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  1. It is True to an extent. The smart flex technology does allow you to cut it and does not change the flex of the measured flex. If you end up taking 6 or more inches off then it will still measure the same on the 3 point bend test, but the feel of the flex will be different. Anything under the 6 inches should not feel different.
  2. TC4 replaced the TC3 in our stock offerings. Both are available for custom orders if wanted.
  3. The toe shape is slightly different (taller on the TC3) making it seem as the curve is different, but it is a very close comparison to actual curve, but look is only slightly different.
  4. I may have already answered your question via email, but essentially what I link it to is that they do fit slightly large and are labeled 12, 13, 14, but actually run closer to 12.5, 13.5, 14.5. I usually wear a 14 in all other gloves and don't have an issue, but I could go to our 13" and be fine as well so it is a matter of preference and especially with the XC9 smaller would be better to utilize the anatomical fit.
  5. The tough thing is Ribcor's will seem stiffer then an A6.0, but it would probably be in between flexes, but would only be a minor time adjusting to either way so you could go to the 85 or to the 75 and be alright with it The only thing different is that its the lower lie so how much blade is touching the ice depends on how the stick is held. Its a matter of blade placement in regards to how far away the blade is from your body to flatten out the bottom of the blade to the ice. The lie 5's seem to be what will be trending in the near future
  6. The feel will be much lighter than the ST and will have more pop in the release on any of the sticks in our line honestly. As far as the pattern if you have used a e28 and liked it I think your best option would be the TC4 as the MC will be more like the e36
  7. It'd be our TC4 to get it exact for the E28 now
  8. You could do a custom Gionta pattern, but I am not sure that we would have that exact pattern in our database so may need a sample of it. The other thing would be that you would need to order 6 of them for custom. Let me know if you have any further questions about that process.
  9. I think the TC2.5 wouldn't be too much heel for you and would be the best option out of out patterns for what you are looking for.
  10. Would be a good options for you then. Our partner in Australia is Next Level Hockey so we should be getting some traction down there.
  11. It's always hard to say what curves will do well and which ones will not. as I said we are discussing other possibilities to have the new blade that may take off in any market. As I said I will add it to the discussion and we will see what comes of it
  12. We do not currently offer the clone as a stock pattern, but we do have the pattern and it is our MC2 pattern. Some dealers have done SMU's with this pattern or they have ordered quantities of our current stock sticks in this pattern. The other option is it is a custom option, but you would need to order 6 or more at this time.
  13. Haha, I knew that was coming. It Is an option as far as customs go. SBP's should be to those dealers soon keep an eye out. The Gionta pattern would be tough as it only had a track record of a few years and we have already tried multiple toe curves, but I can add it to the discussion.
  14. Sorry, We currently will not have the P77/Coffey curve as an offering. We are always talking about other possible patterns. I will add this to the discussion as well.
  15. With moving into the TC4, we thought it would be best to limit our stock options in similar curves. We are always evaluating and we have gotten some call for it, so we have kept it on our custom program and continue to have discussions about all of our curves and what options to have as stock They are not exact, as we have redesigned a lot of aspects. With that being said, we have taken what we have learned over the many years and continue to incorporate what we think works best to have the best preforming sticks on the market