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  1. This is the bit that I'd be concerned about the most. They are customs and I am struggling to understand why you would live with this unless you deliberately want the skates to be this big (ie for a longer holder)?
  2. Vet88

    Officiating 101

    +1 for this, I got exactly the same guidance at a ref course from the guy who was the head ref for the Canadian junior league. And you can practice this as you ref games. Pick any point in a game and pick a player, then at the start of the next play recall the number and colour. As you keep at it you get much better so that it starts to become second nature. Then add the supposed penalty call so you get all the elements together.
  3. Vet88

    CCM 9k girdle

    I don't know if the rebranding changed the sizing of the girdle, I'd recommend you try it on if possible. Any medium pant or other branded medium girdle would fit me easily but the rbk 9k medium girdle was a really snug fit when new.
  4. Vet88

    CCM 9k girdle

    Yes, it is worth it. Best girdle on the market, as long as they are the same as the 9k branded rbk ones. And I have had my pick of top of the line pants but I just keep coming back to how well this girdle works and how much protection it offers.
  5. Vet88

    Alternative to True skates?

    The OP does say the feet are sliding forward whilst skating. At the best that is a length issue which no insert is going to fix, wadding in the toe is more appropriate. However he also says "necessary for growth" and that, to me, is the million dollar question. Definition of how much is too much growth?
  6. Vet88

    Red Dog Hockey Boost

    Thanks, it would be nice to see the research behind it. It's not an invalid approach, shim the boot and or move the holder, figure skaters have done it for years but ice hockey have buried their heads in the sand about this. If RDH are providing a solution for hockey players then that can only be for the good. For established and professional players an alignment adjustment can make a significant difference immediately and as they have to skate at their best every day, anything else can be a threat to their earning potential. This is why the research we are doing isn't really positioned towards established players but at developing skaters with bio mechanical issues and how learning to skate without laces can significantly address these issues for the long term beneficial health and performance of the skater.
  7. Vet88

    Red Dog Hockey Boost

    I believe it's a series of cupped heel wedges (think the heel section of a superfoot) at different angles. So it tries to reshape the ankle (particularly the subtalar joint) to give you a better bio mechanical alignment. So it's like shimming the outside of the skate but you can do it internally with a removable piece. Personally I don't agree with this approach, bio mechanical alignment is a lot more complex than a reshaped ankle, the whole leg is involved and often the back. Whilst it does alter the biomechanical alignment and can help, it impacts on how the skater can get onto their outside edge and it throws the knee outwards which can lead to additional stresses thru the knee ie long term ligament issues. Note - I have no clinical research to support this statement but we did model it with alignment testing as part of the ongoing research thesis I'm involved in and all the orthopedic consultants agreed that, for ice hockey and anything more than a very very mild adjustment, it was not an ideal solution. Note, if it's a raised heel lift with different heights then this is different to a side to side angular heel lift trying to fix things like pronation etc.
  8. Vet88

    Rubber butt end plug

    imho that would actually be a better solution, a durable custom sticker. I'd get it made with 4 flaps so you could tape the flaps over the stick to help hold it in place. This way if the player likes a big knob on the end of their stick (as they tape furiously over the butt end) they can still have a logo on the top of it.
  9. Vet88

    Skate punching out for width

    Keep giving them a small stretch. Normally you can see where they hurt on your feet once you take the skate off, that red area is a dead give away. But sometimes it's in the arch / forefoot area and there is no giveaway marks, this can be just overall tightness. If this is the case stretch the boot level with the area of pain. A good heel fit isn't the pot of gold that most people think it is. If you can skate well with good ankle control then the heel fit doesn't really matter that much, you get a lot more value out of a good forefoot fit which helps to keep the boot locked around your foot. Start dropping eyelets until you can eventually skate with your laces untied and you will understand what I mean. But if you need the boot laced all the way up so that you can skate ok then a good heel fit will help you.
  10. Vet88

    Rubber butt end plug

    Yes because the manufacturer doesn't glue it in and it can pop out under vibration from a shot etc or from your hand rotating / sliding over it. Although rare, I have seen refs go down the bench checking that the end is sealed with something and players miss shifts as they scrambled to tape over the end due to a missing butt plug.
  11. Vet88

    Skate punching out for width

    You have a 1s which has a significant amount of carbon fiber in it. All you are doing is reshaping it, the cf still retains its strength. As to a Nexus, if are in a supreme heel u do not want to go to a Nexus. Why would u want to go wider in the heel? If u hv a narrow heel then jetspeed, vapour, rbk are where u should start.
  12. Vet88

    Skate punching out for width

    It is punchable and stretchable in that area. OP, you have read my posts in a thread as to how to stretch your own boots, either do it yourself or ask a decent LHS to do it, 5mm is an easy stretch. Start at the forefoot, get that stretched then go from there. It may take 3 or 4 stretches and punches in different areas before everything is good but seeing as you can fit your heel into the boot then you don't want to go wider if you are staying with these skates.
  13. Vet88

    Supreme Skates

    A decent boot repair shop should be able to fix that easily. They will wrap a piece of leather over the exposed part. if it's near the eyelet they should take the eyelet out and use it to help secure the leather patch in place. Some places will glue, others will glue and stitch.
  14. +1 Take it from someone who went to China, had a look at a number of the companies selling sticks and found that whilst they are generally manufacturing their own sticks, they aren't worth the money as they are basically using old molds and technology and dressing them up to look like new sticks with bs marketing wrapped around it. I purchased a range, they were light, 12k weave and felt ok but broke very easily. Also under load they deformed a lot and the characteristics from one stick to the other often changed. However I have a team mate who purchases them regularly from Alibaba, he gets 3 for $300, free shipping dropped to his door, they weigh 390g each and shoot ok. Each one lasts around 1 month but he doesn't care, for the 3 of them that's the life he'd get out of a top Bauer etc. And with Alibaba you now have guarantees, so if you aren't happy you can complain and get your money refunded. Each to their own, you may see some value in them.
  15. Vet88

    Fix for "booting" or "bottoming" out?

    I'd be trying to get the heel fit better first. If it works it tells you that lateral heel movement is an issue and then you can make a decision for a narrower heel fit boot. Or dig deeper and have the holder alignment checked. Also if he's a light weight then the boot may hold it's shape but my experience with this is the boot always wants to return to it's original shape, you can widen a boot but it's really hard to make it narrower and have it stay there. Try heating and clamping under the back half of the ankle or use a bandage wrap. Or what I do, with a heat gun heat the inner rear quarter, put the skates on and lace them up then lie on the floor with the heated side facing upward. Support the holder with pucks etc so that the boot will remain level. Get someone to stand on the rear quarter in bare feet / socks. Focus on the area under and just to the rear of the ankle. This will compress the boot around his ankle and into the heel. Next day do the outside rear quarter of the boot.