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  1. JSK81

    True Girdle

    Looks exactly the same...
  2. JSK81

    Got my shipment of RamonEdge steel today

    I don’t know about any hype, but it’s solid, high quality steel.
  3. JSK81

    CCM Visors VR24 vs. VR25

    Like icemonster said the VR24 bows out on the bottom. VR25 is straighter and close to Oakley VR903. Performance is the same, just a bit different shape.
  4. JSK81

    Girdle shell alterations?

    Fit is pretty much the same but Bauer shells run a size smaller. Had to wear a size L shell with a medium NXG girdle too.
  5. JSK81

    Girdle shell alterations?

    I’ve used a Dynasty girdle with NXG/MX3 shells and the attachment points line up perfectly.
  6. JSK81

    2019 True heavier than 2016 VH?

    He meant the hole under the heel to access the runner bolt on the LS2 holders.
  7. JSK81

    Pants question

    Well my FT390s legs are noticeably wider and more loose fitting than my 1Xs but I guess I’m wrong
  8. JSK81

    Pants question

    Jetspeeds are tighter in the hips but open up in the legs, Vapors are slim all around
  9. JSK81

    Shin guard closest to Easton Synergy line?

    I have never noticed any difference in shin guard ventilation, my gear is always soaked no matter how fancy the liners and ventilation holes are. The only difference I notice is how fast the equipment dries after the skate.
  10. JSK81

    Tydan blades

    I’ve been very happy with the Tydan DLC. To me they’re as good as Step Blacksteel.
  11. JSK81

    The Sweet Spot

  12. JSK81

    2018-2019 Gear Sightings

    Yeah, I look like that in Vapors too but never had lace bite or discomfort.
  13. JSK81

    Santa bring you any sweet presents?

    Agreed, but damn they are a bitch to swap. That front hole is so hard to get to the right position to get the bolt through, especially on a brand new holder.
  14. JSK81

    Santa bring you any sweet presents?

    Santa gave me a big discount I couldn’t pass
  15. JSK81

    Best ~460 Gram Sticks

    Not sure if it’s available in the US but the new retail CCM Tacks team stick feels ridiculously good for the price. Their pro/team models are all excellent, best balanced sticks in their price points.