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  1. How Many Times to Pump?

    I used to have 11ks and pumped them 10-15 times, never had a problem. The new ones...no idea but why would it be different?
  2. E-Pro to Speed Blade

    I dont remember any issues with pitch or backwards skating (I play D) but its been a few months since I used them.
  3. E-Pro to Speed Blade

    I have a pair of ccm CLs and the e-pro holder broke (from a slap shot). Hockey Monkey used the speed holder for warranty replacement. I gave it an honest go skating in the new speed holder for a few months. I play 2-3 times per week. While some aspects of my skating were improved, like straight forward speed and tighter turns, I just could not adjust to other aspects: crossovers and starts/stops. sometimes I felt like I was swimming in them. If you can get them for cheap and your LHS can change them out for you quickly go ahead and give it a go. But I wouldn't pay retail for them and I am skeptical about buying ccm/rbk specifically due to the new holder.
  4. pick up hockey (shinny) pet peeves

    What I can't stand is guys that coach you up, especially the ones who aren't very good themselves. It's pick up, were all gonna make mistakes and we all do things we wouldn't normally do in a game. I didn't pay for a clinic, I paid to get a good skate and work on some things.
  5. Girdle questions

    The flap comes over the girdle.. do you tape over the flap? against your thigh? or you just cut it? Doh! didn't know girdles let you shorten them
  6. Girdle questions

    I've been watching this topic for awhile because I'm really interested in a girdle because I play on a few different teams. The problem I have is my shin guard tops overlap the girdle at the knee when I skate and it drives me nuts. (imagine your shins overlapping your pants) I tried on a size smaller with shins and it didnt work :( anyone have any ideas/solutions? I think the girdle at the knee is just too narrow and long...
  7. Cooke cuts Karlsson

    Like most of you I've seen the replay of this over and over and I just can't see how there wasn't some intent to injure. What I see that is NOT routine is Cooke lifting his foot high and the stomping motion. Why is he doing that? That is not a normal hockey play near the boards or even a 'fluke'.
  8. I teach H.S. and I picked up a kid's football helmet today...thing weighed a ton. Could never imagine wearing anything that heavy playing hockey, Weight has got to be a major factor when trying to combine technologies.
  9. Ice Slanting Down Near Boards

    Before they redid the ice this summer the rink by my place had spaces against the boards where you could see sand, the ice is gone up to a 1/2". The trough was so deep if a puck was against the boards you couldn't see it.
  10. I took a puck to my throat

    Make sure your cage has a PERFECT fit. I've had mine too loose and if someone hits it (like a shoulder to the chin etc) it can drive the cage into your throat. I've had this happen 2x over about 15 yrs and I thought I had a collapsed wind pipe both times. One of the times I couldn't talk for three or four days. Shame on me for not having a perfect fit.
  11. was @ HG today checking out curves and man the p14 is one wicked toe curve... I already have a p88 so i settled for a pm9.
  12. Embarassing Hockey moments.

    Took a penalty once and got in the wrong penalty box. They had to hold up the face off while the ref got me in the right box...
  13. What Sticks compare to the Widow?

    I was looking at my ccm crazy light and noticed it has a 'dagger taper'. don't know if that means its comparable...anyone know?
  14. New vs old stick technology

    I would definately take 'old' top of the line sticks. I have a warrior macdaddy thats several yrs old and it still is better than 2nd-3rd tier sticks
  15. High Sticking?

    Not to derail the topic but...a big guy once lifted my stick (while we were battling for the puck) into his head and I got a high stick penalty...oh the injustice!