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    Easton RS
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    True Temper 6.0
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    CCM U12
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    CCM V08
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    CCM U+09
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    Reebok 6K
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    CCM CS
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    CCM U+
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  1. Hockey Monkey isn't the only chain to have spread into other sports. Almost every other chain has, at the very least, a lacrosse tie-in. For example, Pure Hockey has ComLax within their locations. As for that "inside look", it read like part sour grapes and part "please buy me out".
  2. Thanks to JR and everyone else who puts in the time and effort to make these events happen. I will add more later but since today is my first day back in the office after a 4-day weekend, I am just a little swamped.
  3. Sounds like my earliest memories of Zwickers back in the 70's. You would go in there and rifle thru boxes of pants or what have you to find your size.
  4. That was painful to read. I can't imagine what the unedited version looked like.
  5. Thank goodness VH is made in North America. Otherwise, all those guys who have to ship them back for tweaks would go broke.
  6. I have the RS and there is plenty of volume in those. I would think the shape translates down the line.
  7. Sure, those upstarts over at Bauer and CCM knew nothing about skates, what, with their mere combined 2 centuries of skate making experience.
  8. Company protection software won't let me get to that link so watch out any folks that actually can get there.
  9. There are going to be a lot of people bitching about restocking/return shipping fees.
  10. That must have been a sharp knife to split that hair.
  11. Looks like you also need a new sharpener. Talk about banana blades.
  12. Possibly because you had some kind of store credit from buyer reward points or the like.
  13. And the barrage of responses from LHS guys about how they can't stand people who use their inventory for online sizing purposes begins in 3.......2........1.........
  14. With hockey gear, I have always been a proponent of getting the equipment that fits your game and not forcing your game to fit your equipment.
  15. Reading all of this and it sounds to me like the E28/P28 curve really isn't the pattern for you. If you play a lot in traffic and rarely have time to set up the perfect shooting position in a game then you are using the wrong pattern. You would be better served using some kind of constant curve pattern where you can get quick shots off regardless of where the puck is on blade.