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    Bauer X 60 pro stock w. Superfeet
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    RBK 8k w. Harrow P10blade
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  1. Bauer APX Pro stock LH 107Flex

    It's not a retail apx. It says R32 and feels kind of like a TO but I have no idea what R32 means. I don't care for the wedge/heel curve it has.
  2. Bauer APX Pro stock LH 107Flex

    Price lowered $50 + Shipping
  3. Bauer APX Pro stock LH 107Flex

    Price lowered $70 + shipping
  4. Bauer APX Pro stock LH 107Flex

    Please see the pictures here. (link to my flickr photostream) I bought the stick on eBay and it was taped up by the pro but never used. The guy said the curve was like a P92, but it's more like a heel curve. I used it one practice and I don't care for the curve. It's an R32 code and i have no idea what that means.The stick is like new and has no major blemishes or scratches. $90+shipping UPS Sold
  5. Bauer ONE.9 Skates 8.5D

    Sorry, just sold them on Ebay.
  6. Show It Off

    Custom NXGs (Link to my photo sharing flickr page) Finally got them done. Only had one issue with the final product that was discussed in an earlier thread. After 3 skates I'm very pleased and should've done this sooner. Got them done at a local shop (chain retailer in Michigan) and had no real complaints as far as the guy who did the fitting. Ideally I would've went with one of the experts here but I couldn't fly out just for a skate fitting. Tough sell to the wife let alone buying $950 skates. X60 Tongue LS3 Steel
  7. Did I skate too soon after baking skates?

    Store baked em' and they felt just fine during the skate.
  8. Did I skate too soon after baking skates?

    Phew, thanks JR. Other than this issue, I am very pleased with the skates and should have gone the custom route awhile ago. Thanks for the insight everyone!
  9. Did I skate too soon after baking skates?

    http://www.flickr.co.../in/photostream http://www.flickr.co.../in/photostream (Is using links for pics ok? I gotta find the how to post pics tutorial) 2 things... 1. As JR said to hot when baked. Reputable store that really pushes Bauer stuff so I'll give them the benefit of adhering to Bauer's bake specifications. 2. Skates to big and to warm when heated They are custom NXGs so...9.75 D Left foot; 9.5 EE Right foot with AA heel 3. Oh did you stand up when hot? No
  10. Did I skate too soon after baking skates?

    I'll try and get them up later today. The wife is forcing me to participate in a family get together all day :/ Thanks for all the input so far.
  11. Hey guys, I just got my custom nxgs in and I skates in them about 9 hrs (per pro shop rec of 8) after a bake and now I have small crease marks on the outside of the boot by the footbed. Ill post pics tomorrow but does this sound normal? Or are the skates toast? Thx
  12. Bauer ONE.9 Skates 8.5D

    Yep, they are still available.
  13. Bauer ONE.9 Skates 8.5D

    I'm looking to sell my Bauer ONE.9 8.5D skates. They have been baked once and profiled. I use them for coaching and Saturday morning drop in with friends, nothing super competitive. Never lace the top eyelet. I'm looking to sell them because i need a size 9. Please see http://www.flickr.com/photos/77700240@N06/'>flickr for the pictures of the skates. Looking for $400 + shipping. Sold on eBay
  14. Show It Off

    A G3 TotalOne?
  15. Unused 11k Pro Stock Shaft 110 Flex

    I just bought this but I couldn't help myself on another stick so this one has to go. I put a blade in the other day but never used it. Shaft is taller than a retail. With blade in, it's at least 2 inches taller than retail. 11K Grip 110 Flex Pro stock $75 Shipped $85 to Canada Shipped http://www.flickr.com/photos/77700240@N06/?uploaded=3&magic_cookie=f6348e4bd0c498918391bb9ffa2d589d