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  1. Vet88

    Decision between two skates

    Don't go with a boot that is too wide or too deep, you can't make it smaller. But you can work with the Supreme, get it stretched for the forefoot width then add eyelet extenders (it's easy enough to make your own) or Reebok lacelocks for the volume.
  2. Vet88

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Eyelet extenders, these are the fix for volume issues if everything else about the boot is ok. It's not hard to make your own especially if you want single or 2 hole extenders. Otherwise there are 3 hole ones you can buy.
  3. How about the Reebok KFS shield and core range? Use the shield if you want shoulder protection, the core for chest and back. I used the shield for a month and it was definitely much cooler than standard should pads. They aren't made anymore but if you hunt around there are still a few examples out there: https://www.ebay.com/itm/REEBOK-KFS-SHIELD-HOCKEY-SHOULDER-PADS-PERFECT-CONDITION-ADULT-EXTRA-LARGE/293213857132? or https://www.hockeyworld.com/REEBOK-KFS-Shoulder-Pad-Srhash=item4444e8656c:g:uJwAAOSwzz5db8Fb
  4. Vet88

    Assistant coaching and Psychology

    Have a watch of this, it's long at an hour and 22 but there are some real nuggets of knowledge in it.
  5. Vet88

    Help with vision in a cage.

    It does exist, someone posted a picture in another thread of Putin wearing one but I couldn't find anything similar to what he had. Possibly the bottom wire cage he had that clipped onto the visor was custom made. However Boulder are about to release something similar, the "Zero Plus Senior", it comes out mid Sept. https://hockeyfaceshields.com/
  6. Vet88

    Two Different Size Skates

    The ezeefit 2mm booties are great, I wear them all the time now since I had heel surgery. Re sizes, how much room (length wise) does she have in a 6D? Maybe buy size 5 and punch the hell out of the toe cap and then stretch for width if needed (might need EE)?
  7. Vet88

    Red Dog Hockey Boost

    Is it easily transferable across skates? Say you were in a 2S pro and switched to a FT2. Based on what you did on the 2S pro, with a jump test (I assume this would still be needed) you could recommend the changes which (as long as a blade alignment wasn't required) any LHS could do? Note - I'm asking from the approach of distance, it's expensive to send skates overseas....
  8. Vet88

    Tydan blades

    lol, the marketing depts of both companies are sure to love this comment....
  9. Vet88

    Strong pain in my feet

    The toebox can be stretched quite a bit if you have the right tool. Customworx made a tool specifically for this, maybe reach out to @JR Boucicaut and he may be able to point you in the right direction based on where you live or if he has one. I can't comment on your holder swap as I don't know if it would fit. Widening the heelbox isn't that difficult either, there are punch tools that are suitable just for this (not a ball but a flat oblong shape). You need to find a good LHS with the right tools. If the S29 doesn't feel as good as any of the others you have then maybe try working on what you have first. Fixing one thing on a known boot is often much better than changing everything with a new boot. At least until you determine what is needed in a boot to get you to skate pain free.
  10. I just feel sorry for the victims this "GURU" is selling his snake oil to.
  11. Vet88

    Bauer 3D scan

    Did the extenders help? If so you may find that for a retail boot you put him in what fits the best everywhere else and he has to have the extenders fitted.
  12. Vet88

    Stick Length for 5'9" son?

    No, this is a fallacy (unless you are cutting the stick to a ridiculous length). Stick manufacturers measure the flex across a set distance of the stick, depending on how much pressure it takes to deflect the stick 1" is it's flex rating. Cutting 1" off the top of the stick does not change it's flex rating BUT... what it does is reduce the amount of leverage you have to exert force on it therefore you need to exert more force to get the same amount of flex (semantics I know but this is important for the next point). However some manufacturers counter this, for example a few years ago CCM made sticks that they say you can chop the first 4" off and it will not impact on the force you need to exert to flex the stick the same amount. I don't know if that is still the case as I am no longer involved with gear.
  13. Vet88

    Lacebite From Powerskating

    I think he uses blademaster eyelets. I used stainless steel or high quality brass because they withstand human sweat really well but they are expensive. Suppliers are ship chandelers, outdoor tent suppliers or search for stainless steel grommets online.
  14. Vet88

    Girdle Options

    These, best girdles ever made imho: https://www.thehockeyshop.com/products/ccm-9k-pro-senior-hockey-girdle?variant=14035494633538 If the sizing is the same as the 9k Rbk girdle then in general you need a 1/2 size up, a Bauer medium pant fits me well whereas a 9k medium girdle is very snug fitting (but it does loosen up over time to be an excellent fit). Downside is there is no cup holder, I wear NFL compression shorts for the extra hip protection and this is my cup holder. And they are super protective but you trade this off for weight, they are heavier than any other girdle. And expensive but you pay for what you get.
  15. Vet88

    Lacebite From Powerskating

    It would work for one cross over, start inside out and finish outside in. So if you had problems at one specific cross over then you could get some help with this technique. But as I have always found out, it isn't just one, it is generally 2 or 3 cross overs that cumulatively add to the problem. Besides the one cross over example above, it is basically the same either way. You either have the pressure thru the first 3/4 of the cross over (outside in) or the last 3/4 of the cross over (inside out). Regardless of how you do it it will still be cranking down across the center of the tongue.