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    Bauer Vapor 1X (2015)
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    CCM RibCor Trigger2 PMT - P28 (Ice); Verbero Cypress V1000 - V28 (Inline)
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    Bauer 4-Roll Pro
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    Bauer Re-Akt + Bauer Concept 3
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    NikeBauer Supreme 50
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    Verbero Shield
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    Jofa 8025
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    Bauer Vapor APX2
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    NESSI Custom Gear Bag

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  1. 215BroadStBullies610

    Hockey Feels Like A Chore

    Sucks man but I just see this as others have mentioned: you're long overdue for a break. As someone who plays, officiates and coaches ice hockey, I've learned to not over extend myself. With officiating, I usually don't work hockey during the off-season. For playing, I'll skip games/pickup sessions if I'm not up to it. Even though you're a goalie, if you can't stand being with your team, then miss a game. Unless you're getting paid to play the game, you're not obligated to be there night in and night out. I've been fortunate that I haven't gotten to the point of calling it quits on hockey. And no should unless they are moving onto something better.
  2. 215BroadStBullies610

    11th Annual MSH SummerJam

    I see. Thanks for the insight.
  3. 215BroadStBullies610

    Refs Wearing Headsets

    Probably next season. I think they've done this across the pond in Europe. I was trying to see if I could find anything in regards how officials utilize this system and came up empty. Definitely something to keep our eyes out for as technology becomes more of a tool than an enemy.
  4. 215BroadStBullies610

    11th Annual MSH SummerJam

    Is that just a result of shooting in JPEG? Stinks that most uploads don't take on RAW files. Regardless, appreciate the photos!
  5. 215BroadStBullies610

    Hockey Central at Noon?

    The Toronto bias is understandable but has me turn away from time to time just because I look to Canadian coverage to provide legitimate hockey insight into the league. Definitely don't get that here down in the States haha.
  6. 215BroadStBullies610

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    That's good to know about their skates. I think I'll have to find a shop that can handle this in the meantime. Maybe spring for a pair of True skates in 2020? We'll see. Thanks.
  7. 215BroadStBullies610

    Hockey Padded Shirt? Options to beat the heat?

    Another option by Verbero: https://www.verbero.com/collections/protective/products/shield-player-shirt I use the shoulder pads and play throughout the summer with them never felt overheated. We don't have AZ heat on a constant basis here in the Mid-Atlantic but we get some pretty warm days during the summer.
  8. 215BroadStBullies610

    Assistant coaching and Psychology

    I'm starting my 5th season an assistant coach. It is quite a dynamic as you'll bring your own experience to the ice but will have to answer to someone else (aka the head coach). I'm fortunate as I knew my head coach back when we played JRs and reconnected again years later during men's league (that's when he had invited me to join him on the bench). This will be the second year that we'll be coaching 18U Tier II (will also be my fourth year as AC at the high school level). I'm also in my early 30's. I mention all these things to give you a sense of where I'm coming from. One thing that I know is that you and the head coach will have to be on the same page with everything when it comes to public communication. On the bench. In the locker room. During practice. Talking with parents around the rink. This is so important so that there is one voice heard during the season. If there is any disagreement, do it in a way that only you two know. If there is more than one voice, there will confusion and divide. It is inevitable. Another thing that is very important is that you'll have to relate to your players on a personal level. My generation is the last of a dying breed. The coaches I had just coached and didn't care about how I was doing. Or try to have some from of commonality outside of hockey. They said and I did. And if I didn't fall in line, I was punished. That really doesn't fly at most youth levels anymore. It was the biggest adjustment for me but I've now had the chance to coach some the same kids on multiple teams I know that it works. I can get on them when they're wrong and they're less likely to take it personally. I know here in the USA, Safe Sport and physiological wellbeing has been at the forefront of coaching clinics for the last 5+ years. Things have changed significantly over a relatively short amount of time. Knowing the game is only a portion of coaching now. Will be interested to see how @romdj does in your first season.
  9. 215BroadStBullies610

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Overall, how have peoples' skates held up? I only ask because of the picture below. Happened during my shinny skate this morning. I got hit with a shot that I was trying to avoid but didn't notice it till I was taking my skates off in the locker room. I knew that one day that I'd want a pair of Trues. I'm now looking at the reality of getting new skates after 3-4 years (much sooner than I thought I would be). The good thing is that I have a pair of Bauer Nexus skates that I use for officiating that I could tolerate when playing/coaching.
  10. 215BroadStBullies610

    CCM FV1 Full Face Visor

    I've been using Bauer fishbowls for the majority of the time that I started officiating (heading into Season 9). Since we have ice all year round in the Philadelphia area, I'll deal with fogging mainly when I head to the bench after a shift. Even without wiping, as soon as I start skating again, the fog will dissipate. I don't see myself going back to a cage on ice. Now with inline, I don't think I'd ever use a fish bowl because I feel that I'd be dealing with fog all the time (regardless of what I'm doing during the game).
  11. 215BroadStBullies610

    Stick Length for 5'9" son?

    No doubt. I just know that when I started hockey that height was always mentioned but rarely flex. Now, the first Easton Synergy came out 1-2 after I started playing hockey so flex, kick points, etc. were relatively unknown to normal folk like me. Since the OPS market is well established, those who new hockey players and/or parents go to for advice should highlight flex just as much (if not more) than height. At least that's how I see it ha.
  12. 215BroadStBullies610

    Stick Length for 5'9" son?

    Was just about to type that. With the technology infused into sticks these days, the stick should work for you as much as possible. You see a lot of younger kids have senior sticks cut down to their respective height preferences but lose any flex benefits. Never really thought of it myself but it was something that I started realizing recently and was a topic of discussion during my Level 4 Coaching seminar earlier this spring. Flex should be the focus.
  13. 215BroadStBullies610

    Was this a dick move or not?

    There are many ways to be challenged and get your exercise. You could move up a league or two and you'll be challenged every shift. After the game, you could immediately start doing suicides until the Zamboni driver kicks you off the ice. As someone who BOTH plays and officiates adult league, there is nothing to gain with a loop-sided score as mentioned by the OP. You may think that it is "fun" but there are people who will see it otherwise. And since going "all out" is completely unnecessary in adult league, why do it knowing well it would illicit a more than common response? Makes no sense to me but people still do it ha.
  14. 215BroadStBullies610

    11th Annual MSH SummerJam

    Hope everyone had fun this past weekend! I aim to be there next summer.
  15. 215BroadStBullies610

    Officiating 101

    Good advice. We've all been there when we know we made the right call but completely forgot who should serve the penalty haha. Repeating the number and color to yourself is the best way to go. Also do it when your partner makes a call that you saw but didn't put your arm up to signal the delay. Just a good habit to form because the smart players will play dumb and try to convince you otherwise haha.