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  1. I am looking for a pair of cheaper gloves that are light...both of these are 65 dollars on hockeymonkey which is perfect..I won't have the chance to try on either and I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion on which one to get... are the one75s higher quality than the x:pro' not even sure what the x:pro's are so I am somewhat wary to get them...are they close to x.40s?..thanks
  2. I did have the 60s baked...and yeah I tried them on they felt ok when I did but I got them for so ridiculously cheap that i couldnt pass it up
  3. So the past two seasons I have used s17 skates (size 7 ee)..during the season I play 6 days a week so they obviously are pretty beet up now, especially being easton skates...last summer I got a real good deal..more than half off on a pair of vapor 60s...last summer I used them a couple times but couldn't get used to them so I just stuck with my s17's for another season (making it 2 seasons) I definitely can't get another season out of them so I am really trying to get used to the 60's...used them a few nights ago and my feet, at the bottom to the outsides, were absolutely killing me..(also they are a little shallow for me I think)...I am going to try to have them punched out and see if that helps...but my question is.... should I keep trying to make the 60's work or is there a chance they just are not for my feet and wont happen..because I dont want to waste time trying to make them work if they never will..anyone experience or advice with this?..thanks a lot
  4. anyone try messing around with different weight combinations?
  5. quick question...all my sticks are some form of a pm9/zetterberg lie 5...just got a brand new eq50 with a hall(sakic) curve listed as a lie 5.5...I always get confused with the lies and if I am supposed to make my new 5.5 stick taller or shorter than my lie 5 sticks?...thanks
  6. I use superfeet in my 40's and I fail the pencil test by a good finger it looks like we have opposite problems..but I dont think any problems have come up because of basically I have the same question as you...even if the volume is to deep or not deep enough and it doesnt seem like there is a there?
  7. so why is everyone dissapointed with the E-Pro glove..what's wrong with them? do they compare to Bauers 4 roll glove? seemed like the epro's would fly off the shelf because everyone has wanted gloves that look like that for years but maybe not if they are low quality..whats the deal
  8. So how does the custom glove system they do team orders?
  9. You're too smart to flex the OPS, too smart to bother us when we are sharpening skates, way too smart to ask for a discount, and you don't speak a foreign language, right? Although, with all the Russian we hear, sometimes English is a foreign language! in states, there's a lot of russian? try coming to detroit. one place in particular: detroit skating club. "all the big skaters" skate there. the government should pass a law requireing english to be spoken in america not a forigen langauge. i know i'm being narrow minded and politicaly incorrect, but that is my opion. and maybe i should learn to spell correctly. yes you are the man, I totally agree. Why does everyone have to be politcally correct. Like not being able to say christmas tree? No one would have a problem with hanauka candles or something like that. Off topic but I needed to get that out.