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  1. Bauer vs Mission sizing

    I wasn't comparing them to bauers, but to the reebok and ccm skates that I have. I did what you said in regards to trying them on and could get my index finger down the back of my heel so figured that if I went for the bauers I could lose half a size.
  2. Just a quick one for anyone out there who can help me with this. I recently bought the Mission Axiom T8's but am sending them back because of fit issues and looking at getting the bauer xr5's. I normally take a size 7D but have come to the conclusion that I need a EE width but noticed with the missions that they were abit long (atleast half a size), whereas normally in a 7D they are perfect. Anyway, should I drop down to a 6.5EE in the bauer XR5's? I'm assuming that they are the same length as the missions. Before anyone says, unfortunately I live in the UK where it is near impossible for me to find somewhere to try these on. Thanks for your help
  3. Yeah that's why even though my reeboks are quite tight around the forefoot I think I am going to stick with the D width. I don't want to be having problems with heel lift and figured I can always get them stretched if needs be.
  4. u+ pro reloaded skate

    Can anyone tell me what the width of these is like in comparison to this years reeboks as I have the 11k's in a D.
  5. I have the reebok 11k's in a 7D for roller
  6. Trouble is I can't try either on as I live in the UK.
  7. Well I have the reebok 11k rollers which apart from the ankle fit well so thought if I went for the EE width it may improve any depth issues I currently have. Do you know if the heel width is going to be much different with an EE width?
  8. Hi, I'm currently only playing roller but want to get back into ice so looking for some skates but don't want to spend too much. Have found some CCM U+ pro reloaded for a really good price but don't know whether to go for this or instead get one of thi seasons lower end skates, like the bauer supreme one60 as not sure how much skates have changed in the technology department in 2 years? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  9. Skates destroying my ankles please help

    Awesome, that's good as i was thinking of getting those. Hope you get on well with those
  10. Skates destroying my ankles please help

    Well I've come to the decision that this pain isn't going to go away, and like @Ebondo I had The 6k's and they were a perfect fit so not sure what Reebok have done there. Am now looking at either the Alkali's or maybe the bauer xr5's but being in the UK it is unlikely that I will be able to try the Alkali's on so reluctant to buy and have the same problem.
  11. Skates destroying my ankles please help

    Yeah I can try and take the superfeet out but I fear that it will not give me enought depth to sole the problem, and I baked them without the added ankle padding. Any idea on a skate which would suite my foot? I have a fairly narrow ankle, with a wide forefoot and I would need reasonable depth around the ankle area?
  12. Hi, just after some advice really as I have the new Reebok 11k skates. I've had them for a few months now and have baked them twice, I also have put superfeet yellow insoles into them but from day 1 they have given me alot of pain in my ankles partcularly my right one. It seems that my ankle bones are sitting on hard composite part of the boot which has little padding. I have also been using sipipos silicone pads on my ankles which seems to help with the left but the right is just so painful. I have had a week off to let it recover but thinking now of selling the skates as i can only assume that they are not deep enough for me?! Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions on what I can do to ease the pain or another skate that I can buy to better suite my foot then I am all ears. Thanks
  13. Help with skate sizing issues

    I tried on an xr5 in an 8.5d and the bauer rx25 in a 7.5d. I would say I had a 10mm gap with the xr5 and around 3-4mm with the rx25 but in both I found the toe cap quite narrow. It didn't crush my feet at all but I couldn't fan my toes out at all. However I had good heel lock in both.
  14. Help with skate sizing issues

    I'm either looking at the reebok 11k's or the Bauer APXR's but I can only get the bauers in a D width. I am going to try on my team mates xr5's which are an 8D but I figure this will help me on the width front. The sizing charts I have found state that I should be a 7 in both the bauer and the reebok. Thanks. I am leading towards the APXR's as I can easily return them by post over here however I can only get them in full sizes and the 8 was huge on me. I will however try my reebok on again and try and get a more accurate measurement from my heel to the back of the boot. I forgot to mention that I have pretty bad bauer bumps which could slightly affect the measurement I took in relation to the size that I need. When measuring down the back of the heel, I take it I need to measure the bottom of my heel? Sorry if this is a stupid question. Thanks for your help!
  15. Help with skate sizing issues

    Thanks. I'm concerned that if I lose a size in the length that this will affect the width and I know they are tight around the end of my feet. Thanks for the size guide, but what I have read says that I am a 7 in bauer and reebok as you have to lose half a size from your US shoe size?