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    Easton RS
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    True Temper 6.0
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    CCM U12
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    CCM V08
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    CCM U+09
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    Reebok 6K
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    CCM CS
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    CCM U+
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  1. There are plenty of pros that have skates with a build that starts 1 or even 2 levels below top of the line.
  2. I'm sure I can talk the Mrs into Toronto again.
  3. Depending on people with zero concept of deadlines or urgency.
  4. Aren't too big and too wide the same thing?
  5. If Supremes are sliding off his hand during play then they're probably too big.
  6. He knew exactly where he was aiming and his balance was just fine.
  7. A player can waive his right to an in person hearing. It happens often.
  8. Players have waived the in-person hearing before. It doesn't change the fact that he can be suspended past 5 games. Once the league makes the offer then the bar is set.
  9. I guess there aren't as many bilingual coaches out there as I thought there were. This might be a record for the fastest divisional rival hiring of a fired coach. It is interesting that the Bruins granted permission for the Habs to talk to Julien so soon.
  10. Nyqvist should be expecting a call for that speak to the face of Sturgeon.
  11. Somehow baseball catchers survive with pads between their calves and hamstrings.
  12. There is no correct answer to this question.
  13. Pitch is another variable to consider for stability.
  14. Assuming liabilities would increase the effective cost of purchasing above the agreed upon purchase price, however, the agreement to assume liabilities usually results in a discount of the purchase price. Basically, it tends to be a bit of a wash.
  15. I thought it was foolish to not wheel Eriksson at the deadline last season. They weren't going anywhere even if they did make the playoffs.