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  1. Just me or is the E28 curve amazing?

    I found the TC4 to be pretty much identical to E28, Y28, etc. The TC3 curve is similar, but I'm pretty sure it has a different lie. I had a hard time adjusting and would sometimes whiff on the puck when trying to make a pass.
  2. Easton Mako Skates

    I went from the Mako 1's to M8 and I didn't notice a difference if that helps at all.
  3. So far I've used the 4.5 and the Xcore 5 and they've both been amazing, performance and durability wise. The 4.5 is an unbelievable value. I was surprised at the weight of the Xcore when I received it (heavier than I thought it would be), but once I actually got out on the ice and took a few shots I didn't even notice the weight. Can't wait to try the 5.2 now!
  4. So hockeysupremacy.com has the 5.2 on sale for $99. I've been using TC4, Y28, E28, etc. curves for awhile but unfortunately they don't have the TC4, just TC3. Can anyone comment on any difficulties in using the TC3 vs the TC4? Would it be too difficult to adjust to the TC3? Any input would be appreciated, thanks!
  5. Madison Square Garden

    If you have time take a tour of MSG. Totally worth the money.
  6. Easton Mako Skates

    I had the original Makos and loved them. Unfortunately the boot cracked on the bottom within a year. They fit so well I decided to stick with Easton and got the M8's. They fit just as well, if not better. No arch pain like I had with the originals. Highly recommended.
  7. I just noticed on the True website they have the XCore 7 & 5 listed. Anybody know about pricing or release dates for these? Apologies if it's already been discussed but I couldn't find anything.
  8. pick up hockey (shinny) pet peeves

    Definitely frustrating to play with these guys, but playing against them is great. You know they're only looking to pass to each other so it's easy to pick off their passes.
  9. Easton Mako Skates

    Has anyone had any success repairing cracks to the boot of the original Mako? I have a crack in the bottom of one skate and also on the side of the heel (the silver part) on the same skate. I tried a 2-part epoxy but it didn't take. Have there been similar issues with the M8?
  10. Easton Mako Skates

    I had the same problem with the arches; baked them twice and they still hurt. I was able to spot heat them like OptimusReim said and they fit perfectly now.
  11. At what age does a player start slowing down?

    I play pickup with some pretty decent players where the average age is probably around 30-35. The best player out there is in his 50s. He's such a smooth skater with deceptive speed (couple of strides and he's gone). Fun to watch and a blast to play with because he's so hockey smart.
  12. pick up hockey (shinny) pet peeves

    Can't stand playing on a team with guys who won't come back to their own zone, even if it is pickup. I won't even bother passing it up to them if they continue to do it. Sometimes they get mad, but they usually get the message eventually.
  13. If you want cheap, try using an old car tire. Actually just watched an UnderArmour commercial with Taylor Hall using one. Slam it into a wall, off the ground, throw it, grab a sledgehammer and go to town on it, etc. No gym required. Great workout and you don't have to worry about damaging it.
  14. pick up hockey (shinny) pet peeves

    Wow, it was just quick anecdote guys, relax. Making judgements concerning someone's character without knowing any pertinent information is pretty thoughtless. Thanks for reminding why I don't play hockey with random people anymore! Now, back to the pet peeves!
  15. pick up hockey (shinny) pet peeves

    Obviously you didn't see the original post where I said guys from work...not random strangers. Pretty quick to judge.