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  1. Its a TC2 pattern that the toe closes down a little more than the stock in a 90 flex Right Hand w/ Matte Grip in a A6.0SBP and a square shaft in a 68” length
  2. The two sticks have a slightly different flex profile by only a little bit, were the A series is slightly lower and the XC is complete mid flex. Shaft dimensions and blade make up is also the difference Sorry, Not changing the colors for the custom program yet. We still want the stick to look like our stock color-ways. We need to make sure the look and name gets out into the market further before we can start doing that if at all
  3. With our custom program we can alter the lie of your pattern if that is what you want, just need to specify that when you place the custom order through a dealer.
  4. Now is a great time to buy as the custom aspect is a great benefit to all players and this will continue. We will still have the same features of the VH skate moving forward and any edits would more than likely be minor, so if you want to order now you can and feel good about it As has been stated before, it is business as usual and we are letting Scott continue to drive the process with the skates. So it is not a matter of changing for the purpose of we purchased them and are bastardizing the product or process, so whenever someone wants to buy they can feel assured they will be getting the best custom skate for them. Being the skates are custom skates and we build for each player to fit their needs don't anticipate that VH skates will be on close out if there are minor edits of any kind as we won't need to move through inventory. Waiting won't present that opportunity for anyone.
  5. Business as usual for now, once updates if any are ready to be shared we will circulate.
  6. TC2, but won't be exact
  7. Just a heads up that most of our dealers have asked for us to launch any non stick line products closer to back to hockey. So we will be releasing the pants in July.
  8. It's not every stick and not even in every model. It would be up to our warranty department to tell you at the time of the RA submission.
  9. All good things come to those who wait
  10. We've made a lot of improvements since that particular stick, but a similar model for overall weight would be the A5.2SBP, but as I said even this stick will have improvements on balance, feel, play-ability and durability
  11. This is only on certain sticks in our line up and we are trying to work through this to have them replenished quicker than that date. We just wanted to be upfront about a delay.
  12. Both the A6.0 and the XC9 are not very restrictive, I would say the XC9 may even work slightly better, greater flexibility in the body of the glove. It's always best to try them on, but understand that is not always an option, but I think you would be happy with either choice.
  13. Very Slight difference, but shouldn't be something that should sway someone that was using a 65 in an A6.0 into trying the 68 in the XC9.
  14. Not Much of a Story. We Started the offering of 58 flex intermediate and wanted to have greater separation between the two intermediate flexes compared to a closer separation to intermediate to senior.
  15. As far as durability goes, really isn't much of a difference between the two, but the performance will be different for sure as the Xcore will have the insert