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  • Skates
    RBK 9k (White)
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    Warrior AK (85/Gionta), Warrior AX3 (85/Kovalchuck)
  • Gloves
    Bauer 4 Roll
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    Easton E700 w/ Oakley Visor
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    Warrior Projekt Girdle
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    CCM V04
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    Warrior Franchise
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    Reebok 11k
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    Bauer R3 Backpack

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  1. Apparently, Season 2 has been shot. Hopefully it is out soon, and is longer than 6 eps this time.
  2. I agree.
  3. back with more 'puter questions: I bought a TB seagate drive a couple years ago, but I inadvertently bought a Mac drive. I downloaded the hfs4win drivers for free from the seagate site, and the drive worked on Win XP, and when I upgraded to Win7...but now that I've run Win10 the drive doesn't work and I can only find the hfs free driver for Win9.1. Does anyone know if the driver exists for Win10??
  4. The Grammy's are going to have to have an entire separate show just for the In Memoriam this year!
  5. Normally, I am some what "artistically inclined"...I'm just way out of practice in Photoshop...and was struggling (badly) haha. It looks like we'll be going blue with white sleeves.
  6. Thanks for the responses. I thought about it after the fact, and I figured it might not be a stock font but something created specifically for them as JA suggests. kmfdm86, I realize it is only a 1 letter change, but since I didn't know the 'font' I was having a bitch of a time to find something that would overlap and not look crunched together so you couldn't read it. Thanks OR...I appreciate this. It's a shame we're not doing it on Black...'cause that looks awseome. Doing either white on blue or grey...or blue on white.
  7. I'm trying to create a logo for my softball team, and I want to model it after the Chicago White Sox... We're "Sons of Pitches"...So, I want to do SOP Does anyone know what this font is called: it kinda looks like a simplified Olde English
  8. I know...he had secretaries and assistants reading and writing memos and reports for him when he was coach of the Habs.
  9. Poorly written and poorly researched "reporting" is nothing new. It all adds to my thinking that "Mediocre is the new great". It's bad enough when there are so many self made by blogs and online bullshit, but when major media outlets like Bell or Rogers allow it, it just cheapens the entire industry.
  11. He just did 5 shows in Hamilton. Me and my GF both had to work the day tickets went on sale, with no access to phone or computer. No chance to get tickets. They were adding shows every 10-15 minutes...and quickly sold them all out.
  12. ...and to be honest, they are both kind of awesome!
  13. Saw this today on facebook, posted by a former radio colleague on mine, and credited (originally) to W. Earl Brown (who I am not familiar with): Merle's Final Show*. It was Super Bowl weekend. Merle had already cancelled months of shows, but this particular booking was a big payday. Merle had to pay his band and crew, so there was no calling in sick for this gig. Toby Keith was in town with his wife to watch some football and have some fun. Toby got word that Merle was in Vegas, so he went to see him… Merle was in bad shape. He needed to be in a hospital - not on a stage; but The Show Must Go On. Merle would not take charity from anyone, but he did turn to Toby and say, "How many songs of mine do you know?" "All of 'em" answered T. "All of 'em?" "Yep. And I won't need a teleprompter." "Well, stay nearby." After four or five songs, Merle's infected lungs were spent. He couldn't draw enough air to sing any longer. "We've, uh, we've got a special guest here tonight…" Toby came out and sang the rest of the show. Merle gave his last concert. The Strangers got paid. And the audience, while not realizing it at the time, saw something special. Never speak ill of Toby Keith to me; thanks to him, Merle exited the stage with his dignity intact. * I have been informed that Merle played a couple of shows after Vegas, so this was not the FINAL show. I knew he and Kris were set to play a rescheduled LA on Feb 3, because I was missing it due to my travel schedule. I had no idea it was postponed a second time. Whether Vegas was the last show, second-to-last, or whatever, the fact remains that when Merle needed a helping hand, he got one, and the audience was not left wanting. Merle was an artist and a showman until the end. The reason I know about it, is that I phoned T after the Super Bowl to talk football. That's when he told me what happened. Knowing what a Merle fan I am, he sent me this pic. I asked permission to share the photo before I did so. (the pic, as you can imagine, is of Merle and Toby exiting a stage area together)
  14. What if there was a "Strength of Schedule" component. Points accumulated multiplied by SOS (I know the NFL uses strength of schedule somehow), so 10 points against weaker competition would be worth less than 10 points against harder competition.
  15. I think this is a great idea.