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    Thanks for your support of JR and this site (INSERT SARCASTIC LOOK). I Just don't understand people sometimes. Seriously, there is no one in the business who is better than JR
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    Because he's sharpening super damaged and very uneven edges on every single pair he does, and he can't relate to anyone who isn't. Nor can he see 10 yards down the road, where if his 'customers' are happy they'll come back with even edges that are just normally worn and he won't have to do more than 4 passes the second time he sharpens the same pair of skates. I dunno... the guy has come into this thread and crapped on Sparx from the get-go. It's getting a bit tiring to be honest. We all appreciate new info and rational debate about the product, but that hasn't been the case here. colins
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    I sharpen a lot peoples skates on my Sparx, from 12U kids down to 6U and a bunch of guys that play in my beer league. I think my first ring, I got about 30 pairs of skates sharpened and that was with 2 pairs that I had to do 10 cycles on and 8 cycles, respectively. If someone is bringing me a brand new pair of skates, I politely ask them to have the first sharpening done at the LHS or at a minimum have them cross grind them and then I'll sharpen them after that. Mos of the people who I tell this to are ok with that response because they understand that I can't get a cross grind ring, but they know from others that I'm putting out a good product for them. I constantly get great feedback on the edges they have after I sharpen them. I agree with most here that you know how many passes you're going to get out of the ring and it's your job as the sharpener to figure out how many passes you need to do. Also, if someone brings me steel that has a ton of larger nicks/gouges, I charge them extra as I have to do extra passes on them to get them back to normal. Even with my extra charge, it's still about the same as going to the LHS but they're getting a more consistent cut every time.
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    Everything new is stupid until it works and becomes mainstream. Let's be real, there is 1 or maybe 2 people here that would actually buy a top end stick for retail anyways let alone a limited run basically prototype. I like that Bauer is trying things, let the whales buy it and test it while everyone else waits to see if it catches on.
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    Pretty sure its working now.
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    Here's the thing, and why I'm asking. For whatever reason, those One.x numbered skates, including the top tier NXG, have a narrowing where the toe box meets the quarter. For me, that manifests itself as tightness slightly behind where the pinky toe meets my foot, or what you're describing as the forefoot. That would seem to align with what you're describing. The slight difference in sizing between the 7 MX3 and 6.5 One.8 may be the cause for the issues, as could the difference in materials of the quarter. But in the newer model since the 1S, the toe box has a different shape and that narrowing is gone. So you may want to try a skate in the newer lines that would be the Sxx0 numbering system. Another thing to consider would be a EE width Vapor series if you can fit in the lower volume. That is a tapered boot and will just increase in width from ankle to toe rather than the Supreme which is straighter. It may give you a better fit in that area, and would be more narrow than a EE Supreme skate, so you wouldn't get the loseness up front. I get that you don't want to go into a shop and get hassled. I don't either. I'm in your same boat because I need new skates and would rather spend the money getting a used pair of the top tier skates cheaper than a mid tier skate at full price. So to go into a store to get fit and try things on with no intention of buying seems a little douchey. Nonetheless, I did just that this weekend and without doing it, I would have bought the completely wrong size of skate. Apparently Supreme sizing changed with the 1S line and I no longer fit in the 8 that I used to. If I hadn't gone in and put an 8 on, I wouldn't have known until I bought one and got it which would have just complicated things. I went in and told the guys the situation. I was up front about what I was going to do and didn't take any more of their time or effort than necessary. All I asked was for them to get me the skate and leave it, I didn't need any help after that. And they didn't pressure me to buy anything or hover over me because they knew the deal. Yeah it sucks for the store, but they weren't busy and get paid by the hour anyway, so what difference does it make to them? I just got off a chat with a Bauer fit rep, and he suggested that anyone do the exact same thing.
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    I had a friend testPS100 rings on an ES100 today and it will n ot recognize them....
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    I'll throw my hat in the ring here as someone who does a ton of profiles and also tests them. Owning a full-service hockey shop gives me the ability to have access to try all different combinations of skates, steel, and profiles. Yes, I am lucky, but this also comes with negatives as well considering I change configurations so often I sometimes physically hurt myself s and it most certainly does take its toll on my skating as well by changing equipment so often. Such is life..... BTW, when I say I hurt myself testing, I am dead serious. I hurt my back not too long ago, slipped a disc. I was testing an unreleased pair of skates with a very aggressive Quad 0 profile that was applied, it still had the full pitch in it and my back just couldn't handle the strain exerted with being so far forward. My back and core were constantly engaged fighting against the extremely stiff skate and the pitch of the profile and something had to give... Something did. My back. Anyway. Quad 0.5 is a great overall profile and as mentioned, what I typically like to start players on if they are coming from steel that has not been profiled previously. It's also very good for new adult players, as the pitch is something they are not yet accustomed to and can throw off their skating. For the young kids, I prefer to put them on a single longer profile until they develop advanced edge control. This allows them to focus on skating and not worrying about balance as much. Quad 2 would be my second go-to. The Quad 0/1 removes a very large amount of steel and also add quite a bit of pitch. Once you blend the toe properly many people feel too far forward and they get short choppy strides due to balance issues and such. There are so many factors I think we can all agree that its truly impossible to say what is the best method and what to use for each player without seeing. Not to mention that some skates have a built-in forward pitch, like TRUE, and many other skates are very neutral. For example, skating on a Quad 0 using the "Pro Sharp recommendation) on my TRUE skates makes me feel unbalanced. When I do Quad 0/1 I tend to remove most of the pitch from the profile to preserve steel and also lessen the forward pitch. I can always add more pitch later but I cannot add steel back once it's been removed.
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    That's a pretty wide sweeping brush...and I love JR but....there are some great pro shop and sharpening guys on here....LOL (sarcastic smile) It's a joke....
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    Decided to pick up a pair I found on ebay that was the exact color I wanted. These are insanely comfortable, I get it now.
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    As someone who remembered all of that in real-time (and actually being at the show where that helmet was under a glass bubble) the V08 wasn't the issue. CCM bought it (cash and royalties), scrapped it, modified the shell, made V08. Hefter (who posted on MSH a few months ago about something completely unrelated) sued because he felt that the subsequent helmets (11k/Resistance/FL) were still based on the design, and wanted royalties on it.
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    The number of $250+ sticks we sell is minimal at best so I order very few of them. Those pricey sticks tend to sit on the floor for months and depreciate. Look at how many of those stupid Bauer Supreme ADV sticks are still sitting on shop floors! The bigger issue that 6 months later Hockey Monkey, Pure, or someone else drops the price 40-50% and I lose money on them... I would say for every $200+ stick our shops sell, our customers buy 5x as many $80-$140 sticks. Not to mention that with companies like CCM dropping a new top of the line sticks every year it makes it pointless for me to even bother ordering top model sticks in bulk. I would rather buy and sell top-end pro stock sticks for a fair price because then everyone benefits from it.
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    Hey everybody used Mylec blades when I first started playing street hockey as a kid in the early 90's, if Bauer can pick up that market share they might be onto something!
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    This is like trying to compare apples and oranges, a sparx unit versus a traditional sharpening unit both have strengths and weaknesses. Your running costs with a traditional unit will always be cheaper but it requires a lot more skill to get a good sharpening. A sparx is plug and push, no skill needed as long as the alignment is correct. You got 25 sharpenings, let's say you charged 10 euro a sharpening, if I was running a shop I would not be comfortable with that return. However as a home user at 3.2 euro per sharpening versus a LHS charge??? What is there to not like about that cost other than we always want it cheaper? If you are unhappy then maybe charge a per pass cost? Then if they turn up with massively damaged blades you get a higher return for your sharpening (if a financial return is a key driver of what you are trying to do).
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    Howdy, A couple things: 1st, generally speaking when I do other folk's skates I do 4 passes unless there are problems. Usually those 4 passes are enough. You cannot make a categorical statement like you are above. When I'm doing my own, I usually do 2 or 3 passes. 2nd, if you're doing other folks skates, presumably you're not doing them for free. Charge enough to cover your consumable cost or don't sharpen them. Mark
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    I'd love to see everyone else's Sparx setup. Here's mine in my (heated) garage:
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    BTW for those talking about the cross grind rings, they did sent out an addendum to the manual and also printed new manuals for future shipments. They also sent out free filters to existing customers. I have no problem with the lack of a cross grind ring. For the once every couple years I might find the desire to cross grind, I can hit up the LHS. Just like I cant profile, I also cant cross grind. Really not a big deal.
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    I wouldn't hack the unit, I'd focus on the ring. Lots of different ways to do this and it's easy once you have the gear (a read / write unit).
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    Next step for me : - Retry old runners on new skates - Try new runners on old skates ( i don't remember trying this) - Switch insoles - Destroy 2S
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    Totally defeats the purpose..
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    Here are some pics of my TRUE lid, size M with an L Bauer Re-AKt cage.
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    They hinge a bit both ways. Whether the forearm part hinges down or not doesn’t really matter that much mobility wise though, your arm doesn’t bend that way unless it breaks.
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    My new setup is almost complete with the jersey!
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    $20 Play it Again score.