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    Palo Alto, CA


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    Easton S17 LE with step steel
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    Easton Stealth RS
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    Easton custom
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    Easton E700
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    Easton EQ50
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    Easton EQ50
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    Easton EQ50
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    Easton EQ50
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    Easton ST10

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  1. When's the CX slated for release? Can't wait to try one!
  2. Does this mean I should stock up on E700's now? Or will they continue to exist? Also, all of this makes me an incredibly sad panda...
  3. I can't tell you guys now much I love my new V9E. The feel, weight, balance, and kick are phenomenal. I hope this stick lasts forever! Anyone else feel the same way?
  4. I'm curious as to the number of passes you guys suggest doing? I'm having trouble figuring out the whole "sparks rolling over the blade" thing. Any suggestions?
  5. 90/75 is the closest I found to 5/8"
  6. Will this still work? Would love some more stones!
  7. Guys due to work insanity, craziness, and stupidity I have to drop out of this years SJ. I miss all ya all and I hope to be able to participate again in the future! Someone sleep in, or better yet order white castle in my honor.
  8. I'm sorry, 15,000 sq ft? Holy ajsuenwidis! Post pics when you can!
  9. I want a game in San Francisco! That would be a beautiful Venue!
  10. Anyone tried the Mako protective line... I have an itch to pull the trigger on ALL of it...
  11. It would be my pleasure to attend, if invited.
  12. Marleau plays with a blade heavy stick. It's a two piece.
  13. I fell awkwardly tonight and my left blade hit the back of my right calf. The only damage was some severed clear tape. But I could certainly feel the blade through my sock. I'm going to invest in some Kevlar socks. It scared me. Taking a precaution will make me feel better.
  14. I hope clowe gets suspended for 10 games. He is useless and needs to go away.
  15. I heard its going to be in San Jose this year... K, that's a lie. But let a guy dream ok!