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  • Skates
    Easton Mako
  • Stick
    STX Stallion 500 P91
  • Gloves
    STX Stallion 500
  • Helmet
    Easton E700
  • Pants
    Easton Girdle
  • Shoulder Pads
    Itech 660
  • Elbow Pads
    RBZ 130
  • Shin Pads
    Itech 660
  • Hockey Bag
    MSH bag; first and second generation

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  1. Just be happy that you found a skate that fits and dial down your brand allegiance
  2. Worst player on the team takes 2+minute shifts, complains about everyone else taking long shifts. Watches the clock like a hawk and started the third period because he "only had 1:45 to finish the second". Chopped in the back of the leg and butt ended in front of the ref with no call. Getting really sick of the down side of hockey again. On the plus side, I only got a one game suspension for my reaction. It probably should have been closer to a month.
  3. Babcock prefers a really defensive style, they played his system perfectly.
  4. If you do a search on the term "lace bite" most of the suggestions should help relieve the pressure on your ankle.
  5. Benefit on Sunday for my high school buddy that died a few weeks ago (trying to cover his funeral expenses for the family), yesterday was five years since my grandfather died and I'm about two weeks away from the anniversary of my wife's death.
  6. Find the lane you think the pass will be coming through and set yourself up to handle that pass the best way that you can, give your teammate the best target possible and work on your individual skills so that you know what you can pull off in any given situation. If the goalie is slow coming across, I want to get the puck on net as fast as possible. If the goalie is fast, I like to try and cut back across the net and give him a second to get out of position.
  7. Team Europe looked pretty good against the US in the opening game.
  8. I prefer the 9000, but it's hard to go wrong with anything above the mid level pants from Tackla.
  9. I had some Kariya blades, and the first generation Sakics were the same. The Hespeler Roberts blades that I had were more open than the Kariya/Sakics. You probably won't find any now, but the Steve Sullivan TPS pro blades were great. The latter revisions (E or so) had just a little more toe hook and very little loft.
  10. I'm guessing that they used Easton branded ovens when determining the time and temp. Other ovens may be calibrated differently, but should still work
  11. Tired of people professing their expertise and then totally screwing something up. Friends, family, coworkers, etc.... getting really tired of it.
  12. This is the company that is the importer for Tackla in the US. They won't sell direct, just call them where you can buy them.
  13. They go a little overboard with the driving the stick into the ice part. It's absolutely part of my shooting motion, but they emphasize it a little too much. It would be easy to break sticks if you follow exactly what they say.
  14. That's what they would like you to believe. Usually the materials used aren't even close.
  15. Our rink said that USA Hockey told them that they wouldn't sanction any youth travel tournament at the facility unless all in-house and adult league players were USAH registered. At one point there were so many problems with the USA Hockey officials that the rink was considering using their own officials. One of the district VPs told them that they would black list anyone that worked games at the rink and they would never get any assignments within 200 miles. If those comments were true, it borders on racketeering and extortion.