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  1. Not really, snug enough so the blade doesn't move around.
  2. An edge loses about 25% for each hour of skating. Some of the better quality stainless last a little longer but not that much. Blacksteel lasts much longer because it's outside edges are diamond/carbon which is tougher than the best quality steel made. My customers with DLC get around 8-12 hrs, some more some less., depends on level. If you never go into the dirty areas, your edges will last a lot longer. As for type skating, practices are brutal on edges. often the whole hour is tough skating drills. Very different than a game where the player is on the ice for about 18 minutes. So one can get a lot of games out of a 4-hr timeframe if just playing games, but throw a practice in there and the edges could be gone after one practice. As I said earlier, once can skate a long time on blades that are dull, but starting, stopping and turning preformance suffers. You'll see skaters compensating for this by not turning as tight or changing their lead times to stop.
  3. You're really stretching it to try to go 8 hrs on a sharpening on a stainless blade. The LS4's are good stainless, but not that great. A regular stainless is dull after about 4 hrs, sure it can be skated on more than that but the performance is gone.
  4. Rust is the number 1 cause of eyelts giving way. I see some rust on the eyelet above so assume the rest are rusty too. Drying skates after each outing is the best prevention. Some people's ph is very acidic as well and their sweat literally eats away at the metal.
  5. The CCM runners are not diamond carbon coated, what's on them is more like a paint. Unlike the Blackedge and Blacksteel which don't need honing, the CCM steel will. It's edges are not hard and will curl out from a sharpening. The ice is going to wear off the paint anyway so you might as well hone.
  6. We have Blackedge coated LS2 Edges, but sold out of LS3s. Blackedges new owners are not coating.
  7. This is true, older guys love them. Kids don't because of marketing, they refuse to even try them on. Sad, but true. As for new materials, the Ultra G75 was basically same construction as the One90, yet with a better comfort package. No marketing/NHL exposure equaled no interest.
  8. That's odd that one would need lace locks, just the opposite is what most people find. They fit so snug that laces are barely needed. I ditched the wax laces, and just snugged the cloth laces up. Later I went to the Skate strap velcro system. If the skate size is correct, I don't see lace locks needed.
  9. For a moment there, thought you were talking about Bauer.
  10. You'll be fine, but as someone said above, your body mechanics and muscle memory will need time to adjust between different radius. Usually 6 outings is enough. As also said above, there is very little difference in feel between a 1' radius difference. Almost unnoticeable, yet the performance change is there.
  11. Except is a few cases like someone on grafs who wants a more neutral stance, I'd say it's mostly placebo. Those who say they grew up whole life on Tuuks fail to realize that TUUK+ holders are nothing like LS Holders, different plastic and entirely different orientation. If they made that change OK, they'd have no problem using another companies holder.
  12. The whining is Ironic for sure, especially from someone who has a history of manipulating the local market thru nepotism.
  13. There are quite a few large companies that aren't focused on growth, rather steady dividends for their investors. As a share holder, I don't always expect growth, but a nice 5 or 6% dividend every quarter is perfectly sufficient. In a slagging hockey market, going for growth is foolish.
  14. Rumor is wrong. I'll be sharpening skates till I die.
  15. I bought 1000 shares today at near rock bottom pricing. Risky since their credit rating is severely at risk. My hope is a reputable company buys them out.