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About Wallzy41

  • Birthday 07/23/1993


  • Skates Bauer Vapor X:30/Reebok 10K(Goal)
  • Stick Nike/Bauer One90/NBH One75, Bauer One70(Goal)
  • Gloves Bauer Pro 4-roll/Bauer Rx8 Vintage(Goal)
  • Helmet Bauer 5100/Bauer Profile 940(Goal)
  • Pants Protex HP5000/ Bauer Pro(Goal)
  • Shoulder Pads Bauer Supreme One35/Koho 590(Goal)
  • Elbow Pads RbK 8kPro/Reebok P1 Pro(Goal)
  • Shin Pads Cooper SG600/Brian's M Series(Goal)
  • Hockey Bag Easton Synergy/Reebok LE(Goal)

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  • Location Indiana, PA
  1. Stick length for Defenceman

    Whatever feels right for you, do it. I play a shutdown forward role when I skate out, but am only about 5'9". My sticks go up to my nose on skates.
  2. Pro Level Goalie Gear Sale - Entire Setup

    Full Right(RH Trapper) or Regular(LH Trapper)?
  3. Switching from Butterfly to Hybrid Pads (Help!)

    1. I lace my Brian's M-series Toe Tie through all 3 cowl parts, boot strap in the back tied loosely, then the leg straps about 3-4 holes left(medium-tight). My knee straps are about the same, but a touch tighter. I don't use my above-knee strap. 2.I shied away from the Larceny Series because of the double boot. I would experiment with that... you could go 1 and 2, 1 and 3, or 2 and 3. It depends on where you want the boot of the pad to end up, IIRC. 3.Do you still have your 7k's? You may be able to swap your toe-ties if you plan on exclusively using your L9's. 4. I use the built in thigh-guards with my M-series. I also have the Bauer Pro pants with telescoping knee.
  4. Do NHL teams or players get flu shots?

    I feel flu shots are an unnecessary risk. My family has a history of getting extremely ill from the vaccine, not exposure to the virus itself. Thus, I choose to take the risk and not get the flu shot. On a side tangent, it's probably like wearing a visor/not wearing a visor to most of these guys.
  5. Face mask use with different brands?

    Typically they're all 6 of one, half a dozen of the other, but due to different fits of helmets, you may need to adjust your cage size accordingly. I, having a medium-average face and a larger noggin, wear a Medium Bauer RBE VIII cage with a Large 5100.
  6. NHL players you've met

    I haven't played with anyone noteworthy, but I attended a post-game Free Skate with Kristian Huselius. I also met Brianne McLaughlin, as I bought a pair of RMU prostock pants from her. Finally, Coached by one of the old pens greats, Al McDonough. We were at a coaches' game for Special Hockey International and he was Team USA's coach, as well as Pittsburgh's Honorary Captain for the weekend. Great experience all around.
  7. pick up hockey (shinny) pet peeves

    Ray, couldn't agree more. Along with the 5 year olds on the ice... as a converted goalie it's probably my biggest peeve. I took a puck in the throat, wearing a protector, but not a dangler, from an all star at the dot because I was trying to protect a 5 year old from taking it in the noggin. It should be noted that at that time, I was pulling a Tim Thomas, and wearing a player bucket and a goalie cage.
  8. The new guy is a new goalie.

    Honestly- I went a bit more expensive on my second set than my first set(I had Reebok 5k pads, 6k gloves), and upgraded to Brian's M-series Pads, and Bauer RX8 gloves. Granted, that's way out of your pricerange, but I believe that in the goalie world, 99/100 times, you get what you pay for. That having been said, Reebok's entry level stuff is pretty solid for what you're after. My Recommendations: Save and get a slightly higher set (look to spend around 600-700 new), or if you can, sneak over to and browse their classifieds(That's where I snagged my Reebok set). they normally have some killer deals if you know what your sizing is. If you do decide to get an entry level set, I would shy away from the Reactors and Extreme flex just because they ARE new, but the Reebok 14k is a really good pad for the price.
  9. 5th Annual MSH SummerJam

    I'll skate out if someone backs out.
  10. The Sweet Spot

    Understood- NOT going to. Especially because most of them are not TOO far removed from the womb.
  11. The Sweet Spot

    Chippa, no worries! I started my "unpaid internship" wednesday morning, also known as Field Experience in the Classroom, Part I of III.
  12. Help me identify my helmet

    If you don't want to go the custom route and your 950 fits well, Bauer has started making a full-fiber version of their popular 960 mask, the 940. I use it and it's quite nice for the pricepoint($350). Unfortunately, the cage quality on that and the new 950(not to be confused with your 950) are not the greatest.
  13. The Sweet Spot

    My professional day job career, that isn't playing hockey, begins in 12 hours.
  14. eBay idiot, or not? Not quite sure if idiot or not, but here's a "Mooterus" jersey for sale.
  15. Dissecting the pad

    Indeed he is, AIREAYE. This thread explains many differences between the 2 types of pads, and is VERY well written.