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  1. I have gone up and down the scale. A big change in length is really hard to do, even an inch makes a big difference. When I started I found the only way to do it is you have to make the adjustments around 1cm at a time, play with that for a while till it feels comfortable and then add / shorten as required. It means you may need more sticks / butt ends but the transition over time is reasonably painless. Now that I've spent a while doing this I find that when I pick up any of the sticks I played with for a while I settle in really quickly even if it is a couple of inches different from my current stick. But this is part of my training now, I'm always swapping sticks / lengths, generally working with 3 or 4 sticks in a one hour period.
  2. Vet88

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    It's possibly an ongoing sign that your foot is rolling in the boot ie pronation. A perfect fitting boot doesn't fix pronation, it only hides it until the boot starts to give way against the relentless pressure from the foot. I know of pros playing in Europe who go thru 3 - 4 pairs a year of customs (all brands) because the skate opens up. Rebaking will close it up again but each time they open up faster. If you pronate it can be addressed but it takes time and effort.
  3. Vet88

    Homemade Skate Sharpeners

    There has to be a reasonable operating range otherwise one would be changing disks out that had relatively little wear on them but there has to be more to it than that. A Wissota 911 uses a 7" disc, a Incredible Edger uses a 3" disc so their SFPM a fair way apart. Maybe it's the composition of the discs, I don't know if one can use aftermarket discs with a Wissota, we purchase from a number of suppliers for the Incredible Edger. Now that I'm looking into this it is surprising how little there is out there about the subject. If you look into the science behind knife sharpening there are 100's of articles but skate sharpening, almost nada. So many questions - What is the ideal SFPM? What is the range? Why isn't there a water cooled sharpener? In theory a shallower hollow should keep it's edge longer, has anyone actually tested this? Why doesn't a slow spin ultra cooled disc work for skate sharpeners as it seems to be a nirvana for knife sharpeners? If anyone knows of any publications re the science behind skate sharpening then I'd be grateful if you could point them out.
  4. Vet88

    Homemade Skate Sharpeners

    Does anyone know what the "ideal" rpm the electric motor in a skate sharpener should run at? Or more exactly what the sharpening disk should spin at? Somewhere I read that they should spin at 4000rpm. A Wissota 911 spins at 3450rpm. The Incredible Edger motor spins at around 1400rpm but it belt drives the disk at around 6100rpm. Anyone know what a Blackstone, Blademaster etc spin at? If you have access to a machine it should be on the motor.
  5. Vet88

    CCM Skate VS Bauer

    Notwithstanding any skate fit issues, these will fix any lacebite issues and give you the flex forward you want: http://greatsaves.org/skate_lace_extenders.html
  6. Vet88

    Gel STX

    Anyone tried these? https://www.gelstx.com/Hockey.html
  7. Vet88

    Bauer vs Step lawsuit

    +1 on this. My step brother is part of the Kings organisation and the same thing is happening there. If it's happening at 2 organisations then you can bet your house on it happening all over the league.
  8. Vet88

    Bauer vs Step lawsuit

    It's really an admission that previous Bauer steel was crap. Now Bauer think they have a competing product with their Pulse range it will be interesting to see what the pros think of it. Is Bauer really going to say no to the pro who wants to stay with Step? Bauer skates with aftermarket (eg Step) holders would be a marketing nightmare.
  9. The zero plus senior from https://hockeyfaceshields.com/ I'm waiting for the senior version to be released. I've talked to a couple of guys who tested them and they say they are as good as Boulder claim.
  10. +1 for this, as high speed as possible then slowmo it, this will tell you if it's hardware related or technique. Ideally try to catch him head on or from behind as he wipes out, you are wanting to look at the angles of the feet / knee / hips / core / shoulders / head.
  11. Vet88

    Knee pop injury

    They should have done an ultrasound (as well as the xray), that will show any tears or disruption / inflammation to the lcl or surrounding tissue. An mri is the next level of resolution if the ultrasound and xray cannot identify the issue.
  12. Vet88

    Ccm custom skates

    I don't have access to that anymore and our Bauer in country ordering is done out of Europe. Hopefully someone local to you will read this and be able to guide you to a US or Canada online source.
  13. Vet88

    Ccm custom skates

    There are 2 widths you can get in a skate, the forefoot width and the heel width. Retail skates have a set heel width which is why the sizing is only D or E, customs can be ordered with a separate forefoot width and heel width (or should be able to eg Bauer custom ordering process where you specify the heel width you want).
  14. Vet88

    Ccm custom skates

    It was for FT2 customs.
  15. Vet88

    Ccm custom skates

    Making material move inwards is never a good idea, it has memory and any outward pressure on it always makes it want to move back out. But material that is small in the first place resists outward movement a lot more. If I want a narrow heel that is where I want to start, not something that is oversized and then squeezed downward to fit.