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  1. Would it make sense that Reebok is using their name behind the training aspect and CCM the on ice? Not that I've heard this, but I've heard that Reebok is making a big push in the off-ice training department with featured athletes, etc. Sort of like Nike has been doing.
  2. NHL Accelerator Collection

    I would be lying if I didn't say that I like a couple of them. Would love to have me a Stamkos or RNH one.
  3. Fantasy Hockey 2012-2013 League 1

    Agreed. Wasn't even here to draft, but more than happy with my team.
  4. 2012-2013 Gear Sightings

    It wouldn't surprise me with the Adidas/CCM relationship (well, ownership).
  5. 2012-2013 Gear Sightings

    Keith posted a great image on twitter comparing Nail and Smyth's patterns, though it wont let me post the image.
  6. 2012-2013 Gear Sightings

    If I remember correctly, the equipment deals that most players receive are fairly low in comparison to other sports, say golf (only other sport that really has that amount of equipment out for public view.)
  7. CCM making a comeback?

    CCM caught my eye with the CL line. Lately whenever I've needed new stuff, been looking at CCM first. Starting to have a lot of solid offerings.
  8. 2012-2013 Gear Sightings

    I always remember it happening before on the board, so didn't think it would be a problem. If it was a single change I wouldn't have posted, but figured an entire change was worth the mention (besides skates, which he was already in)
  9. I've always been the approach when there's a break type. I never call a ref out either, just generally talk, ask questions, or something like that.
  10. 2012-2013 Gear Sightings

    Guess this would go here. Taylor Hall is going to Bauer this year.
  11. Fantasy Hockey 2012-2013 League 1

    Want to apologize ahead of time. I'll be at a dentistry ball for my girlfriend Saturday. I hate being the guy that it times out on everytime, so I want to say I'm sorry before it even happens.
  12. Burke Fired

    I'm sure I'm one of very few leaf fans with this thought, but I actually liked Burke.
  13. 2012-2013 Gear Sightings

    Wonder who will be the first spotted in RBZ skates (in the NHL that is)
  14. 2013 Bauer Hockey Catalogue

    Maybe just me, but the APX2 line, looks so much better than the previous. Found that after the 7.0, the skates looks cheap, but no the case now. Looks solid, no matter where in the line you buy.