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    RBK 9k (White)
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    Warrior AK (85/Gionta), Warrior AX3 (85/Kovalchuck)
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  1. 13th Annual MSH Winterfest

    Looking forward to see pics of the gloves and shells. Hopefully, I will be able to get in on one of those in the future! My work schedule keep conflicting with WF.
  2. Country singer Troy Gentry (of Montgomery Gentry fame) and Country legend Don Williams both passed away Friday. Gentry was 50. He died in helicopter crash. Williams was 78.
  3. Where should Jagr sign?

    I'd like to see him play a year in Montreal. He and Plekanec have had some chemistry in international competitions.
  4. Easton E600 Helmet (medium / black)

    I was just going to ask that!
  5. Oldskool 762 Supertacks - what does the '62' mean

    I believe the "62" indicates an SMU for a specific store or retailer.
  6. best way to wash equipment

    Sorry to bump an old topic, but after 8 years living in this house and storing my gear in the same room...the same way every week. I have developed some mold like this on some (not all - which is weird) of my gear. I noticed a spot like this on the outside of my bag (no mold inside) just before SJ, so I just spot washed it. and packed everything up for Toronto. When I got home, everything was already dry because I had used the laundry closet in the hotel to hang everything so I just hung it the way I normally do. The other day I was looking for something and found mold spots on gloves, elbows, shin guard liners, pant cover a very small spot on my girdle and the same spot on the bag. Some of my older stuff that is not currently in used was even worse. As I said, some had no mold whatever so ever. Skates and helmets are all clean.There is a small wood closet full of socks and jerseys. None of them have any mold at all. So...today is cleaning day. I bought a stiff short bristled brush and scrubbed the worse of the spots, then filled a big plastic tub with water and about 2 cups of white vinegar and soaked everything for about an hour. I put the gloves and elbows in a pillow case to try to protect them from getting caught on the drum and damaging the gear (or machine) and put it in the washing machine with regular detergent and ran a warm wash/cold rinse and left everything outside in the sun to air dry. Unfortunately today is the first day in about 3 weeks that isn't mid to high 20's and blaring sun. Cool and overcast, so drying is taking forever. I'll do all my backup secondary stuff and will be moving everything from the room I currently store in to the laundry room or a dry closet upstairs.
  7. * Skate not included!
  8. 9th Annual MSH SummerJam

    FWIW...back to the topic of shells. Smaller piping like the Rangers (which I believe was the original plan) would look awesome, but so would piping the style of Montreal's pants. Thick yellow, thin white on either side on black, with the logo on the right leg. ie:
  9. So... Game of Thrones

    Yes. 1 more season. But, they are both shortened. I believe it's 7 eps this year...6 next year. Maybe it's 8 and 7, can't recall. The budget for each episode has been jacked up though. Between the massive battle scenes with hundreds of extras and CGI for the dragons, it's become quite lofty to produce. Btw, Lady Olenna might just be the most bad ass character in all of Westeros!
  10. 9th Annual MSH SummerJam

    Will you be able to host the videos locally, or will you have to link them from another source?
  11. Starting in Goal as an Adult

    This video was taken in my defensive end, hence...I will likely not be seen doing anything other than line changes! haha
  12. NHL officially out of 2018 Olympics

    Saw an article today that said players who are playing in the AHL on AHL contracts will be allowed to go to the Olympics. The link was on facebook...now I can't find it. Damnit. Does anyone else have the info/details
  13. What is the status on the new orders?
  14. New Era of Adidas Jerseys Begins

    The only ones I really dislike are the Knights and the Preds. The Vegas gloves will look cool with their whites, but awful with the darks.
  15. Drouin dealt to Montreal for Sergachev

    It also helped TB with their protection list. Drouin had to be protected, but Segachev does not.