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    Bauer Vapor X:30/Reebok 10K(Goal)
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    Nike/Bauer One90/NBH One75, Bauer One70(Goal)
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    Bauer Pro 4-roll/Bauer Rx8 Vintage(Goal)
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    Bauer 5100/Bauer Profile 940(Goal)
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    Protex HP5000/ Bauer Pro(Goal)
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    Bauer Supreme One35/Koho 590(Goal)
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    RbK 8kPro/Reebok P1 Pro(Goal)
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    Cooper SG600/Brian's M Series(Goal)
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    Easton Synergy/Reebok LE(Goal)

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  1. Honestly, I'm pretty vocal- I look at what the other goalie is doing right or wrong and push to give them tips to help offensively. Conversely, they tell me something I can improve on defensively. I enjoy the instant feedback, and my teammates are helping me get better in the process. Tonight, we won 8-1 with no skaters on our bench. We had 6(counting me). Most nights it's usually pretty competitive, with 1-2 goal differences.
  2. I am currently playing goal on a B team with half of my team from Fall League because apart from our 6 forfeit losses, we went 13-1(and hadn't lost a game since our first one). The league forcibly split our team into A-only, B-only and Can play Both. Our A team is 3-0 and our B-team is 3-0 as of this writing. I get the idea of splitting teams up in the interest of fairness, but I'm gonna be mad if I have to go to the team that went 4-12-4 if I have another successful season. I think it should be a combination of team vote/rink finalization rather than some guy in an office out front of the rink downing 6 Monsters a day deciding to do it on a whim. Edit: I personally am 4-0 in games this season(3W in B, 1W in A).
  3. Mask: Bauer 940, painted in Autism Awareness Scheme C/A: Koho 590 Chest, Reebok P1 arms Glove: Bauer RX8 Vintage(Black with white piping) Blocker: Bauer RX8 Vintage(Black with white waffle) Pants: Bauer PRO(RMU NCAA Return) Leg Pads: Brian's M Series Skates: Reebok 10k Stick: NBH One75/Bauer One70.
  4. I LOVE my G-Form(Thanks JR!) shirt/shorts combo and wear it every game I'm in net. 5 years and still going strong. That said, the only mod I've used significantly is the addition of a pro fight strap on the back of my C/A... not using it for altercations, but to help keep my chest protector in place.
  5. After losing the first game of fall season 14-12, I'm now 16-1-0 in my first 17 starts as a goalie with my new team. We won fall league with 13 wins, and I'm 3-0 in Winter B league with a month long break before the next game!
  6. Yep, I teach in an Emotional Support room. Anything is possible in there...
  7. On a 9 game win streak, (team is 11-6, in first place by 3 games, and 5 of the 6 losses were by forfeit this year) and I get kicked in the head by a student on Monday in my classroom. Out for season with concussion.
  8. Been away from hockey since Late 2013 because I was busy with college club baseball. Started fall season in Early August and lost the first game 14-12, giving up 13 of those. I've won the next 6 with a +/- of 14(highest +/- in the league). The group of guys I'm playing with are all "9-5ers", mostly doctors and I'm the "blue-collar" guy in the group teaching Special Education. I'm probably gonna skate out next season to entice my good friend to get back into it as well, but it's been so good getting back into the game I was put on this earth to play.
  9. Whatever feels right for you, do it. I play a shutdown forward role when I skate out, but am only about 5'9". My sticks go up to my nose on skates.
  10. Full Right(RH Trapper) or Regular(LH Trapper)?
  11. 1. I lace my Brian's M-series Toe Tie through all 3 cowl parts, boot strap in the back tied loosely, then the leg straps about 3-4 holes left(medium-tight). My knee straps are about the same, but a touch tighter. I don't use my above-knee strap. 2.I shied away from the Larceny Series because of the double boot. I would experiment with that... you could go 1 and 2, 1 and 3, or 2 and 3. It depends on where you want the boot of the pad to end up, IIRC. 3.Do you still have your 7k's? You may be able to swap your toe-ties if you plan on exclusively using your L9's. 4. I use the built in thigh-guards with my M-series. I also have the Bauer Pro pants with telescoping knee.
  12. I feel flu shots are an unnecessary risk. My family has a history of getting extremely ill from the vaccine, not exposure to the virus itself. Thus, I choose to take the risk and not get the flu shot. On a side tangent, it's probably like wearing a visor/not wearing a visor to most of these guys.
  13. Typically they're all 6 of one, half a dozen of the other, but due to different fits of helmets, you may need to adjust your cage size accordingly. I, having a medium-average face and a larger noggin, wear a Medium Bauer RBE VIII cage with a Large 5100.
  14. I haven't played with anyone noteworthy, but I attended a post-game Free Skate with Kristian Huselius. I also met Brianne McLaughlin, as I bought a pair of RMU prostock pants from her. Finally, Coached by one of the old pens greats, Al McDonough. We were at a coaches' game for Special Hockey International and he was Team USA's coach, as well as Pittsburgh's Honorary Captain for the weekend. Great experience all around.
  15. Ray, couldn't agree more. Along with the 5 year olds on the ice... as a converted goalie it's probably my biggest peeve. I took a puck in the throat, wearing a protector, but not a dangler, from an all star at the dot because I was trying to protect a 5 year old from taking it in the noggin. It should be noted that at that time, I was pulling a Tim Thomas, and wearing a player bucket and a goalie cage.