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  1. This is what makes ice slippery. "A "quasi-fluid" or "water-like" layer exists on the surface of the ice and may be thicker or thinner depending on temperature. At about 250 degrees below zero Fahrenheit (-157 centigrade), the ice has a slippery layer one molecule thick. As the ice is warmed, the number of these slippery layers increases. This may help explain in part the difference between "fast ice" and "slow ice." As the number of layers increases, the players' skates need to "slosh" through more of these "water-like" layers; more friction occurs in these conditions, slowing the players down." Any so-called "thermal effect" would slow the skate down, including those blades with the batteries that "melt" the ice. Skates do not need any gimmick to melt ice. What makes skates faster is less drag and less friction achieved by adjusting the angle and amount of edge that sinks into the ice and lengthening the radius to disperse the weight.
  2. The LS4 are not mirror finish. They are not as grainy as other bauer steel and have a more smooth, slightly polished look but in no way mirror like Step Velocity for example. If someone is pushing "cooling" I'm LMFAO. I rank that with LS2.1 power steel hoax.
  3. So many variables to your issue, most likely you hit something, likely another players skate in the corner of fighting for the puck. Another overlooked issue is the skate sharpener could have overheated the steel while sharpening and that changes the tempering structure of the steel, weakening it.
  4. LS4 is good quality steel, however many skaters hate the stock radius and bulk on toes and heels, and the weight. It's going to feel and skate weird at first. I can't even tell you how many want me to grind down the toes and heel and shorten the working radius. I suggest plain ol LS2's, same shape as the fusions, not super heavy, yet durable.
  5. Performance Sports Group Acquires Easton Hockey

    Heck just over the road trucking rate increases are 5% or more. One year they were 7%, the consumer pays this eventually
  6. Performance Sports Group Acquires Easton Hockey

    Wholesale prices typically increase about 15% annually anyways, so it may not be an evil scheme to make more money. Expenses go up, raw materials go up, things like wages, inflation, etc all cause prices to rise normally.
  7. Total Hockey Files Bankruptcy

    While accessories may seem useless to you, actually they sell better than equipment and bring it higher margins than equipment. Their value doesnt go down as they are not discontinued every year by new models, etc. You never lose money on accessories. Funny, tournement at our rink last weekend, I finally sold a Toy plastic Harley with Penguins trim and logo to a visiting Penn family. Yes a novelty, but I made more on that than I did on a pair of elbow pads. Now, if Toronto could only win a cup, I could get rid of some of their branded stuff I've had around for a decade or more. :-)
  8. Total Hockey Files Bankruptcy

    I bought a motorcycle helmet online ( wasn't avail in my area). I used the sizing guide, had to send 2 back before the 3rd one fit. Ouch on shipping charges.
  9. Total Hockey Files Bankruptcy

    DS, your summary is correct. That same consumer who shopped by price only will suffer in the end. They no longer will be able to sneak into their LHS to look, touch, feel, try on and ask questions before running home and buying online. The only reason Monkey and the other online giants were able to survive and grow is because customers could use their LHS as a showroom for their online purchases. It's going to be real interesting to see how the market will work with no LHS's.
  10. Total Hockey Files Bankruptcy

    I don't know about that, I seem to wrap a driver around a tree every time I duff a drive.
  11. Total Hockey Files Bankruptcy

    I hope they've learned from the original Pure Hockey who was 5 million in debt when they went bankrupt and sold the name to current owners.
  12. Sharpening CCM Black Steel correctly

    CCM coated steel is nothing like Blackedge or Step DLC coated steel. Both should not be honed after sharpening, but the CCM coating is more like a paint and comes off real easy. As for sharpening, it sharpens just like the other CCm stainless steel, nothing extra has to be done. With Blackedge, the coating on the bottom has to be removed first, then the sharpening does take more passes to establish the edges the first time. After that, it is sharpened like any other runner.
  13. Skate sharpening machine

    I had a DSSE1 years ago. Sharpens skates just fine in manual, wasn't a big fan of the automatic mode. I've seen the RS6 in op at a trade show, it seemed to work fine. The disadvantage is they are big and take up lots of room.
  14. Bauer Lighspeed Edge issue

    They purchase LS Edge runners that have the Blackedge coating.
  15. Blade Movement in Tuuk LS Edge Holders

    If the sharpeners are hackers and they get the steel red, then perhaps. But, I sharpen many customers with the steel out of the skate and they still have the loose blades.