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    Ice-RBK 5k, Inline-RBK 6k
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    Reebok 20k Pro Stock
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    CCM 4 roll Pro Stock (Grand Rapids Griffins)
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    CCM V10
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    Reebok 7k
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    Reebok 7k padded shirt
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    Reebok 12k
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    Easton EQ30
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    Warrior carry bag

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  1. This is what I use http://www2.dailyfaceoff.com/starting-goalies/
  2. Show It Off

    They had 1 more pair of these and a lot Tour and Franklin stuff (inline rink), nothing too interesting. They had them marked down to $35 from $80, I asked if they'd take $10 (all I had on me at the time) since they are trying to get rid of everything, they took it! If they still have the other pair when I go back next week I'll pick them up.
  3. Show It Off

    Couldn't resist these. $10 for a brand new pair. Local proshop had a bunch of things tucked away they forgot about...
  4. If your item is eligible for the Global shipping program, it's easy. You send it to a location in the US and they take care of the rest. I've done it a couple of times. Here's a link... http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/shipping-globally.html
  5. Reusing the blade of a broken stick?

    Try looking through here, lots of great info on salvaging blades and shafts from broken sticks. http://modsquadhockey.com/forums/index.php/topic/7494-cutting-ops-at-fuse-point/
  6. eBay idiot, or not?

    Sometimes I watch things just to see if if people actually buy them. Probably gets the seller excited thinking I might bid though!
  7. good conditions for pond hockey

    Ice fishing and skating in 40 degree weather are completely different. If it's in the 40's you can play, just do it in your boots not your skates.
  8. good conditions for pond hockey

    1st make sure the pond is clear of snow, you might get a surprise with slush hiding underneath it. I found out the hard way a couple of weeks ago, the temps were really cold, but there was an enormous amount of snow on the ice and turned it all to slush. I would say mid to low 20's would be an ideal temp with cloudy skies, and no direct sunlight. Having the sun shine down on the pond while playing is the worst, your skates will start digging in. Also don't forget to have everyone bring shovels to clear it off between "periods". Hope this helps.
  9. Photos of yourself

    I joke around that after that goal, I returned the camera because I can't top it. I put it on our goalie last week and also took it out on the pond and got some good footage. Right now my only problem is my computer can't handle the video, so I can't do any editing until I get a new one.
  10. Benching Players - Adult Rec League

    I've never benched a goalie. We did have a goalie for a short season who didn't try very hard, but he was doing us a favor and we had no other goalie options, so we just played on and our normal goalie was back the next season. Also I don't charge goalies league fees for my team and everyone is fine with that, that could help with goalie morale.
  11. Pond Maintenance

    Thanks Pondchief, I may have to try this after thins week-end. The ice looks good right now!
  12. Pond Maintenance

    So I grew up with a pond in the back yard and when it came to maintenance my dad would get the axe out to make a hole in the ice and used a standard digging shovel to move the water around, which is very labor intensive. What are some better ways to aid in the process? I know an auger would be ideal for making a hole and I've heard that a bilge pump would help with water movement, but I would like some ideas from anyone who does this kind of thing regularly.
  13. Photos of yourself

    A clip from our game Friday night using my GoPro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2W4qDhbZWA
  14. Broken sticks

    I turn them into furniture or if the are salvagable, I'll make them a 2-piece stick.
  15. Hockey Furniture

    I made this plus another out of composite sticks just like it. I should have enough sticks to make something else now too. http://www.modsquadhockey.com/forums/index.php/topic/63348-hockey-stick-table/