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  • Skates
    RBK 9K
  • Stick
    Warrior Dolomite, Reebok 10k
  • Gloves
    NB Supreme 90
  • Helmet
    Mission Intake
  • Pants
    Mission 110
  • Shoulder Pads
    NB Pro Defender
  • Elbow Pads
    NB Pro Defender
  • Shin Pads
    NB Pro Defender
  • Hockey Bag
    RBK 8K
  1. Interested
  2. JR, put me in the waiting list please. I just figured that can attend the event for sure!
  3. I have used 11k pro stock stick around two month now. It's A3 modification with Drury curve. The stick is very light, very responsive, provide a very good puck's feeling. It has double concave shaft and corners not so rounded like on my 10k. I like it.
  4. I'm happy owner of 8k too :). Take a look on a GRIT bag. It looks like bookshelves when is opened.
  5. Gear Sightings

    Only youths model has full description. Basicaly it's russian version of warrior description.
  6. Try to look at Kovalchuk's technic of snap shot. It's much easy to do snap shot in stride like he does, than on second video.
  7. +1, waste money
  8. I never used lightspeed model. I think that has same sizing.
  9. I am 6'1 and 180, use a shoulders size L. On the label is printed height 5'9 - 6'1, chest 40" - 44". But size M should fit better for you.
  10. Thanks for answer Dr.Funk! Actually this shoulders is most comfortable for me. I never feeling it on me, and not going to change it. I have almost same incoming, excluding weight(my is 180). Just met the guy yesterday, he has crazy powered and unaiming slap shot :D
  11. Hi All, I have used search, but found nothing. Any opinions appreciated! I wear pro defender shoulder pads, shins and elbows, got a lot of hits and haven't complaints at all. I had play like defender on last week, instead of buddy. I'm pretty sure about the shins and elbows, but not sure about the shoulder pads. They are very mobile and light, but left uncovered lot of body place, and are thin enough. I fear that some slap shots can seriously injure me. Someone has an experience with that?
  12. One90, excellent fit to me and extra light weight!