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  1. Tondog

    Ccm custom skates

    Yeah I removed those too. What I'm really wondering is what they told you regarding your options for either a re-scan, or a new pair of boots? Did they even address that as an option?
  2. Tondog

    Ccm custom skates

    What options are they offering you?
  3. Tondog

    Ccm custom skates

    Have they replied to you at all about any re-working as of yet?
  4. Tondog

    Ccm custom skates

    My thought was to at least have the clear scanning platform against something solid so that you could push down a little more with the fronts of your feet at least, but then that gets in the way of the person doing the scan being able to get the front and bottoms of the foot. I think the bottom part is all pretty irrelevant anyway since they don't do anything different than the regular boot bottom that way.
  5. Tondog

    Ccm custom skates

    I don't recall if that was an option or not since it wasn't anything I needed.
  6. Tondog

    Ccm custom skates

    Well I have them and I would have to say that the process is a very good one with a few lessons we learned along the way. I drove only a couple of hours to a store that had the 3D scanner so that I could get what I feel like would be almost a cast for a hockey boot. It pretty much works as advertised and the boots come out of the box looking just like an old pair of combat boots I had been to Afghanistan in when you look down at the shape. No question about these being molds of your foot! I did the FT2's with the clarino liner, pro thick tongue, and oversized toe caps. Fit and finish is the finest I've seen on a hockey skate and everything lines up perfectly. First impression when slipping them on was them feeling a little too snug across the ball of my foot area. I believe this could be eliminated by carefully manipulating the scanning process by pressing your feet down a little more than you might think to mimic standing with the weight on your feet more. I did the scan bare footed and I might recommend doing it with a thin sock on if you don't want to fret about them being snug from the outset. The combination of a sock, and pressing down a little more during the scan with the front foot area will give you a fit that will not require baking the skate at all right out of the box. As mine were, the baking spread it out a little to be comfortable. One of the slight details that you will not be able to deviate very far from will be the insoles. The cheap black ones that come with just to cover the rivets fits well and I used it to trim the CCM Orthomoves that come with the skate. ANY extra material there will result in creating a wierd feeling in your boot until it is trimmed almost perfectly. As soon as I did that, it fell right in and the feel was back to the way it should be. One thing I wasn't really used to was being able to over tighten the skate to the point that it cramped my foot. I loosened and re-tied them for a perfect feel again. The boot itself is incredible and I would highly recommend the process if you have weird feet like I do.
  7. Tondog

    Ccm custom skates

    ...which is exactly what I was saying. Bauer does NOT do this, and CCM does. That's how I ended up doing CCM's this time around.
  8. Tondog

    Ccm custom skates

    I was wanting a heat mold off of my foot last and the "Fit Expert" on the phone said that they do not do it that way, and that they were indeed aware of CCM's molding over a last. It sounded like they had a little control over it, but not all in terms of making a 3D mold of your digits they scanned and then using that as a boot mold. Given that my last customs from them were the MX3's, and they actually used the punches to widen the area around the ball in my foot, I presume they just don't do fully heat molded boots.
  9. Tondog

    Ccm custom skates

    Just did a fit and ordered the custom FT2's today. I've always been a Bauer skater but had some serious reservations about whether or not Bauer was really doing the heat mold off of a last of your foot dimensions after talking with the fit people on the phone. Now that custom dimensions are being used, there won't be such thing as a "Bauer vs. CCM" foot like used to be so cut and dry. I looked over the new Vapor's coming out in June/July, and they looked like they had a nice skate coming there, but my last Bauer customs were definitely NOT made from my foot dimensions, and they did more of a "close enough" fit based on old school measuring tape methods that must not have translated very well. Both pairs ended up with considerable more negative space over time that I could only attribute to inner skate lining components breaking down. I should have them in about a month I guess.
  10. You're pretty much hosed. Most of them have dipshit disclaimers for people who don't know how to use the sharpener but do anyway.
  11. Tondog

    Bauer Supreme MX3 or Nexus 1N?

    I've had all of them. 1N hands down.
  12. Tondog

    Powerfoot performance inserts

    Alright folks. I've skated with them 5 times since I posted last and it is very correct that what you might take as "too snug" while just testing them out at home becomes just right on the ice. It did in my case for sure. I used all three of the pads that were provided for my Bauer MX3's and they now feel just right. I use the thinnest sock that Bauer makes just because I hate the skank factor that goes along with skating barefoot. My 8 year old daughter is a figure skater and she's convinced that you cannot skate with socks on. How smelly could any 8 year old's skates get right?! Imagine a swamp full of corpses straight from the Walking Dead set and you'll be close. Whatever. Performance claims would not be fair coming from me because I'm a 44 year old who has played for 30 years on and off. My best days are long since gone in terms of skating but it is definitely a more comfortable feel inside the boot and I think I feel a little less foot fatigue after an hour of chasing 20 somethings around the puck. For as little as they cost, these are a no brainer to try out. I have custom Bauers now which could not fit my feet any better but there is nothing to do up in the toe cap area beyond adding these. Once that is done, that is is good as it is ever going to get for your feet beyond staying home and watching hockey in front of the fire while sipping cognac. Do your feet a favor, go through your wife's coat pockets hanging in the closet because there is ALWAYS at least $30 bones in cash stuffed in those coats she hasn't worn in years.
  13. Tondog

    Powerfoot performance inserts

    I have them in but am a little wary about just how "snug" that they should be to be optimal. I have 10.5 EEE Bauers (customs) and have all three of the available shims in. Just sitting in them, the feet can get a little numb in the toe area, but the ball (behind the big toe) is snug and doesn't have any vertical room. I should think this is the objective? I can still wiggle my toes just fine. Just right?
  14. Tondog

    2015-16 Gear Sightings

    Yup...we used to wear those in the 80's instead of tape. Dunno whatever happened to those.