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  1. Except is a few cases like someone on grafs who wants a more neutral stance, I'd say it's mostly placebo. Those who say they grew up whole life on Tuuks fail to realize that TUUK+ holders are nothing like LS Holders, different plastic and entirely different orientation. If they made that change OK, they'd have no problem using another companies holder.
  2. The whining is Ironic for sure, especially from someone who has a history of manipulating the local market thru nepotism.
  3. There are quite a few large companies that aren't focused on growth, rather steady dividends for their investors. As a share holder, I don't always expect growth, but a nice 5 or 6% dividend every quarter is perfectly sufficient. In a slagging hockey market, going for growth is foolish.
  4. Rumor is wrong. I'll be sharpening skates till I die.
  5. I bought 1000 shares today at near rock bottom pricing. Risky since their credit rating is severely at risk. My hope is a reputable company buys them out.
  6. I agree, I'd be leery of expanding because when bauer goes to more and more Experience and Outlet stores, they won't need the LHS middlemen anymore. Then likely CCM will follow suit. Boom, more bankruptcies. I also wouldn't be surprised of a Bauer Amazon deal in the future. Then Monkey, Giant and the rest fail.
  7. I really dislike that illustration because the FBV really only looks like that magnified many times. In reality, the flat spot is almost the entire width of the blade with only about .005" or so of edge on the sides, ... that's about the thickness of a piece of paper. And the distance from the point of the edge to the flat area is way less than the illustration shows. From reports from my customers those who've tried the BFD almost unanimously like the FBV better, even those who were lied to and told they were getting the real FBV. They just knew something wasn't the same. Crisper edges and more glide is the common comparison. As JR said, there's prob some threads on this for more info.
  8. FBV is patented, Sparx is using the old BFD which is a hollow with a flat spot in the middle. BFD patent ran out so anyone can use it, FBV is still protected and is exclusive to Blackstone Machines. A lot of places that do BFD will lie and say it's FBV, but it's not.
  9. Sparx does not do Flat bottom V. It's more like the BFD.
  10. I was told of this great skate fitter who worked for a LHS. He knew everything. He was lured away by Monkey and after a couple of months he was called to the front office and chewed out for spending so much time fitting customers. In so many words he was told, "Put them F'rs in a pair of skates and do it quick" or your fired.
  11. Monkey has well trained employees? What a joke. The one near me went thru dozens of employees in their first year, they get a new "expert" every 2 weeks. Mostly rotating between teens. The ONLY reason Monkey was able to grow as a business over the years was that it's customers were able to sneak down to their local LHS to touch, feel, ask questions and get sizing information.
  12. Best is to take it to a shop that does SRS stick repairs. They can square it off and then reinforce it with carbon fiber and the proper epoxy. It will then be stronger than new.
  13. Typical options are 1/2, then 9/16, 5/8, etc. Some sharpeners will do in-between those settings, but for you just try 1/2 next.
  14. This is what makes ice slippery. "A "quasi-fluid" or "water-like" layer exists on the surface of the ice and may be thicker or thinner depending on temperature. At about 250 degrees below zero Fahrenheit (-157 centigrade), the ice has a slippery layer one molecule thick. As the ice is warmed, the number of these slippery layers increases. This may help explain in part the difference between "fast ice" and "slow ice." As the number of layers increases, the players' skates need to "slosh" through more of these "water-like" layers; more friction occurs in these conditions, slowing the players down." Any so-called "thermal effect" would slow the skate down, including those blades with the batteries that "melt" the ice. Skates do not need any gimmick to melt ice. What makes skates faster is less drag and less friction achieved by adjusting the angle and amount of edge that sinks into the ice and lengthening the radius to disperse the weight.
  15. The LS4 are not mirror finish. They are not as grainy as other bauer steel and have a more smooth, slightly polished look but in no way mirror like Step Velocity for example. If someone is pushing "cooling" I'm LMFAO. I rank that with LS2.1 power steel hoax.