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    Bauer Vapor X3.0
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    CCM Tacks
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    Warrior Luxe
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    Bauer Re-Akt
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    Easton E3
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    CCM U+12
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    Warrior Koncept
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    Warrior Pro

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  1. 2015-16 Gear Sightings

    They will have the regular C and A on the front of the sweater but they will also have the arm band as well.
  2. Bolt91 sale- low prices- need stuff gone!

    Lots added and big price drops! Need this stuff gone!
  3. CCM QLT Shoulder Pads

    Took them out for the first time. When I hit the ice, I forgot I even had shoulder pads on. They seem to move with your body and feel very secure. Loving these pads so far! Will update when I hit the ice next!
  4. CCM QLT Shoulder Pads

    Huge thank you to JR and CCM for giving me the chance to review these pads! They showed up on the doorstep today and I immediately unpacked them. First thing that I noticed is that they are incredibly light. I'm coming from a pair of CCM U+09s. I tried the QLTs on and honestly, you cannot even tell you're wearing them. The construction looks and feels solid. I love that CCM went back to the U foam in the shoulder caps. I'm very picky about my shoulder pads, but my initial impression of these is extremely positive. I cannot wait to get them out on the ice!
  5. Powerfoot performance inserts

    I've finally been able to use my inserts for quite a few skates. I absolutely love them and will never wear a pair of skates without the inserts again. It's amazing to feel the difference in your skating!!
  6. Bolt91 sale- low prices- need stuff gone!

    3 pairs of gloves sold
  7. MSH 4.0 bug report

    Can we delete notifications like before?
  8. Save The Date

    Would love to go if I can make it work!
  9. Visors

    Love mine
  10. I want to start coaching but I have no idea where to start. I know you have to get your level 1 in order to do anything but I'm not sure of any teams that I can coach or volunteer with. Help!
  11. Show It Off

    Gorgeous twig. Love the X:60
  12. Bolt91 sale- low prices- need stuff gone!

    Hawks, Pens, Navy 9K shells sold