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    NBH One95
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    Bauer One95
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    Easton Pro
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    Bauer 5100
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    Easton Pro
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    NBH Impact 400
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    RBK 8K
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  1. Updated Items + Price Drops.
  2. Photo's added and also added Tuuk Holders to the original post. Thanks
  3. Clearing out some room out of my storage. Check the list below for the item details. If you need more photos let me know. Price's are in USD and include shipping to North America with Canada Post. Bauer APX Skates. Size 11.5D. New in box & never sharpened. SOLD Pro Reebok Edge 1.0 Red Practice Jersey from the Penguins. SOLD Ottawa Senators Edge 1.0 Jersey. New with tags attached. Size 54. SOLD Pro Reebok Edge 2.0 White Practice Jersey from the Portland Pirates. SOLD Tuuk LS2 Holders from Bauer One95 Skates. Step Steel. Size 263. 45$ Shipped. Lot's of steel remaining as I switched skates after putting on the Step Steel. Check photo's for details. Steel is straight and holders have normal wear and tear. http://farm8.staticf...1de629638_b.jpg http://farm8.staticf...4d1947107_b.jpg http://farm8.staticf...ed1bb274f_b.jpg http://farm8.staticf...6988a3dcb_b.jpg
  4. I picked up a set of these eBay and so far they are working just fine. I tried using the free bearings that came with the purchase but found they didn't spin freely on a couple of the wheels. I switched up the bearings to my old BSB Swiss 688 set and they spin well now. I am also using BSB Spacers on these wheels. So far after 3 games they are holding up well.
  5. For the pair you are referring to they do have a roomy fit. I don't think I could have fit into an XL with a 34" waist. That said it's mainly the length that I had a problem with which is why I custom ordered a pair with a -1" leg length for the shell. The team I was on did a large order with Easton (4 pairs pants, 20 pant shells, 5 pairs of gloves). I'm not sure if they would do a one off order. If you are going to go with customs I highly recommend the ST16 Pro pants.
  6. I've seen 2 versions of their pro model pants and have owned them both. One of them uses the silver bio-dry liner and the other is the ST16 pro pant with the orange liner. Examples of them are below (these are not my auctions - just for reference). Both are absolute tanks when it comes to protection and I think the ST16 Pro pant is a little lighter than the other model. Sizing wise both models in a 52 (large?) fits a 34-36" waist. I custom ordered the ST16 pro pant with a -1 in leg length and they have held up fine so far after a year. Both are 2 piece pants but I don't think the shells are interchangeable between the two models. You'll notice the belt/hip area of the ST16 pant shell has a curved/contoured padded area to fit the ST16 upper properly. Hope that helps... Easton (Not sure what model) Easton ST 16 Pro Spec. Pant
  7. Not sure about the ones from PSHG but my team ordered a custom set of Synergy 800's in the CHI colour scheme and they are WAY better than the retail E-Pro's. The material, construction, and feel were much better on the 800's. They were also made in Canada.
  8. +1 for Jarick. Picked up a blade from him with no problems at all. Thanks
  9. yrhmblnr8r - Great Seller. Excellent communication and shipping for a blade was 3.05$ to Canada. Now that is a fair and honest shipping quote. Thanks again.
  10. Just got my hands on a couple of Hossa pro-stock dolo's from his ATL days.
  11. +1 to k13. Quick payment and excellent communication as well.
  12. looks pretty fake to me Cheers, what are the tell tale signs? The replica versions I've seen at the Canucks store are all air knit material without the shiny bits. Also the white stripes are too thick on the sleeves and around the body. The crest also looks massive compared to the replica versions seen on ebay or if you go to a retailer site which sells replica vintage gear. The #1 on the sleeve looks massive as well compared to the other jerseys I've seen. Take a look at this replica and compare:|294%3A50
  13. Yeah the missing Jock Tag + Non Taper just makes it look different compared to what I have which are some pro returns and the retail versions. Maybe these are the retail practice socks that will be out later in the year. Good to know hes a legit seller though. Thanks
  14. Are these fake edge socks or is it just me? I've been seeing a lot of fake edge jerseys on ebay recently so this wouldn't surprise me but I'm not sure.
  15. Just picked up this vintage Canucks hat. New Era Website