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  • Skates Easton Mako
  • Stick STX Stallion 500 P91
  • Gloves STX Stallion 500
  • Helmet Easton E700
  • Pants Easton Girdle
  • Shoulder Pads Itech 660
  • Elbow Pads RBZ 130
  • Shin Pads Itech 660
  • Hockey Bag MSH bag; first and second generation

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  1. Give me a day to look into it.
  2. Mowing the lawn

    Sure, but you weren't at -20 over the winter. That temp was also at 8pm, the high was in the mid 90s that day. More encouragement to move to the Keys as soon as I can.
  3. Flex in Youth Skate

    You are going to find a lot of people that believe in the need for a skate to flex on this site. Top end boots are way too stiff for most adults and especially for kids.
  4. Performance Sports Group Acquires Easton Hockey

    Retailers buy it because they feel like they have to do it. In any case, there is a group of players that will buy the highest level (and priced) gear that is out there without batting an eyelash. PSG is trying to raise that price as high as they can to increase revenue flow. At some point reduced sales in those models is offset by the increased profit margin. I have to assume that they have done studies that lead them to believe this course of action is the most profitable way to run the business. They also likely assume that any lost sales at those price points will end up still buying their product at a lower price point and they're probably right more often than not.
  5. Breaking bad habits of longer sticks

    It's a fantastic curve for people that know what they're doing. Unfortunately, the majority of the sticks are bought by kids that are mostly concerned with how high they can shoot it over the net. They need something with way more twist at the toe to do that.
  6. Mowing the lawn

    75% humidity and 88 degrees after work tonight, that's no damn fun.
  7. Total Hockey Files Bankruptcy

    I see maybe two sticks a year break in our league games and more often than not it's a wood stick. Most of the guys have a garage full of old sticks that are still usable. Then again, we play in a league without a ton of slashing. If you hack and wack, your stuff is going to break.
  8. Penguins 2015-16 skate setups chart

    Equipment guys in certain markets have a big influence
  9. Cheaper to make/use spacers and longer screws to push the clips out than to make a different size visor.
  10. Total Hockey Files Bankruptcy

    I know guys still using gold Grip Synergys. That's no different than the guys that buy two drivers in a lifetime.
  11. Subban to Nashville

    Bigger, but I don't know if anyone could say who was stronger in a hockey context. Only giving away 26lbs over 4", PK could very well have an advantage in that regard. If the league continues to regress back into the clutch and grab game, then Weber may be serviceable for a little longer than some people are guessing.
  12. Oilers trade Hall to Devils

    For some reason I was thinking the Thornton trade. I keep forgetting how history repeats itself at times.
  13. Those things were awful. Nothing like paying a premium price for junk, just because of the logo on it.
  14. Total Hockey Files Bankruptcy

    That is my feeling as well
  15. The Venting Spot

    I do it all the time, it's great for springing guys early in the game. Usually the D adjusts and is less likely to hold the line later in the game making it easier to exit the zone.