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    Interesting talk with the man behind the custom pro CCM gear
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    Cool so we get to hear the story just one more time.
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    Could you stop already? Jesus Christ.
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    And now Stanley Cup champion.
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    M Reebok HP CCM 30/35/70 made overseas 520/7000 Made in Canada HP35 =520 HP45=RBZ HPUCLP=U+Crazy Light X models have waist zippers to add +1 C models use Ufoam P models use PE inserts
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    Exciting: Finding Eagle/Warrior/MIA/TPS gloves from the mid to late 2000s, or heel curve sticks that aren’t made anymore. Not exciting: The latest iteration of a P92 stick with a new paint job and gimmick taper.
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    You have to hand it for Bauer for innovating, the double stick technology will be a game changer!
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    Got out of the hospital on Saturday. Still a little sore but happy to be out Just in time for Easter. Plus the Bruins won today.
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    I was having too hard a time finding current Pens Warrior 4 rolls so I had Warrior make me some customs thumb embroidery is a combo of my number and the fact that I work for our state's department of transportation.
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    Although I'd still consider myself a gear guy, my interest has definitely wained. This might be Grandpa Simpson yelling at cloud territory, but for the most part, hockey and hockey equipment have become so 'clinical' for lack of a better term. Again, just my opinion, but I don't see a lot of brand distinctiveness between the two dominant players Bauer and CCM. I've used most of the top end of both (save skates), and overall they seem to perform on equal levels and have really similar product offerings. Warrior has a bit more personality to their brand and I like they've gotten away from the 'edgy' narrative, but still, walking into a giant hockey shop is just way less interesting to me than walking into a smaller shop even ten or fifteen years ago. To be completely honest, although I love the game of hockey as it's given so much to me (played pro in Eur, I still teach at a high-performance hockey school twice a week, so many lifelong friends etc), the game overall seems to me to have lost some its nuance and quirkiness and whether through my own biases or not, I feel like I see that in the gear. Kid's skillsets are so practised and refined, everyone is so good, for me it feels like it's diminished the different roles and personalities that made up a hockey team. Similar to this, I loved seeing someone express their game through their gear, and the dominance of Bauer and CCM gear seems less conducive to that, although there are still players who pull it off (our boy DP57 for example, Ovi, Pasternak, O Reilley). To become good enough to play aaa or junior, you basically require a certain degree of wealth or access and a lot of parents consider their kid playing hockey as an investment for a future pro or full ride payoff. It's really becoming almost explicitly a rich person's sport and it feels more 'corporate' and straight-faced to me than it ever has (maybe I'm naive?). This bums me out, and the increasing exclusivity of formulaic looking and performing gear (it's like 360$ for a custom Bauer stick -- many of the kids I teach have already had their parents put an order in) reminds of this truth I don't particularly like. This is probably a long-winded way of saying that the sport and the equipment are getting better, more expensive, more formulaic (because companies know what works), and overall simply more serious and money focused and that makes this ageing dude uncomfortable. "Back in my day..." Please disagree with me. I really want to be less cynical.
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    Howdy, The only protocol that matters is that you shouldn't listen to idiots like that. Mark
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    My skates finally, after some fiasco with the holders and steel. It's finally done, had a game last night and it felt incredible. Halfway through the game I felt confident enough to loosen the laces even more. Credit where credit is due. The guys that I originally sent these skates to have the holders switched, mangled the job (bent the steel as well as a result). But Joe from B-Sharp in Ottawa was able to fix these up better than before, he actually called TRUE to get my scan and their build papers, and consulted with them on how and where to mount these properly, got me back on the ice the next day. Above and beyond work.
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    Completed my very first open water swim race today, a 1/2 mile distance, and officially DID NOT finish last, placing 14th in a field of 21. (21 almost entirely wetsuited participants, minus me and one or two other people). I was also faster than I anticipated, making the distance in a cool 17:29.6, more than two minutes faster than I've done in a pool. I think I might now be addicted, and can't wait for my next race.
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    We have a few "Dedicated" Refs over here in Doha, Qatar but to make the League work we have to have players Ref so sometimes they've played a game prior and just throw on a Ref Jersey. This was one of those cases
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    Couple of decent shots from a game a couple of weeks ago...
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    As we are in our 15th year of existence (3/20 being the official date), we will be using this logo to commemorate it: It will also be featured on SummerJam and Winterfest jerseys on a patch, and we'll also have a t-shirt. Absolutely crazy that we've been around so long. Thanks goes to everyone who has helped us out along the way.
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    Who learned you how to spoke?
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    Kovalchuk LA Kings current Kovalchuk family
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    I'd say it's closer to a standard Malkin. Both the Smyth and Malkin are modified E4s, so it's no wonder they might look similar. I happened to have both in my basement, along with E28 and E4, so I took some comparison shots... E4, W06 Smyth, E28, Malkin I'd go again for the BC71 suggestion...the only problem is, though it is a little more closed, it's also a flatter rocker, so the shooting mechanics are going to feel different than with the E28, both for sweeping wrist shots and snapshots. E4, W06 Smyth, E28, Malkin There it might be somewhat apparent how different the E28 lie and rocker is, but it's much more apparent if you overlay the E4 on the others, since it's the basis for two of the other three... The heel of the Malkin plays a little higher, like the E28, but you can see there's a significant lie and rocker difference that's going to come into play when releasing the puck. That may or may not work for the OP. It may be just as troublesome or even more so than learning to overcome the tendency to shoot high with the P28.
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    Where I live you have to wear at least a visor to play in any of the leagues, but many wear full cages. I did the half shield for a few years but after taking a soft deflection off the lip and a few close calls with high sticks I came to my senses and realized I wasn't making millions playing and remembered how much dental work sucks, so the full cage came out of retirement. The only time chirping a guy with a cage is ok is if they're constantly running around trying to start stuff with other guys knowing they're nice and safe behind a cage, otherwise everyone has to go to work in the morning and a cage makes sure your face still looks pretty.
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    Hope they do not have the same price as the ADV stick
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    I find significant improvements in hockey equipment to be quite infrequent. I stopped playing competitively a dozen years ago and my gear from then was not much worse than what you can get now. Sticks rapidly improved in function and durability the first handful of years when one pieces came out, but the last half a dozen of years there hasn't been much improvement. I've heard helmets have improved, but for no check, I don't really care about that. Stuff is lighter, but often trivially so. Seems most yearly updates are a color change and "upgrade" from SUPER ProTec Foam to ELITE ProTec Foam! So in summary, I don't see much reason to upgrade when you get your gear dialed in. And even playing pretty regularly most stuff should last a few years. I do get excited by certain older gear in good shape. Old Eagle gloves, CCM HT2 helmet that must be paired with a Jofa 381 cage (currently looking for a black one, much harder to find than white), NOS righty senior replacement stick blades in an acceptable curve (seems like they are as rare as hen's teeth these days), game worn or practice jerseys from the '90's, etc.
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    Hey everyone! My apologies for not updating sooner, but I'm happy to let you know my True skates adventure has finally come to a close! After sending in photos of a plethora of issues to go along with the wrong size holders, they immediately sent me a prepaid label to send them back. It was the first time I've ever dealt with basically overnight international shipping, but holy cow they weren't messing around! They asked me to document everything I saw wrong and wanted fixed and they'd have none other than the mythical Rob sign off on them before they were allowed to be headed back out the door. Needless to say, they killed it. Every. Single. Nitpicky. Thing. These things look great, and fit even better. They now have the tan clarino pro liner that feels incredible, the ankle is nice and tight and my heel is basically vacuumed in place. Nothing extra taped in the toebox, as there's literally no room for it. They then basically sent them back on the same rocket ship they went to Winnipeg on. I actually missed the first delivery attempt because it was less than 20 hours after I received shipment notification. Here's my final assessment: Do they have room to grow? You bet. Are there flaws? Of course, it's a handmade skate. Was I probably a giant pain in their ass? Absolutely. But for a grand, I think you get the right to be a little. Would I do it all over again? WITHOUT HESITATION. The area manager of Pure Hockey offered to let me walk away from True and move to CCM or Bauer customs, but it honestly never even entered my mind. Never would I imagine CCM or Bauer would pay attention to this level of detail to make the consumer happy. Regardless of how big of a pain I was, they were always courteous, understanding, and most importantly, willing to make absolutely everything right for me. That can't have a price placed on it. The skates are an absolute pleasure to be on as well. I won't say they make you a better skater, but they certainly make it so much easier to focus on technique and less on what your foot is doing as it rattles around inside a boot. Oh yeah, they also threw in another pair of holders and steel for all the trouble, just in case down the road I need them. The new boxes are much sturdier too! And there it is. The adventure comes to a close, and I couldn't be happier...not could my weird wide-forefoot-with-super-narrow-heeled feet.