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  1. johnyo

    Is CCM continuing to produce Tacks LK sticks?

    My LHS is getting the latest CCM team sticks in a couple of days. My wife works there casually so I know my shop has an order coming in. I don't know what specs or anything like that yet.
  2. johnyo

    Switching from a P28 to PM9/P92

    Just receiving passes. I just lose them under the heel. I like everything else about the curve just can't catch a pass in tighter to my body.
  3. johnyo

    Switching from a P28 to PM9/P92

    I love my shot with the P28 but I lose passes near the heel? Any tips? I'm coming from a PM9.
  4. johnyo

    Bauer Re-Akt 200

    Blake Geoffrion fractured his skull above his ear. http://m.thespec.com/sports-story/4122507-video-geoffrion-picking-up-pieces-after-horrible-head-injury Zucarello and Richter also fractured their skulls after being struck by pucks.
  5. johnyo

    Bauer 900 Series Socks

    The pics are perfect JR. Thanks!
  6. Do Bauer 900 series socks run short like the Bauer 800 series socks? I own Reeboks and Bauer 800 series and the Bauer 800s are noticeably shorter. I'm doing a team sock order and don't have the chance to handle the Bauer 900s in person.
  7. johnyo

    Full protection wrist guards

    I broke both bones in my arm when I was 13. I had my arm set by 3 doctors at different times. The third time a specialist set it. So I kind of understand where you are coming from. When I healed up the specialist had me go to an occupational therapist. The occupational therapist molded me a small half cast type deal that wrapped the sides and bottom of my arm. It covered between my elbow pad and my wrist. It had 2 Velcro straps to hold it to my arm. My description really doesn't do it justice. It was not made from fiberglass or plaster. I found a link for something similar. The green custom wrist support is similar to what I had but mine had nothing past the wrist. http://www.hersheyot.com/splints.html# I would recommend seeing an occupational therapist.
  8. johnyo

    High volume, narrow skate

    Methosb and Chadd, I did try a 709 Narrow. I forgot to mention it because I'm not a fan of Grafs at all. The 709 Narrows were too wide in my forefoot as well. Looks like customs are my next step. Thanks everyone.
  9. johnyo

    High volume, narrow skate

    Cavs, I won't be getting the Tacks. My foot didn't really touch the sides of the forefoot. I was tempted to buy them but I know they will just be too sloppy on ice.
  10. johnyo

    High volume, narrow skate

    Thanks for the replies to everyone. I'll have to find some Makos to try. The Tacks were the closest in fit for me so far. The volume felt good and the store heat fit them for me. I did have 2 fit issues though. The forefoot was definitely too wide. And I experienced pain on the inside of my ankles especially my right pronating problem ankle. The salesman suggested a punch would fix my ankle pain. Would a punch fix my problem? Seeing as Tacks fit the closest, are they are my best bet for customs? Anyone have experience getting CCM customs? I've seen threads about Bauers and Grafs only.
  11. I am in the market for some new skates. I have skated for about 26 years and played hockey for about 23 years. I am currently skating in a pair of Vapor X-Shifts, a Source for Sport SMU I bought in 2011.My skates are getting soft. I would describe my current skate fit as: -My lace pattern looks like ( ). Hope that makes sense. If it doesn't I'll have to get some pictures. -My Vapors are a 'D' width skate. They are too wide in the forefoot even in a 'D' width just by a touch. -I have a very high volume foot so the skate bulges in the middle. -The ankles on my Vapors feels too loose unless I crank on the laces as hard as I can. -My right foot also pronates badly so I have to retie the skate several times. I use was laces. Essentially I have a narrow foot that's very deep. I have tried on Supremes, Vapors, Nexus, the new Tacks, and some Grafs in the past week or two. A Nexus is just deep enough but I would need a Vapor 'D' or a Supreme 'C' width. A Nexus is far too wide. The Tacks were good on depth but too wide in the forefoot. Since the Tacks were too wide we skipped trying on RBZs. The fitter didn't even want to bother with the Ribcors. The first LHS I went to told me I need a custom skate. I then went to the other LHS that carries Graf. My preference would definitely be for a Bauer or even a CCM but if a Graf fits I'll wear it. I ran into a Graf rep at the second LHS who just happened to be in store that day. My foot spilled out of the top of a G75. I couldn't try on a 9035 because the store didn't stock that model. The Graf rep told me I would likely need a custom as well. Is there any stock model I can try? Maybe an older model? I will go custom if needed but I have read a few times on this board that very few people actually need customs and that usually you can find a stock model to work. Suggestions? Or are customs really my only recourse? I appreciate the help.
  12. I read an article in the NY Times that Erik Karlsson was trying to help Stable 26 develop a cut resistant version of the sock by year end. Anyone know anything about that? http://mobile.nytimes.com/2014/02/19/sports/olympics/for-fleet-footed-karlsson-safety-comes-in-a-sock.html?_r=0&referrer=
  13. johnyo

    My Day at the Hockey Shop - CCM Helmets

    The V08 helmet is in the 2014 CCM/Reebok catalog. It's just called the V8 helmet. So based on the catalog I think they still make it.
  14. If you can find a team for the guys you want to drop who will take the players that should help. No one wants to be stuck with no place to play.
  15. johnyo

    Need a Cage

    Thanks for the info MarsB. I'm intrigued by the Profile 2 now so I'll have to check it out in store. I had an Itech oreo mask years ago but now have a black FM580. The FM580 is fine except for times when the puck takes a funny bounce and then you have to find the puck in close. Black bars and looking down for the puck doesn't seem to work for me.