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    As we are in our 15th year of existence (3/20 being the official date), we will be using this logo to commemorate it: It will also be featured on SummerJam and Winterfest jerseys on a patch, and we'll also have a t-shirt. Absolutely crazy that we've been around so long. Thanks goes to everyone who has helped us out along the way.
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    Went on our longest hike yet. 10+ miles up a mountain (2300’ increase up to about 8900’). The top 1/3 or so was in snow and we had to wear spikes on our boots. Walking almost nonstop for 6.5 hours! Amazing views!
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    Exciting: Finding Eagle/Warrior/MIA/TPS gloves from the mid to late 2000s, or heel curve sticks that aren’t made anymore. Not exciting: The latest iteration of a P92 stick with a new paint job and gimmick taper.
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    It's all about the guys in the locker room. Win or lose the guys on my team have become my best friends and I look forward to seeing them.
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    Tbh this thread is starting to sound like feeding the trolls... Simply all be decent human beings, acknowledge that wherever humans are working there are going to be honest mistakes rather than malice, and work directly with those humans in question to address. In this specific case, lets have smu receive his new skates, see what he can work out with Rob directly, have a summary and go from there.
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    Haha, oh man...a classic thread! Perhaps since I'm unbound by the shackles of hockey retail, I could share more anecdotes that I normally would've kept to myself.
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    Finally made my school's hockey team! This school year as a whole has been better for me as well, I've had good grades and made some new friends. Plus I picked up a QX Pro yesterday and I'm really excited to try it out. Hope everyone else is doing well going into the new year. Edit: The QX Pro is awesome! Going up to 75 flex and switching to a new curve (W05) has been really nice. It feels way easier to pick my spot when I'm shooting and passing.
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    "Cheap shit on the internet is cheap shit on the internet for a reason," -Me, every time one of these stick threads resurface.
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    Closing in on pair #900. Should hit 1000 by the spring!
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    It doesn’t matter. You obviously didn’t comprehend my post. You shouldn’t have been carrying the water for this; your LHS should’ve. Especially when you said you trusted them. They got a sale with minimal effort on their part. You’re supposed to take care of the customer pre and post-sale.
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    @smu don't sweat it. A couple of things might help. 1) if you you want to connect with a member directly, use the private message function. 2) posts on forums are best when they are direct and to the point. Skip the story, just give us the details. 3) if you need to reference your initial post, don't type it out again, just link it. Again, direct and to the point.
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    Went to Philly for Christmas. My brother got me a Gritty bottle opener. Can't beat that.
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    Love my CCM Super Tacks elbows, but coming from a pair of much longer 8K's I had concerns about exposed forearm/wrist area ( I have really long arms). Got whacked it the same spot in back to back games so I made these from a pair of older elbow pads and lock stitched them in. Two games in and don't notice them while playing. I may add an elastic strap like the Jofa slash guards these are patterned after.
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    Here is what CCM offer for full custom, you can add up to 1/2 an inch in the areas you want it in (see page 10). https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/track?uri=urn%3Aaaid%3Ascds%3AUS%3A99faf809-3ff8-4da8-9215-a99efb416702 My LHS tell me the Bauer option is similar but we are waiting for confirmation as this is the first time he has ordered skates like this.
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    Opinions are like assholes; some are larger than others. I'll take the word of a guy who has fitted 900+ pairs of the things over the word of others, EVERY TIME! The idea that a custom skate should fit perfect right out of the box is scary to me. Whether it's scanning, measurements, whatever, there will ALWAYS be something not quite perfect, and there will be tinkering needed, even just the slightest bit, in order to get it 100%. Maybe YOUR idea of 100% is less than, only because TO YOU, the skates fit you BETTER than your last pair. You might be surprised what can be done at a far less cost than ordering custom skates. With that said, lots of Kool-Aid being consumed here lately; custom skates, Sparks, crazy times!
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    An old adage comes to mind: Garbage in, garbage out. Here's the issue; irrespective of brand, the factory is relying on accurate scans to make skates properly, as they aren't doing the scans or the fittings themselves. This is the same issue that we had before scans; when we had a handful of skilled fitters who never had any issues with anything they submitted, but would hear the nightmares of those shops and reps who just submitted length and width, max stiffness and a quadruple thickness felt tongue with 2" length, because, you know you need that flop (yes, I know there's no such thing as a quadruple thick felt tongue, but I'm sure someone would've ordered it if it were offered.) Now that it is open to a vast majority of stores and employees, more problems will arise. And I'm not going to get into it about who does it best; I think you can achieve the best results for your customer with enough knowledge and communication with the factory. And I'm sorry, but being able to wave an iPad around or herd someone onto the Bauer scanner does not make you a skilled fitter. You're looking for other things. I would get back to my customer 2 days with the final spec sheet after doing the fitting. Why did I do that? Because you learn from every fitting you've ever done. And I felt that a 2nd look a day later was important, because there may be something that I had overlooked when I did the fitting, and I could draw from the previous fittings I had done to see if there was a different or better solution. In all of the years I had fitted customs, I had only one remake, which was when a customer wanted something I didn't recommend (oversized toecap which he insisted he needed.) And even then, I waived the relasting fee the store was charged. While I think True is trying to rectify the problem, at some point they should've asked the store what happened there. I do feel that stuffing the toe box with foam wasn't the right choice; that holder size isn't going to shrink by itself. Perhaps another scan and traditional measurements would've solved the problem. The fact that the shop didn't question it immediately just screams inexperience.
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    I could see where small Cox could be a problem.
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    Skated three days in a row and my knee held up pretty well. First time I’ve been able to do back to backs since I hurt it in January. Not 100%, but good to see some marked improvement! Now I just need this wrist issue to go away.
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    The surgery was successful, i.e. I didn't die, and my feet and legs work. I do have a lot of pain at the surgical site.
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    Could you please use multi quote instead of posting six times?
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    What happened here was pure shenanigans, and I won't really get into that, but what I've been seeing is that you ultimately were dealing with a store that didn't go the extra mile. I hate seeing customers having to reach out to the manufacturer for support; a lot of it was because during my hockey retail career, none of my customers had to do that. Luckily for me, I knew the manufacturers and didn't have the time and/or patience to have to go through someone at the head office and wait for an answer. I didn't care. I knew how to get the situation resolved, and I owed that to my customer. The store should be the only point of contact.