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    My wife and I have been trying to start our family for 5 years now with no success. We had/needed the help of science (IVF) and we are now expecting! We are due in March and I cannot wait to meet my little girl.
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    Just came back from pickup and remembered that last year I had been unemployed during the holidays and had to drop hockey to cut expenses. It reminded me to be thankful for things many people take for granted, like having a good job. i know some people on this board are going through or have gone through some rough stuff and I just want to wish everyone the best today and during the rest of the holiday season.
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    with his shot, meters per hour.
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    That's a bit misleading, because it isn't as if he is using the latest Supreme model. They're using older builds that used to be retail models, and in Kane's case, really old... This all shouldn't be surprising; variable kick sticks have been the most popular models at the NHL level since, well, they've been around. I've always described those types of sticks as sticks that do any sort of shot decently - unlike a "slapper" stick or a "wrist shot" stick like the high and low sticks play - and that's why they're that popular. The game moves so fast that they have to be prepared for anything; it's not as if they can put the game on pause, go to the bench, get their slapper stick, press play then bomb one. The low and high kick sticks have gotten better in terms of versatility but before, they weren't as forgiving.
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    At the risk of sounding stodgy and condescending...pick literally any blade you want, and practice with it. Since you're used to the p28, and it checks almost all, if not all, of your requirements, stick with that and make it do what you want. If you change curves, that alone might improve some aspect of your game, but other aspects will suffer. From your descriptions, it sounds like you just need to go to stick time and practice wrist shots and passing accuracy.
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    You want to know what's funny? I shipped a TRUE helmet to Virginia Tech this week from my Pure Hockey store.
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    saying they "dropped the ball" based on comfort and poor fit seems a bit harsh, considering it might fit others just fine. if i judged all helmets based on how they fit my head, 90% of them are shit.
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    Once you decide what tiles to go with, please let me know if you have a room to rent or ever list your place on Airbnb.
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    If they don’t you are welcome to check out mine.
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    Stick with P28 just practice saucing passes more, I’ve been using the P28 since the Mako2 stick you can definitely get great sauce from that curve.
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    This is where I'm struggling. I have a head. It is my head, it isn't changing if I play hockey or football or badminton. I understand that there is a significant difference in the way that the helmet sits on the head for different sports - I've experienced this myself with my autoracing helmet, hockey helmet, and baseball helmets (although those were as a youth). But the head doesn't change. Why should the head form change? Also, are you able to link to the "sites"? Are you talking about CSA?
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    I thought it was weird when I saw Virginia Tech as the company and was shipping a royal blue helmet, then I was like "oh....right....that thing." Haha
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    It's the length. The BR100 is the standard square, the BR200 is the shorter (consumer-grade) one. It'll still work but it won't go to the edge of the square.
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    Had my drain upsized and they believe that the old drain was leaking into me. That’s what was causing my pain. So hopefully in a few days I will get back to be my normal. Now I need to keep progressing to getting these drains out.
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    This is spot on. They feel similar, but the p28 was too unforgiving. Every shot either never left the ice - or took out the lights. When it was perfect though... wow did it rip. In the end, I'm more comfortable with the p92 and went back to it. I think the p92 loads great without the sensitivity of the p28.
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    The knees bend accordingly to maintain balance, but what you guys are describing is a hip hinge. The key to skating is in the hip hinge, as opposed to the knee bend. As described by the_game when he says 'ass and hips pulled down'. Beflar - you should lookup some hip hinge exercises and practice those and see how that translates on ice and helps your posture without putting all the load on your quads. Then come back and let us know!
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    The point of the Comfort Edge isn't for it to be soft, it's to not have an edge. Having two materials come together to a point will likely cause more abrasion than one which edges are rolled.
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    Helmet - Warrior Alpha Pro Visor - GY Amazon visor Shoulder pads - CCM ft1 Elbows - Bauer one95 (love these things) Gloves - Warrior QRL Pants - Warrior Qredge Shins - CCM ft1 Skates - True
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    It does. Looks like it was an original part, since it matches the hex shape.
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    Because I can... because that's what I want... so on and so on. It's not like it's cost prohibitive like with a car either... the X version of a car might be $20k more than the regular one. In this case it's maybe $80 vs $100. Since I've already got 45X's which I use for all my skates... Why not just hold out and wait to find what I exactly want? I had the regular 70's in hand, tried them on and felt like they weren't that much different than the 45's anyway.
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    Ya cause the VT test means anything when it comes to safety. Completely useless and such a croc.
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    Wow. God sharpeners? And actually it is an art. Offended? Not at all. But when someone like myself that always is looking to improve the way they do things and always is out to help a new sharpener, if it is a parent or an employee kind of a slap to some of us that's for sure. Some of the people I have trained are now. 2 in the OHL: 1 Team Canada 1 Team China (Highest paid female EQM in the world) I take a ton of pride in my job as a sharpener and educator. You want to bash the guys that have been doing it forever go right ahead. Oh, wait that's what Sparx did when they started in their very first Ad Campaign. (Use our machine Pro Shops are useless) I was hoping to come on this thread now and help educate some of the lesser experienced sharpeners as I have had 3 customers that have ruined their steel with a Sparx machine. Seems like the knowledge is not required. Next time maybe use a little less of a wide brush when painting all the experienced sharpeners on the board. Especially the ones that have been here since DAY 1 and before. Have an amazing day!!!!
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    They ended up arriving, and I went to open ice to try them out.. I couldn’t move in them, and when I dropped to the ice, felt like I pulled my hip. Going from a 34 Vaughn v3 7500, these CCMs are 34+1. I’m not sure if these things are too tall for me, or if the extra thigh rise is throwing me off. Or sure if I should return them or not. I did have the same mobility issue in the V3s before removing one of the knee blocks.
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    The nice thing is that top section should be easy to sew some padding to if you wanted it, assuming you have a machine capable of it. I really should learn to do some gear repair with my industrial machine for a couple extra bucks here and there.