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    RBK 9k (White)
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    Warrior AK (85/Gionta), Warrior AX3 (85/Kovalchuck)
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  1. It's Jared Keeso's show. He created it. The 2 hockey guys were in the Gordie Howe move. Dylan Playfair (Reilly) is Larry's kid. Looking forward to the St. Patrick's day special. I haven't had a chance to watch the "Ferda" addition (as in 'ferda fans'). There is additional commentary and stuff. Should be entertaining.
  2. Most definitely interested.
  3. I was shocked that he was only 79. I figured he was in his late 60's in the early 80s!
  4. Saw Price refer to a "positive vibe" around the team after the first practice with Claude. I wonder if Therrien is/was just too negative all the time. You can talk about ways to improve and you can talk about what you are doing wrong. It's really the same conversation handled in 2 different ways, I think Julien's approach will be not to focus on negatives, but to talk about improving. Not that he is a pushover of a coach, but I like what he said in his post practice PC. "Players needed to go out and feel good about themselves today, and I made sure that happened" After the struggles going into bye week, I'm not sure Therrien would have had that approach at all. Loving the idea of Chucky with Pax and Radu. I just hope that isn't all the eggs in one basket. Hoping the secondary scoring (Pleky, Gally, as well as Danault, Mitchell & Byron) can find some of the early success they were having.
  5. Mike Ilitch. Detroit Red Wings/Tigers Owner. He was 87.
  6. I play with a goalie who wears a helmet/cage combo (like Hrudey used to wear). Thing is beat to crap. Mask is bent. I've encouraged him to get something new, but he seems happy with it. He bought new pads in the last few years. He had been using blue/white Kenesky pads (circa 1980's) and prior to that the old brown ones filled with horse hair, or whatever...damn things weighed a ton when they were wet.
  7. I forgot that AHL teams have advertising. It will probably be a Bell logo. Maybe Molson/Coors.
  8. OverallI like them, but I think the second number on the sleeve is odd. I would have used that flame graphic with the 9 and created a chest or shoulder patch.
  9. This was Jake McCabe's face after he hit Laine Not sure if Laine's visor/helmet did the damage of if it was his own visor but if Laine had been wearing a mask or cage, the damage could have been much worse.
  10. If you end up buying a 2ND helmet to get the pads you could try to find an E600. I'm pretty sure the pads are the same, and you'd save a little money.
  11. I know this is for a UA photoshoot, so it may not be definitive but it gives an idea of how players pants vs. goalie pants currently fit
  12. I've seen them online (Hockey Monkey had them). Currenlty listed Out Of Stock. I actually had to re-sew the seam on 2 of mine. By the time I pay shipping and exchange online, I could stay local and buy a new helemt. haha
  13. Thanks guys. I think I'll end up getting the wave cut.
  14. I'm assuming you can't use Crave TV from a US IP? Have you considered a VPN service with a Canadian IP.
  15. Any feedback on their visors? Are they cheap (as in inexpensive) or just cheap (as in crap)??