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  2. Sniper9

    Strong pain in my feet

    A good fitting skate should not hurt and cause you the issues you are experiencing. Is that not enough reason for you? How much money have you spent going through the different insoles etc. Also as mentioned earlier how many different slates are you going to go through via trial and error before you ultimately realize your foot wasn't made for off the shelf retail skates? You came here asking for advice and people are giving you different options.
  3. Oilers97

    2018-2019 Gear Sightings

    Burns wearing a Tacks/resistance in practice. Does he always do that? 3rd photo in.
  4. Sniper9

    CCM skate durability

    If you compare the "wear" on trues Bauer and CCM, there will definitely be a marked difference. Also how a product is able to withstand wear will also determine overall durability over time. Ie a skate that can resist skate blade cuts/gashes better will have better overall durability. Same goes for ability to withstand blocking shots etc. I'm not arguing that over time due to the nature of the sport all equipment will wear down. But how fast something wears under the same/similar condition is in fact due to it's durability.
  5. That sucks. We have private and public pick-up all over throughout the course of the week and people pick and choose at will. once you get into organized youth hockey things are a bit less cordial, but that is still dependant on different factors and is really a symptom of the professionalization of youth sports in general, not just here.
  6. IPv6Freely

    Expensive bags worth it?

    Well, both.
  7. mickz

    Ask STEP!

    Smallest they make is 254.
  8. mickz

    Expensive bags worth it?

    I don't think people are concerned about germs. They just don't want to step into a puddle of water.
  9. Cavs019

    What exactly is 'performance fit?'

    I think of it as no negative space whatsoever + no pain.
  10. SirJW

    Expensive bags worth it?

    Funny thing to me about using mats or towels on the floor. Sure the germs are not on your feet, but when you put the mat or towel back in your bag don't the germs go in it with them? I prefer just to stand on my shower sandals. When packing my gear I wrap the sandals with my skate towel and throw them in my laundry bag
  11. I have lived in a lot of states and played hockey all over North America and Seattle WA seems to have the worst overall hockey community when it comes to camaraderie. It seems like all of the rinks are divided, the hockey associations are divided and the people are just overall pretty shitty. Why? My example: There is a drop-in that happens on Friday nights in North Seattle. A rink in the south decided they would offer a drop-in as well so people dont have to drive 40 miles just to get ice time. More importantly, there are more players than a single drop-in can handle so its nice to give people some options. One of the primary individuals who manages the skate in the north was upset that the south skate was publicized and felt some of his slaters were being poached. As retaliation, he decided to ban all of the players who started to put together the skate in the south who also sometimes skate in the north. No one was poaching or trying to steal any players. The fact he thinks this is mind-blowing, perhaps he doesn't understand that people have a right to choose or something. Anyway, I am frustrated. I dont understand what is wrong with people in Seattle. I am used to hockey communities being like family but it seems in Seattle area individuals treat everything like commodities. It's sad.
  12. chk hrd

    Officials for 2019 Playoffs

    I think they had no choice with O'Halloran. Whether the call was right or not there would be to much controversy following him around. He would be under a microscope and it would be impossible for him to do his job.
  13. IPv6Freely

    Officials for 2019 Playoffs

    The following referees have moved on to the second round: Pochmara/McCauley O'Rourke/Peel Dwyer/Charron Pollock/St. Laurent The NHL is doing the right thing and cutting the following pairings: O'Halloran/Furlatt (officials from Vegas/San Jose game 7) Meier/Hanson (officials from Toronto/Boston game 2) This is the first time in over a decade that O'Halloran has not been at least to the conference finals, and he is the current leader among active referees with 212 playoff games.
  14. Exactly, a lot of nonsense in this thread. The study is clear in its methods and some helmets are clearly dog shit. Preventing concussions is not an easy job and not exact science, but doing a study like this and validating some of these helmets is a great start. They use clear definitions and clear data points that you can measure. Saying that they do not apply in real world is nonsense.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Healthyscratch

    Ask STEP!

    Do you currently offer blacksteel in size 238 for VH/True holders? Can not find it anywhere.
  17. I had a tech mesh boot, a Bauer s160, which fitted well. But I got occasioal lace bite. I now have Bauer Custom S2 Pros whch are much stiffer, with a much closer fit round the toes, and elsewhere. I now skate better as I feel more in control, they are more precise. A friend once said that his top end boots went where he pointed them, and that sums it up. If I mess up, it’s my fault, not the skates. I was playing hockey for two hours this evening, and it felt like the boots had wrapped my feet perfectly, not tight, but no empty space. I didn’t need to tighten the laces between scrimmages. And the huge tongue wrapped my foot ensuring no lace bite. However it took three months to break them in, with some discomfort around my toes. I have flipper shaped feet. In practice they probably make little difference to my playing, which depends more on game play, and hand eye coordination, but I certainly would not go back to lower spec. boots. A coach I know who has played at the semi pro level bought some Bauer s190 skates and told me he regretted not getting the Bauer 1s skates instead.
  18. YesLanges

    Marsblade Ice Holder

    Disregard. Figured it out.
  19. stick9

    CCM skate durability

    Don't confuse durability with normal game wear. It's not really something you can measure. One person may be fine, the next not so much.
  20. Vet88

    Strong pain in my feet

    Unless you go custom or you can find a pair of high volume grafs, Nexus is it. And if you add in a narrowish heel then you are like a small percentage of us, sool. However you can address the volume issue various ways, a common fix is to use eyelet extenders, these increase the wrap of the boot.
  21. BenBreeg

    Nexus pants going the way of the dodo?

    Could be, most of this tech is handled by a few specialty shops. The hockey companies arent designing and coming up with new materials. I recently did a medical softgoods product and we delved into the modern materials pretty deep.
  22. IPv6Freely

    2019 Playoffs Polls are now open!

    Second round is up!
  23. IPv6Freely

    New York Islanders vs. Carolina Hurricanes

    I hate to say it but I think the Islanders are going to win this one. I'd definitely prefer it was Carolina though.
  24. IPv6Freely

    San Jose Sharks vs. Colorado Avalanche

    Colorado in 6
  25. Game 1: Friday, April 26 at SJ | TV: NBCSN, 10 p.mGame 2: Sunday, April 28 at SJ | TV: NBCSN, 7:30 p.m.Game 3: Tuesday, April 30 at COL | TV: NBCSN, 10 p.m.Game 4: Thursday, May 2 at COL | TV: NBCSN, 10 p.m. *Game 5: Saturday May 4 at SJ | TV: TBD*Game 6: Monday May 6 at COL | TV: TBD*Game 7: Wednesday May 8 at SJ | TV: TBD
  26. IPv6Freely

    St. Louis Blues vs. Dallas Stars

    Blues in 6
  27. IPv6Freely

    St. Louis Blues vs. Dallas Stars

    Game 1: Thursday, April 25 at STL | TV: NBCSN, 9:30 p.m.Game 2: Saturday, April 27 at STL | TV: NBC, 3 p.m.Game 3: Monday, April 29 at DAL | TV: NBCSN, 8 p.mGame 4: Wednesday, May 1 at DAL | TV: NBCSN, 9:30 p.m.*Game 5: Friday, May 3 at STL | TV: NBCSN, 9:30 p.m. *Game 6: Sunday May 5 at DAL | TV: TBD*Game 7: Tuesday, May 7 at STL | TV: TBD
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