so I assume if a Canadian retailer is buying his steel too from a Canadian Step wholesaler (Like NASH Sports), they really are legally free to sell and ship wherever they please.
  14. The 100/50 has bite in the 1/2-9/16" hollow range, so going to 5/8 hollow would give you less bite and also less speed without the flat. I think you'll be very pleased with the Blackedge, short of stepping on metal or concrete, it's very hard to lose an edge from contact and the sharpening lasts a whole lot longer than stainless blades. Suggest you stay with the 100/50 on them. If you do change FBVs do not worry about losing speed, going to narrower width is a very very minor change and not even distinguishable by the skater. Once on the blacks, I don't think you'll need to change.
  15. Child skate hallow issues

    The rationale is new skaters have not learned how to use edges, too much bite causes a host of problems while trying to learn. Deeper hollows not leaned at the proper angle will grab the ice too much, cause falls, uncontrolability, chattering, and a uneasy feeling while trying to stop. So for beginners a shallow hollow is better, as they improve and learn edge control, it then can be deepened in increments.