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  1. The scum part is running a business under the table. I have no problem with home sharpeners who do it legally.
  2. Yup,their always will be scum that do this. Still, I'd love to be there when one of their "customers" comes in with a huge nick or destroyed edge and they have to use up their whole $50 wheel to get it out.
  3. I dispute that. If it's DLC, it's crappy. All one has to do is compare Step and Blackedge real DLC with those. I can scrape off the paint so easy.
  4. Skaters whose ph is acidic and who sweat a lot tend to corrode the rivets quick. If he's like that, use your boot dryer and get air inside the skate circulating. The sweat also eats away at threads and the liner. Dry them up nice after every skate.
  5. CCM's rivets are similar to those on other skates, I replace rivets every day on every brand of skate. There are many causes they fail from being heat molded and tied wrong when purchasing to tying too tight, to rust and corrosion. I like your drying set up but for skates, you must blow air into the inside. Suggest getting a boot dryer like a Dry Guy. I had my old 9k skates for 9 yrs and never replaced an eyelet, yet saw many with the same skate and eyelets come thru monthly for new ones. Dry Guy or similar will do wonders, drying the liner from the inside is critical too.
  6. Correct, do some legs lift each night and one can build the awesome strength required to move an extra 2 oz.
  7. Step brand SB black steel is taller, that would be heavier, not crazy heavier but heavier, perhaps 10%.
  8. Yes seen this many times too. Sometimes the person was sized wrong and a bigger skate places the arch in the wrong position. Sidas moldable footbeds are awesome. I looked at getting them for my store but didn't want to spend $3000 for the special machines.
  9. The SB Black steel is exactly the same height, thickness and shape as SB stainless and Hyperblades. I don't have a scael with grams here but they weight exactly the same on my postal scale.
  10. Like CAVs said, the company makes no money if their stick lasts, they want it to last 31days only. They know the suckers will go by another of the same model for $269.00. I use to laugh at people who would pick up a durable stick and whine that it was too "heavy". If you can't handle 25 more grams, do some push ups every night.
  11. That is not true, they are the same as their regular steel.
  12. Yes, you should go to an authorized retailer, get your feet mapped and buy the correct one from them. Monkey is not cheaper than your retailer if you have one.
  13. First, what do you mean by carbon coated steel? Black coated diamond-carbon coated? Second, if you are getting a lip, you're putting way to much pressure while crossgrinding. Black steel doesn't have a lip created if done correctly. Regular steel shouldn't either unless it's cheap chinese crap.
  14. You don't need cushioning, that's the worse thing, you need arch support. The CCM footbeds are the best. I even wear them in my sneakers since I'm on my feet on concrete all day long. I have plantar issues as well and those footbeds rock.
  15. CCM runners have a 10' stock radius, no pitch. You LHS can't trace a different runner and profile off that