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  • Skates
    Bauer Vapor 1X (2015)
  • Stick
    Bauer Vapor 1X Lite - P28
  • Gloves
    Bauer 4-Roll Pro
  • Helmet
    Bauer Re-Akt + Bauer Concept 3
  • Pants
    NikeBauer Supreme 50
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    Verbero Shield
  • Elbow Pads
    Jofa 8025
  • Shin Pads
    Bauer Vapor APX2
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    NESSI Custom Gear Bag

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    Home of SB LII Champs!
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  1. 215BroadStBullies610

    Lumbr Hockey Sticks

    Thanks for all invaluable feedback haha.
  2. 215BroadStBullies610

    Lumbr Hockey Sticks

    Just pushed to me via YouTube notifications. Anyone ever use this website? It's my first time hearing of them.
  3. 215BroadStBullies610

    NHL Expansion

    Pains me to say it but I do like the uniformity of Pittsburgh and their major league teams' colors. Playing off of the Seattle Seahawks' colors would be nice. And hopefully the city can get the (Super) Sonics back.
  4. 215BroadStBullies610

    NHL Expansion

    Its official.. https://sports.yahoo.com/nhl-set-vote-seattle-expansion-2021-22-season-070525975--nhl.html And some interesting sweater colorways... http://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/25440967/uni-watch-delivers-winning-entries-seattle-nhl-design-contest
  5. 215BroadStBullies610

    Base Hockey curve request

    I'd be all over this blade/stick. The best of both worlds in my opinion.
  6. 215BroadStBullies610

    Skate replacement for Easton Mako

    Yea, those original Makos were the best fitting skates I've ever worn. My next skates will be from True for other skates just feel like I'm compromising one aspect or another.
  7. 215BroadStBullies610

    2018-2019 Gear Sightings

    Yesterday, Sideline Swap put out a YouTube video talking about this. Didn't realize it but thought it was cool.
  8. 215BroadStBullies610

    Fischer sticks

    I figured as much. Appreciate the insight.
  9. 215BroadStBullies610

    Fischer sticks

    Pulling a violation here by reviving an old thread so forgive me in advance ha. Does anyone have on-ice experience with the Fischer CT800 stick? Given the price point, I don't mind taking the gamble on a twig or two but wouldn't mind some feedback also. Thanks.
  10. 215BroadStBullies610

    New Hockey Comedy Film - Army & Coop

    Yea, I wouldn't watch that for free. But I think we have to remember that "funny" and "immature" aren't always synonymous.
  11. 215BroadStBullies610

    Let's Talk Elbow Pads

    This thread makes me dread the day I have to replace my Jofa 8025s haha...
  12. 215BroadStBullies610

    Shin guards that don’t make my legs look like tree trunks?

    I wonder if Bauer just makes their shin pads smaller. It would make sense given the reduction of size and weight in protective gear. I know my shin pads aren't ideal for me since I play D in men's league but I do my best to not block shots ha.
  13. 215BroadStBullies610

    Sparx Skate Sharpener - At home sharpener

    I think there is a deadline? It is quite possible that my remaining sharpenings have expired haha. I haven't been to Pure Hockey in a minute. I'm torn between the two home units of discussion. I'm partial to the Sparx probably because I saw it first at SummerJam up in Toronto. But seeing the Prosharp in person at Pittsburgh had me extremely impressed with what seemed to be a better built sharpener (at least in the sense of materials, construction, etc). I think I'll have to get something around Black Friday 2018 and call it an (expensive!) day ha...
  14. 215BroadStBullies610

    Shin guards that don’t make my legs look like tree trunks?

    I'm 5'11" with bigger thighs but significantly smaller calves haha. I currently wear the Bauer Vapor APX2s (first pic). Previously, I used to wear the Bauer Supreme 2000s (which I use for inline hockey now). Both at 14" but you can see how the tapered fit works (especially when the knee is flexed). I'd be curious to know what other shin pads as slim or slimmer but I think this is as good as it gets for me. I like the tapered look but would've bought something longer if I had to do it all over again.
  15. 215BroadStBullies610

    Sparx Skate Sharpener - At home sharpener

    I'll be at that point soon enough. Granted, I'm only sharpening my own skates (two pairs) but to pay money for so-so sharpenings doesn't fly with me anymore. I think I have about 10 more sharpenings with my Platinum Membership and Sparx seems to be the way to go for me.