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MSH Code Of Conduct

1. If you don't have anything useful to add, don't say anything. Disagreement can be good and is perfectly acceptable. Don't take it personally if someone disagrees with you.

2. Look to see if you can find an answer to your question before you ask it. You might be surprised how much information is available on a new product.

3. Avatars should be appropriate for a hockey website and no more than 110x100 pixels in size. Animated avatars are prohibited. Violators will have the avatar deleted and may have their right to use an avatar taken away or other punishment as deemed appropriate.

4. Signatures must be no more than four lines, may not contain images of any type, use any colors other then the defaults, or contain any link to websites or Twitter handles, personal or otherwise. Violators will have their signature deleted and may have their right to use a signature taken away or another punishment as deemed appropriate.

5. If you feel another member has done something wrong or a post is in the incorrect location, report it to a moderator. Moderators are the only members able to fix these errors and correct members, though feel free to offer help to others at any time.

6. Use the best English and spelling you can. There are members from all over the world who have enough trouble translating proper English, let alone your shorthand.

7. While we are sure you are proud of your product or employer, retail advertising is expressly prohibited. This includes referring and/or linking back to your personal or professional website. If you work for a retailer or manufacturer and are interested in our advertising programs, please click here and fill out this form; an administrator will contact you.

8. There is a warning system in place for those who violate policies. If you have a question as to why you were warned, ask any moderator.

9. Post a link to large pictures or stories instead of posting them. Large pics can take a long time to download for those without high speed connections and stories can't be reprinted without permission of the author or publisher.

10. Stay on topic and place topics in the correct forum, it makes life easier for everyone.

11. The Gear Exchange section is listed as a courtesy only. MSH does not accept any responsibility for fraud or identity theft by members. New members must reach a mininum post count to be able to participate in the Gear Exchange. It is suggested that you use an escrow service or a service like PayPal so that you have options in the event of a problem in your dealings with other members. All transactions are at your own risk.

12. If you want to sell or trade a product, the post must be placed in the gear exchange. Posts not placed in the Gear Exchange will be deleted and could result in warning, suspension or other disciplinary action being taken as we deem appropriate.

13. You are entitled to only one account. Your MSH name may not be indecent or obscene. You may also not use the name of any business without permission from management or ownership of that business. The information provided to us when you register will not be sold or given to a third party without your consent.

14. While this is a hockey equipment discussion website, please understand that we try our best to not allow unauthorized product leaks. We have working relationships with every manufacturer in the hockey industry and we protect them as well as dealers. Posting a link or a picture of a product acquired in an illicit manner could result in account discipline.

Welcome aboard, let's talk hockey!