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    Easton RS
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    True Temper 6.0
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    CCM U12
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    CCM V08
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    CCM U+09
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    Reebok 6K
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  1. Yandle is underrated? Now you've taken it too far. As for the rest, I guess I need the psullion22 to English dictionary because I don't understand how a "near generational talent" is not a Hall of Famer. If Yandle is so good in his own zone then why did he have the worst +/- on the entire roster? McDonagh + 26, Girardi +18, Klein +16......Heck, even Dan Boyle was even while Yandle was a -4.
  2. I stopped reading at Yandle is a "near generational talent". Sure, he's decent offensively from the back end but he is a serviceable defender, at best. Let's not induct him into the Hall just yet.
  3. Ask Tyler Seguin.
  4. Pretty sure I know the "unnamed co-owner of the Salem, NH, retail store....." and I'm getting a strong sense of irony.
  5. Please, the average Joe Investor looks at past performance, how they've historically done against projections and forecasts, and where they stand in the market. Charlie ETrade isn't calling the factory in Mexico or China and he isn't taking a straw poll at the 5 LHS in his area.
  6. The problem with forcing shipments early is that they were pulling what really should have been future revenues back into current earnings. It is essentially the manufacturers' version of a Ponzi scheme.
  7. True, but those guys have been around for ages and generally trade for a much higher value than a little guy like PSG.
  8. For me, I've found that "feeling the ice" has been more about holder and steel.
  9. Not surprising, anytime you delay a filing like that and announce an "internal investigation" the regulators will come sniffing around.
  10. Here's hoping for many, many more years of sharpenings.
  11. I still miss the green.
  12. Manufacturers must cringe everytime they receive a claim on the RA hotline that starts......"well, I was taking some one-timers........"
  13. Everybody is selling? Then buy, buy, buy.........
  14. It reeks of the struggles of being a public company in a niche business.
  15. Sounds to me like their auditors surfaced something in their year-end audit. Guess here is that at least a portion of the books has been served up medium with a side of bearnaise.