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    Easton RS
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    True Temper 6.0
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    CCM U12
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    CCM V08
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    CCM U+09
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  1. Tried that, after about a dozen rings it went to voicemail.
  2. Was just trying to order a couple of blades online and the form kept trying to make me pick a shaft finish before I could confirm the order. There isn't an option for N/A and nothing that I can click on to get past it.
  3. Glad to see talent win out tonight, one step closer to a Stanley Cup final and not a tractor pull.
  4. Fisher and Johansen out=done.
  5. I'm wearing a large pair of pro stock that I purchased off someone here. The width fits very well around my 14" U+ Pro shin pads. They are on the long side for me standing in at 5'10".
  6. Find me a death at a relatively young age that doesn't.
  7. I've heard worse. At least it has some local flair to it. I think the funniest thing I heard was the Avs playing Dokken's "Just Got Lucky" after an opponent's goal. Granted, I'm a fan of the band that was never really big so I got a kick out of the obscure reference.
  8. That is rough. Remember to also take care of yourself in this time.
  9. It hasn't been not up for sale.
  10. How many of the teams are rumoured to be moving to Quebec City? Relax, that was funny.
  11. I've had that happen with every pair of skates since the manufacturers have gone to higher cuts.
  12. I guess it was a slow news day on the Blue Jackets front.
  13. It isn't too far out on the horizon.
  14. Pattern 6 lie 6 was the Christian replacement blade for me when I first got out of college.