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    The Capital of (expensive) Gear
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    CCM U+ Pro Reloaded 2009
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    SHAFTS: 1.Warrior Dolomite Non-Grip 75 Flex 2.Warrior Dolomite Non-Grip 85 Flex 3.Warrior Dolomite Grip 85 Flex 4.Warrior AK-27 Non-Grip 85 Flex 5.Warrior AK-27 Non-Grip 85 Flex 6.Easton ST Non-Grip 100 Flex 7.RBK 10K Sick Kick Grip 100 Flex 8.RBK 8K Grip 100 Flex BLADES 1.Bauer X:60 – P92 (Tapered) 2.Easton SE16 – Zetterberg (Tapered) 3.Warrior Dolomite DD – Kovalchuk (Tapered) 4.Warrior Dolomite DD – Kovalchuk (Tapered) 5.Warrior Dolomite DD – Savard (Tapered) 6.Easton SE16 – Zetterberg (Tapered) WOOD 7.Sherwood – RM9 (Tapered) WOOD 8.Easting Synergy – Sakic (Standard) 9.Bauer One90 – P88 (Standard) 10.Bauer Custom – P91A (Standard) 11.Bauer One95 – PM9 (Standard) 12.Warrior AK-27 – Kovalev (Standard)
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    Bauer Supreme One90
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    Nike Bauer 4500 w/cage
  • Pants
    RBK 5K
  • Shoulder Pads
    CCM SP 200
  • Elbow Pads
    CCM V10
  • Shin Pads
    CCM Vector 06
  • Hockey Bag
    Warrior Pro Bag

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  1. just skated in them and they were hurting the outside of my feet...dont know if i should get em re-baked or punched...i heard you can punch out the toe cap btw ^^
  2. yeah i got em baked...and i did standup after sitting for 5 mins...should i get em bake again or punched? or give it a few more skates?
  3. Hey Guys, i skated in them twice now..... I have lots of pain of the outside of both my where the nikebauer sign this normal break in???
  4. Hey guys, i just bought 2 of these.... But i don't think they're one95's as advertised. Does anyone have any info on them???
  5. Seen some horific injuries with guys wearing visors... Ill be the first to admit that they look a thousand times better than cages...but its really not worth the risk...ive see AAA level guys lose teeth in pick up games... Most regular guys dont make 2 mil a year and arent elite athletes who have girls throwing themselves at them... If i were the above...i would wear a visor in a heartbeat :)
  6. X60 Skates Sold Shaft and U+ skates still available....Make an offer!
  7. Prices Dropped. Make me an offer :)
  8. ^^ are you sure you read the thread? lol
  9. I don't get why if an item is so popular and has such great reviews, why discontinue the entire line?? Do any pros use it??
  10. The XN10 shafts get a lot of praise around here.... What's so special about em?
  11. ^^good or bad change??
  12. Guys added Pics of the skates and shaft. Negotiable :)
  13. ^ good job lol. Free sticks are the best
  14. Hey Guys, I have a few items for sale: 1 - Brand New Warrior Dolomite shaft Sr...Non Grip 85 Flex - $65 $60 2 - Bauer Vapor X:60 skates, size 6.5D. Practically brand new, used less than 15 times. - $200 $180 SOLD 3 - CCM U+ PRO Reloaded Skates, size 9E. Used for 3 seasons of beer league. - Make an offer 4 - Brand New Sherwood 950 wood tapered blade, Coffey curve. - $20 or free if you take the Shaft. + actual shipping through Canada Post. Please PM for pics. Thanks. EDIT: Added Pics of the skates and shaft
  15. What kind of Easton blade are you using??