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  1. severing ties with facebook, instagram, and snapchat
  2. The Indy Fuel of the ECHL are having a sale on May 13-15 at their practice rink in Fishers IN
  3. would you accept $20 shipped for the red easton shell?
  4. Is the easton shell the same one on eBay?
  5. I'm in Indianapolis also and can give you help if you would like. There is plenty of hockey around the area that I could introduce you to and I can also help you with your gear situation. PM me if you are interested. Gomez
  6. PittsBurgh pens sale at the new practice rink Sunday August 30
  7. I wasn't impressed by the new girdle at all when I saw it. As a person who has used girdles for the past 15 years or so, this one seemed very cheaply made and possibly prone to having the mesh wear out. It looked like they took everything they had done with the projekt and discarded it in order to have it produced cheaper.
  8. This eventually happens to every stick with grip coating. It's just the nature of the coating and just something you have to live with.
  9. Ok, I maybe late to the party but I have been trying to limit my time in front of the computer. I would like to extend the deepest gratitude towards JR and all of the manufacturers. Jr for bringing together another event flawlessly as usual and for the great giveaways from the manufacturers. It is truly heartwarming when the selflessness of people surprises me. On a website that has an undercurrent of consumption and accumulation, it is truly special people that remind me that this community goes well beyond how many pieces of equipment one has. This weekend was, for me, a chance to just spend time with people that I feel I truly am blessed for having them as friends and to play a little bit of hockey also. Thank you all
  10. I'm clearing out all of my excess gear that has just been sitting in storage. CCM HP30 pro pants. Size large color navy blue. These pants were used for roughly three months for the summer this year. They show few signs of use and I washed them so they don't stink at all. Price $75 shipped to US. Reebok 852T gloves size 14" color navy. These gloves were used about the same amount as the pants and they do show some wear on the back of the hand and the palms have a small dime sized hole in both hands. Price $50 shipped to US. CCm CL elbow pads size senior small. These wwere bought for a girlfriend that wanted to get into hockey. Needless to say, she never did. They are new and still have the tags on them. Price $50 shipped to US. PM me for shipping rates to Canada and worldwide. I will post more gear as I do more cleaning. If you have any questions, the best way to get ahold of me is
  11. Well, its been a lot of fun and I've met a whole lot of great people over the 8 years or so that I've been here. I don't really post that often, but I do read quite a bit on here and try to chime in when I can. Its quite an accomplishment for anything to be around for that long these days and I think that that is a testament to the people that make it happen. From the top to the newest memebers, I hope this continues for many more years.
  12. One thing to check is if there is a groove on the piece with a magnet. I've seen many people slide that piece the length of the blade while checking edges. Doing this will cause the piece to have two grooves worn into it from the blade edges. This will cause your guage to be inaccurate. Thats really the only thing that I can think of that could cause this, if your edges are square.
  13. The majority of goalies in the hall of fame are in there for that very reason
  14. Don't pity parties belong in the Miscellaneous Discussions?
  15. I have some auctions on Ebay right now. Check them out and as always, MSH members get free shipping.