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    Easton Mako
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    STX Stallion 500 P91
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    STX Stallion 500
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    Easton E700
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    Easton Girdle
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    Itech 660
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    RBZ 130
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    Itech 660
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    MSH bag; first and second generation

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  1. I don't do hype. I am honest about what I feel, experience and know. For me, FBV feels dramatically different on the ice. My experience with the product and the company has been exceptional. I've also learned a great deal about the science behind it all and it backs up what I feel on the ice. Hey, if I thought it sucked, I would have no problem telling people that. Anyone who has been here long enough knows that I do that as well.
  2. I've deleted quite a bit of spam, there's a reason that you don't see it in this topic, or others.
  3. This is the same team that was so bad last year that they fired the coach and then went on to win the cup, right? The east is still fairly weak compared to the west, only a handful of teams are projected to be "elite". The Pens should have no problem making the playoffs and potentially having home ice for a round or two at least.
  4. If you're using one of those, you aren't doing it yourself. That's like saying you "cooked dinner" when all you did was put something in the microwave. That said, glad you're happy with it. I have no beef with the company, you or anyone that uses them on their own skates. Consistently having edges the same every time you play is a great luxury, it's one less thing to worry about during a game. You live in a much better area than I do. A very large percentage of people around here are always working some scam or looking for a way to screw over someone else. I've seen it with a fair number of people on this site as well over the years. I have hundreds, if not a thousand emails and PMs complaining that we wouldn't let them promote their website, book, blog. company, etc... and do it for free.
  5. Or when someone put a car through Just Hockey when the OPS were just starting to roll out.
  6. There was no damage to the blade to indicate a major chip or anything like that. Frankly, I didn't particularly care if it was user error or an issue with the machine. Either way, it resulted in a bad sharpening.
  7. The two guys I've seen both had dull spots along the blade.
  8. One of the guys on my team is type 1 as well and has no problems playing with his pump
  9. We used to have a great team and everyone hung out, drank beer and grilled after every game. Between the people that just want to have an audience for their stories, the people constantly complaining about ice time and some roster turnover, I've pretty much had my fill of it for a while.
  10. A talented player CAN transition to anything. However, there is something to be said for using what you prefer. I can shoot with a X28, and do so with decent velocity. However, my preferred shooting motion works much better with heel curves. Passing isn't a big change for me, but the wrist and slap shot motions have to change drastically .
  11. I know two people that are already trying to steal business from the local shop by using one of these. Ethics aside, the results have been less than impressive
  12. It was originally for famous people but due to some rather dubious claims as to "fame", the title was changed (by someone else) to mock those who made dubious claims.
  13. The Leafs would know a lot about being in the bottom half of the league. It's always funny when a superfan goes crazy after a game or two and declares the past to be irrelevant because the future is so bright. That song has absolutely never been sung about the Leafs before. FYI, the coaches and players have always cared. Saying that they didn't is just an absurd slam on guys that didn't win enough for you. But yeah, guys like Kessel had to be cleared out to make way for real winners. It's one thing to be excited, it's something entirely different to be an ass about it.
  14. Just be happy that you found a skate that fits and dial down your brand allegiance
  15. Worst player on the team takes 2+minute shifts, complains about everyone else taking long shifts. Watches the clock like a hawk and started the third period because he "only had 1:45 to finish the second". Chopped in the back of the leg and butt ended in front of the ref with no call. Getting really sick of the down side of hockey again. On the plus side, I only got a one game suspension for my reaction. It probably should have been closer to a month.