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      Stick Long-Term Reviewers Wanted   01/07/18

      We are accepting Long-Term Reviewers for a manufacturer. The category we are testing are sticks (player) Requirements: Must be Members+ 0% Warnings Must have experience with high-end 2 user-submitted reviews Please PM me with your name, age, location and playing level, and a short blurb about how you would be a good candidate.
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JR Boucicaut

G-Form Compression Shirt and Crash Shorts - bostoncrimsonsox

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I'd like to start my review by saying Thank You to JR, MSH, and G-Form for allowing me to review this product!

Like JR, I first learned about the G-form product from a member in chat inquiring about the shirt Tim Thomas was spotted wearing at the All-Star Game.

I received my product on Friday and was instantly impressed. I wore both the shorts and shirt around for about an hour and without sweating I found that the shoulders bugged me a little bit, but I think it was just because I was being incredibly nitpicky. The shorts were incredibly mobile from my initial impression

I got to try them out on ice for the first time yesterday and was thankful I had them on. I blew a tire a couple of feet from the boards at full speed and hit the boards with my hip and the shorts performed admirably. As I stated earlier, without sweating the shoulders of the shirt bugged me a bit. As soon as I started to sweat, I couldn't even feel them.

Finally- A problem i've had with Compression shirts in the past is gone with the G-form shirt! I tend to "stick" to my shirts after a workout and I didn't have a problem getting this shirt off!

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I apologize that it's been a while- the end of the semester was May 10th and I've been running like a chicken with its' head cut off ever since that last final let out. I did manage to hit 2 ice times last week though. But first, a bit about me.

5'10", 190LB 2-way forward, defensive emphasis, as well as Hybrid goaltender.

5 years experience as a forward, 6 months as goaltender.

Ice time 1: Normal group for me(18-20 people, ranging from 16-35). I skated out for this ice time and played my normal role- standing in front of the net on offense and playing the point on defense. In 2 hours... I had blocked a few shots off the thighs and took a high one right in the heart pad. I block shots in the one knee down position, covering my face with my left elbow pad and glove as well as my stomach with my right hand(and my stick). I wear Bauer One35 shoulders in addition to the G-form shirt and the heart shot did hurt a bit. I noticed that the pucks to the pants were being absorbed more by the pants and the G-form shorts just added to the dissipation of energy- I knew the pucks hit me but wasn't aware of how hard they actually hit me.

Ice time 2: I wish I hadn't gone to this one- there were about 10 people there, and the average age was 18(I'm 18, and there were 6 30 and over and 4 rather young kids). I decided to take my goalie pads out as I hadn't played goal in over a month and I arrived to the ice time late because of my work schedule. I calmly ask the adults to warm me up and I knew then that I made a grave mistake. I was run over twice while I was down by parents who hadn't played in years and took a slapper to my clavicle through my neck guard and C/A because I pushed a kid out of the way so he didn't get hit in the back of the head trying to deke around me. After getting drilled, I decided to work on one-timers with the 2 adults that weren't with kids and enjoyed the rest of my session with the exception of shooing the kids away from my net for their safety as well as mine. I wore the shirt as usual and wore the shorts over compression tights that I wear in place of socks. I might have faced 20 decent shots in the hour I was there and took one shot to the ribs. My 590 is notorious for giving me stingers, especially from the goal line and tough angle shots, and with the G-form player shirt I was able to play an entire session without getting a stinger.

Ongoing thoughts: There are a few "mis-stitches" around some of the padding... It hasn't affected any functionality. I haven't made any attempts to repair/remove those and I don't plan to unless it becomes a giant yellow string. I love the mobility provided by the shorts... my game revolves around my legs as I have hands of stone and I have noticed that I can get a slightly deeper stride with the mesh in the crotch vs a traditional pair of compression shorts.

One gripe- I wear a jock and cup with these shorts as they have no cup pocket. I normally wear my cup inside of the compression shorts for simplicity's sake.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the product based on the amount of time I have worn it on the ice and my role on the ice and I will continue to pop in with updates- hopefully as soon as Friday night!

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Let me preface: It's not been a good summer. Between general expenses and working all the time, I have had time to hit one more ice time: Summer Hockey in July at the Consol Energy Center. I suited up in my normal "grimace the goalie" gear, and went crazy in Fleury's crease.

Shots faced: 50+

Stingers: 1

Stinger Area: R Nipple. I got hit with a slap shot from the top of the circle and it hit me in the "Cobra flaps" on the chest of the C/A unit where there is no under protection.

I wore my Shirt under my 590 C/A as well as the jock over compression tights and regular underwear.

I will put the LTR on Hiatus until September at which point I will resume because I will be back at school and able to play much more often than I am now.

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I'm Baaaaaack!

Went to my first ice time of the semester today and am glad I had my G-form stuff today.

Shots faced: 150(~50/hr)

Stingers: None

Puck impacts absorbed by G-form product: 15.

I wore both the shirt and shorts, an d took a hard shot from a guy who played for the Junior Canes(AAA program from Raleigh). He hit me right in the thigh board(I have the RbK flat boards from the PS1 era) and the impact was felt through the board, my Bauer Pro(2010) pants, and the G-form product, however it would have been much worse had I not been wearing the crash shorts. There was also a player from the MidState Mustangs(U18AA national bronze medalists 2011-2012) who liked to put the puck right in my heart protector.

G-form is doing an awesome job protecting me from those hard shots, even if the product is not expressly designed for goaltenders.

Ongoing problems: The last 3 times I have worn the shirt, I've noticed a discoloration of skin that appears like my shoulders have been bruised. Upon closer examination, the coloring agent from the product has rubbed off on my skin and caused it to appear severely bruised.

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Glad I had my shirt last night-

Was playing in my Men's league game(the skill level, more or less is ACHA D3/2) and took a slapper from the dot right in the heart.

Aftereffects- mild bruising, sore sternum the day after.

Ongoing problems: Man, is it hot in here or is it just me? I drank 2 bottles of Half gatorade/half water and was still borderline dehydrated at the end of the game. As one of the other guys has stated in his LTR, the fraying hasn't gotten any worse, but is still present.

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