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  • Skates
    Graf G5
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    Easton Mako
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    Reebok 4-roll pro stock
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    Reebok 8K
  • Pants
    Warrior Hustler
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    CCM 05
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    Bauer Vapor x30s
  • Shin Pads
    Bauer Vapor x30s
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    surplus Peoria Rivermen team bag

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    Peoria, Ill.
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  1. akravetz

    Life changes

    Be safe. This wasn't the best time to move back to Florida with Dorian barreling down on you. Be well, be safe. And best wishes for your mother. That's serious stuff. We'll be thinking of you guys in here in Peoria. Andy in Peoria
  2. akravetz

    Graf PK4700

    Is there a way to see how the old Grafs compare to the new ones. I have a pair of G5s which I've had for about 10 years and they are starting to get old and beat up. So far, they are fine but in a year or two, I might need a new one. I've tried to skate in Bauers and CCMs but Grafs just work for me. I'm reading all this but is there a chart to tell what compares to what now. Andy in Peoria
  3. akravetz

    12" inch shin guards for a bantam player

    Our org here in Peoria, Ill. has a used gear sale where gear is sold for pretty much nothing. Shins $5 to $10 with half the money going to the org and half about going to the seller. Often times, however, as a coach, I have given old pants, shins, helmets, sticks to kids during the year as well, we have them and it helps them and me (empties the garage). The biggest thing stopping hockey from getting bigger is the cost. I'd love to set up an inner city team for kids as well, learning to skate and play levels the playing field for everyone.
  4. akravetz

    12" inch shin guards for a bantam player

    I'm good with anything that is free. You are far too kind. We are buying skates and everything else this year as the boy shot up (for him) from 4'5 to 4'10. He's a giant at 13. Doesn't help that his parents are 5'4 and 5' .... But yeah, sure, I have heard good things about those shins and if you don't mind, I'll message you. I wear 13-inch shins and mine are X30 vapors that are about 10 years old. They are too big for him but the 11s are too small. So we tired on 12s and they seemed okay at a store. We'll see. sure. Thanks. Andy in Peoria
  5. akravetz

    12" inch shin guards for a bantam player

    Yeah, he has always liked Vapors in the past as he likes a more narrow shin but I was looking online and they are so much money. Then I saw other brands and I was trying to think what was comparable for less money. Hockey dad. here. He's primarily a center but also the 7th D on the team as he used to play D for about four years before they finally decided he was better at center.
  6. My son plays Tier 2 hockey, in the Chicago leagues and it's pretty chippy. He's 4'10, 90 to 95 pounds. He's a centerman whose not afraid to mix it up in the corners or in front of the center. He needs new shins but I'm looking at all the different brands and I can't make heads or tails of things. Thoughts on what a good set would be or better yet, what to look for as every brand as their own thing. Keep in mind that I just got new skates and will need new shoulders and elbows within a few months. Puberty sucks. Andy in Peoria.
  7. akravetz

    Boston Bruins vs St. Louis Blues

    I'm way late to this but as a lifelong Blues fan, I still can't believe it. Been so busy at work that I haven't had time to log in and read the thread. Finally did tonight and glad I did. It was a helluva series.
  8. akravetz

    Coaches: What Protective Gear on the Ice?

    I wear a helmet, gloves and a cup. But at times I wish had more. I coach 9 and 10 year olds (squirts). I've gotten nailed in the shin by a puck and I have been knocked over. It's not horrible. Worst was when I was coaching 6U and a kid who was three kicked me with his skates. I bled. Wasn't happy. Kid sat in the box for about 15 minutes while I calmed down. Andy in Peoria
  9. akravetz

    Replacing skate blades

    This is GREAT. I finally have a reason that I can tell the guys on my beer league team why I'm the slowest guy out there.
  10. Thanks. I'll try it but I think I'll try it on a old, used pair. The idea of soaking my gear just scares me.
  11. Sadly, I have neither. :) I take the padding out and let it air out. I have washed that but I think after 10 years or so of use (40 to 60 games a year plus stick and puck), the stench is engrained.
  12. akravetz

    Replacing skate blades

    THey are little craters and pits on the hollow of the blade as well as on the side of the blade. Mostly near the heel but one big one in the middle. It looks like little black dots on the silver steel. I have N5000 plastic holders and I'm not sure of the type of blade. The boots are in good shape and the plastic holders are too. They are beat up, nicked and the boot has some nicks and tears but overall, for 10 years of use, they are in pretty good shape. I'll get a picture soon.
  13. akravetz

    Replacing skate blades

    Hi all, I don't post much but I do lurk a bit. I have a question. I have Graf skates that are about 10 years old and the blades have some deep nicks in them. The people whom I go to get my blades sharpened say they can't get the nicks out without grinding the steel down a ton. They have said it appears the nicks are kinda starting to rust a bit. First off, for a intermediate, beer-league, house squirt coach, does it really matter? And second, I looked online and called my local store and found blades are about $30. I just want what I have. Is that possible 10 years later? I have Graf G5 Ultras. Thanks Andy
  14. Okay, that makes sense. My have the plastic piece in the calf or the bicep guard starting to eat its way through the fabric. Plus, they stink like holy hell. Andy in Peoria
  15. My shins and elbows are both X:30 Vapors from maybe 2010 or so. They are okay but I worry that they are starting to break down. My question. How can you tell if the elbow pad or the shin guard is breaking down foam wise or protective wise before you take a spill. I'm 48. I don't really wanna wind up with a swollen elbow or blown out knee. Thoughts from the gear gurus. Andy in Peoria