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  • Skates
    Bauer Supreme NXG
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    Reebok Ribcor, CCM RBZ
  • Gloves
    Eagle PPF, Warrior Franchise
  • Helmet
    CCM V08, Bauer 4500
  • Pants
    Warrior Hustlers, CCM Pro 520
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    Easton S17
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    CCM U+ Fit09
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  1. Updated list with sold items.
  2. Added a ton of new stuff
  3. I'll take a look when I get home from work and then shoot you a PM
  4. New sale. Tons of gear added
  5. Show It Off

    Decided to take a picture of the current Wings and Zetterberg glove family. Top: Centennial Classic socks (game worn) and pants, Stadium Series shell and socks (game worn) 2nd: Regular shell, regular gamer shell, '15 WC gamer shell 3rd: Home and away socks, practice jerseys, '09 WC gamer socks, '15 WC gamer socks 4th L to R: custom Franchise, 2x Zetterberg MIC Franchise, Hudler (nearly identical to Z's specs) Franchise, Z's TSR WC Franchise, Weiss WC CCM pro 5th R to L: 2x Z's CC Franchise (game prepped), Z's TSR Sweden Franchise, Z's 2015 All Star Franchise, Z's 2014 All Star AX1, gamer 4500 (Stuart maybe?)
  6. Warrior Alpha QX Stick

    I won't be using it until tomorrow. However, I won't be able to compare them to either. I haven't used the Ribcor since it's initial release. The QRLs that I use are a custom build with a different taper.
  7. Warrior Alpha QX Stick

    I just got mine in today from the VIP program. I've been running around all day today so I will post some more about it later when I am not so busy.
  8. Pro stock hockey pant shells

    When I started using girdles, I had to go up a size. I can wear large pants but I wear XL girdles. For girdle shells, I wear larges. The only ones that I can swing in an XL are the PP90 and Eagle girdle shells. Everything else feels way too big to me and feel very baggie. For pant shells, I wear a medium. Fits very similar to a large girdle shell.
  9. Updated post with sold items
  10. Added quite a bit of stuff.
  11. Removed some sold items. Added a couple more.
  12. Show It Off

    Jets Heritage gear came in today.
  13. Removed the sold items. Bump.