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    15 years ago today, we opened the doors here. Thanks to those who have contributed to making MSH a success all these years.
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    Man, these guys absolutely NAILED IT.
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    I'm flying from San Diego
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    I doesn't look like I'll be able to make it this year, but having been several times in the past, the registration fee covers the ice time and whatever rental costs are required for the manufacturers display/demo area as well as custom jerseys, socks and a puck. There are also usually give-aways from the manufacturers such as hats, bags, skate towels ect. and there have been draws for larger prizes at some past events. Picking the reps brains, seeing the new gear and getting to try some of it out is all great. The game itself is a very relaxed fun pickup game with a wide variety of skill levels as IPV6 mentioned. The dinners are a separate cost. I don't know what's being done this year, but for past events there was a BBQ/party on Friday at the host hotel with a reasonable fee to cover the costs of the food and then a dinner at a restaurant on the Saturday (usually followed by hanging out at the host hotel). These events are optional, but recommended as you get to meet fellow members with a shared common passion for the sport and equipment and hang out. It's flexible, if you can't make it to the dinner on Sat, but want to meet at the hotel after then that usually works. I've always enjoyed the BBQ and hotel hangouts with the other members; there are a lot of laughs and interesting discussions.
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    It's an opportunity to hang out and get to know the other MSH members.
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    It goes without saying...I am very interested and very late! Please show leniency!
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    Just go to his second wedding. It's fine. Also. Interested of course.
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    Definitely interested! My wife loves Chicago so she’d even go with me this time!
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    $135. Skill level all across the board. It's not a game, it's more of a pickup. Of course, the skate is the lowest on the list of reasons to attend
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    Is there still slots open?
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  12. 1 point
    I just watched a youtube video of Al's greatest insults. I was dying laughing. My wife was not.
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  14. 1 point
    But who will ship you pads if she comes?
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    I still lurk. Just don’t post as much anymore.
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    Me and the ‘Ol Man are in.
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    Please register so that we can know who you are.
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    We're working with the venue to possibly change it back to July 27th.
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    Indeed - since we moved to the new forum version there is little reason to have any sort of app (or use any sort of 3rd party service like we used to long ago). The mobile site is way WAY better than I had expected it to be, actually. I was one of the people that bitched when we dumped Tapatalk, too.
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    Agreed! and during the podcast you could have a forum open for members of MSH to ask questions for the podcast to answer. The forum itself obviously gives room for answering questions, but hearing it vocally could be special for members as well
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    Possible, but I would have to have an agreement with a manufacturer and/or retailer to do something like that. The benefit must be mutual.
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    We still have some things to iron out in the next few days, but it will be the face going forward.
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    The Jerseys and socks were amazing ! I like the newer sock designs that you do not have to use sock tape. The logos and embroidery are top notch! Very detailed..
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    Well, I have been officially DQ'd from SJ participation. I was denied the PTO. See you guys in December!