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  1. 7th Annual MSH Winterfest

    I somehow believe my Jell-O shot record from Toronto will remain intact.
  2. The Venting Spot

    As we've discussed a few times in chat, I've walked down a very similar path a few times in my life. Never hesitate to send me a PM.
  3. The Sweet Spot

    Believe it or not, one of the harder degrees to earn. There's a reason they earn an MS and not an arts degree.
  4. KHL Lokomotiv plane crash; several ex-NHLers dead

    RIP Karlis Skrastins. Had the opportunity of doing some things for him his past 2 years in Dallas. An absolute class act every step of the way who would always take the time to say hello and have a chat for a few minutes. Asked him about his experience in the Vancouver games and spent over an hour and a half talking to me about it and gaved me a signed stick for the privilege of hearing about his time. RIP Ironman.
  5. The Venting Spot

    Deion Sanders wearing an Under Armour pin on his Hall of Fame jacket during his induction speech. Tacky much?
  6. Show It Off

    I've probably used 60% of my collection. Deadstock, signed, and some game used is saved for archival purposes, but most of it at least sees some use.
  7. Well, she lasted 5 years longer than I thought she would.
  8. The Venting Spot

    18th straight day above 100. Without heat index.
  9. Easton Stealth RS Stick

    Dispute with Paypal. He's misrepresenting the item.
  10. Easton Stealth RS Stick

    LOOK AT THE BARCODE!!!!! Honestly. S19NHL Letang 2 R PIT
  11. 2011-2012 Gear Sightings

    Jesus. Can we please not speculate already.
  12. Warrior Stick Customizer Program

    Reebok has always used KP. Unfortunately with manufactured kickpoints flex really isn't a practical thing to measure apples to apples either.
  13. The Venting Spot

    There are people that have kids, and there are those that breed crotchfruit. You met the latter. Idiocracy is fast becoming truer and truer.
  14. Show It Off

    You forgot rule number 1. Don't piss off the people that take care of your skates.