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  1. Bauer MX3 vs CCM Jetspeed

    Two different fits and I have tried both and ended up in Ultra tacks. The jetspeed have great heel lock and foreword flex but are looser at the top. This was not the fit for me as I did not feel secure up top in the last few eyelets. The Bauer MX3 fit closer up top but lacked the lower wrap and heel lock the jetspeeds have. The Bauers I had came with the pro felt tongue which are super stiff and with the tight upper I couldn't flex as well. Try the Ultra tacks have great heel lock and great wrap, they are super comfy and the tongue allows you to have great flex.
  2. CCM Ultra Tacks Skates sizing

    I was in Bauer mx3 pro skates in size 9d and I am now in the current model ccm ultra tacks size 9d and in both skates my toes just touch the end. I wear a size 11 shoe. I like the fit of the ccm better as I feel a closer fit and with the Bauer injected lacing I did not feel a good wrap on the forefoot.

    I just got the carbons and had my first skate. I find them more comfortable then the regular yellows. I feel on top of the edge a bit better and that could be due to the more solid footbed. i did not notice any height difference between the two. Nice product
  4. Ccm to bauer skates

    I just recently switched from CCM CL to the Bauer Supreme one.9 and the fit was great. The bauer is a stiffer skate and I find that I can transition between backwards and forewords way better on the tuuks then the e-pro.
  5. Can I get your feedback on what your opinion is from switching from the CCm to the on.9. I am on the fence switching to the one.9 skates or get my CL's repaired as it needs new holder and steel. I like the fit on the Bauers with the amount of ankle support and no heel lift.
  6. Contoured vs form fitted glove

    i was in the same boat and decided to get a pair of franchise in narrow fit and they were snug and had the mobility.
  7. Reebok 20K vs. 11K: Fit Differences?

    I had the 11k's and went to try on the 20k's and found them to wide in the forefoot and i tried on the same size as my 11k's and thought even after baking they would be still too wide. I liked the ankle fitment better in the 20k's but wanted a closer overall fit so i went with the CCM CL and these skates sure molded well
  8. Bauer One.9 Skate Questions. HELP!

    I had the same problem, i prefer the Bauer one.9 fit over the NXG and the nexus. I felt my heel was locked in better and the skate felt better all around, that being said i still prefer my CCM CL. I found the Bauer feels like a lower cut boot, not by much compared the CCM. I would sell the nexus to your brother and get the one.9 better molding capabilities as well so i have been told and felt on my foot
  9. Warrior Covert Stick Lineup

    Hi Miseaijeu, I just recieved a covert dt1 for valentines day and it is a 100 flex. I usually use a 87 flex bauer total one nxg. The covert does feel stiff when you lean on it and the bauer did feel the same at first and i am wondering if it will be to stiff, what is the rule of thumb so i can determine if i need a 85 flex? I am 210lbs and prefer wrist shots
  10. Total One NXG Stick

    i just got mine and have used it for 2 games and 2 goals so far. The shaft of the nxg compared to the previous verions seems more square which i like. I feel the nxg is a tad bit lighter then the normal T1. I realy like the nxg for the puck feel and balance, the pucks fly off and are accuarete. So far i am very happy and i have yet to have any Bauer Duarability issues. My older T1 has last a season and a half, my APX has lasted a half season. The only downside to the NXG is i have the grip version and the coating is coming off down near the bottom from some face off hacks.
  11. Warrior Covert Stick Lineup

    I can't decide if i want a DT1 or a total one NXG. The feedback from the DT1 sounds positive. Anyone tried both of these sticks out?
  12. Pro stock Bauer codes

    I am going to buy a pro stock APX the codes says A42-A SE and looking at the codes it is a european version. When looking at the stick it has the tac spiral and grip and is the same shaft dimension as a Total one. DO you think this may be a totalone with a APX blade? The blade defintley feels like a APX.
  13. CCM U+ CL Fit Question

    When i bought my Cl they fit good out of the box and i was amazed on how well the skates mold. I had the guy at the LHS squeeze the ankle so i would have no heel slip and a good ankle lock. The skates are highly moudable but if you are experiencing pain in the fore foot i did not feel the skate expanded in that part. I have owned the last 3 gens of the reebok pump skates and they are good but do break down quickly, i was told that the 20k is stiffer and well made.
  14. Equipment sale discussion

    I agree on the canucks sale, prices were too high and the equipment was beat down. $200 for Burrows warriror gloves with holes. I was hoping for practice jersey's, no luck
  15. Easton Mako Stick

    (The RS definitely felt lighter in the store, but the Mako felt more balanced. Just got my Mako, trying it in my game tomorrow.) Let us know how it is in your game. Im on the fence with the Mako as i have not had much luck with Easton sticks and im looking to buy a new one. Its between the Mako or wait for the Bauer Nexus