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  • Skates
    RBK 9K
  • Stick
    Warrior Dolomite, Reebok 10k
  • Gloves
    NB Supreme 90
  • Helmet
    Mission Intake
  • Pants
    Mission 110
  • Shoulder Pads
    NB Pro Defender
  • Elbow Pads
    NB Pro Defender
  • Shin Pads
    NB Pro Defender
  • Hockey Bag
    RBK 8K

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  1. Interested
  2. JR, put me in the waiting list please. I just figured that can attend the event for sure!
  3. I have used 11k pro stock stick around two month now. It's A3 modification with Drury curve. The stick is very light, very responsive, provide a very good puck's feeling. It has double concave shaft and corners not so rounded like on my 10k. I like it.
  4. I'm happy owner of 8k too :). Take a look on a GRIT bag. It looks like bookshelves when is opened.
  5. Gauze tape works much longer than Renfrew stretchy grip tape, but it can colorize your palm if you will use not a white one.
  6. I did it few times when temperature was 5 degrees during last three years, the pumps still work perfectly. Only one advice, make lacing your skates and pump it right after pulling out them from a bag (from car). If skates are frozen, it's much harder.
  7. I live near to refrigerated outdoor rink, and I pretty often skate there. It's speed skaters' rink, and it's very good maintained. Basically the ice is little bit harder there, and keeps a good shape longer. I feel myself very comfortable there, and don't need to change radius. Anyway you should try to test ice, the feeling of ice will mostly depend from outdoor temperature. In very cold weather the ice could be very hard.
  8. As far as I know TPS have used amorphous carbon in the XN10 stick. Is the forged the same technology or no?
  9. Gear Sightings

    Only youths model has full description. Basicaly it's russian version of warrior description.
  10. I have a Dolo shaft 2007 and a 10k shaft. The 10k is definitely lighter than Dolo. Both of shaft provide very good performance. For me personally, the Dolo looks more reliable.
  11. Look at this.
  12. I'm currently playing 10k. For me 10k and S19 are more like each other than on TO. But 10k may be little bit closer to TO.
  13. My son's squirt team has a one girl. She has pretty good skating skills, not a bad shooting skills for that age and lot of desire to play. BUT! She is an awful disaster for the team. She is clumsy in offense. In defense, she is knocking out the teammates. Brings lot of penalties for team. The worst thing she hasn't any progress. The coach tried to put she in different positions, same harm. It's the biggest wish of the guys, rid from her.
  14. Try to look at Kovalchuk's technic of snap shot. It's much easy to do snap shot in stride like he does, than on second video.
  15. You can send the blades by mail for profiling.