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  1. mjpisat

    True a6.0 HT?

    Thoughts on their low kick HT
  2. mjpisat

    Where can I get J-Clips?

    https://www.hockeymonkey.ca/bauer-hockey-helmet-accessories-j-clip-ims-reakt.html those are the ones. But I’m in the US
  3. The clips that come on a Bauer reakt or ims9.0 for a cage. The clips by the ear holes that the cage slides into. May be called j clips.
  4. mjpisat

    Ccm jetspeed ft1 or new ones?

    Just to be clear, you can bake/sharpen AND use skates bought from PH and still return after 30 days?
  5. mjpisat

    Ribcor skates

    Forgot to add that I feel like I could almost size down by a half in the ribcor
  6. mjpisat

    Ribcor skates

    Sooooooo......I ordered ribcor and ft1 from PH to try on at least. I don’t get ccm. The ribcor feel like a nexus. I really have to crank down on laces to get a snug good fit. Even then there is a lot of volume in the toe cap area. This is all pre baking. the ft1 almost fit like a glove out of the box. I don’t think they have near as much volume as the ribcor. and the right ribcor feels much bigger than left. I may just try the ribcor for a month and see. If they don’t work I already know the ft1 will.
  7. mjpisat

    Ribcor 70K Skates

    Did you ever post a full review?
  8. mjpisat

    Ribcor skates

    What’s up with them? They aren’t talked about much
  9. mjpisat

    Ccm custom skates

    Really cool. Did you have option to do the quarter inch facing thing? To give you more volume? No skates wrap around the top of my foot cuz I have short feet but high instep.
  10. mjpisat

    Ccm jetspeed ft1 or new ones?

    I bought ft1 for like $530ish. Will return if no good
  11. mjpisat

    FT1 or FT2

    I was was looking for which fits more similar to the first gen jetspeed. Not so much feel.
  12. mjpisat

    FT1 or FT2

    I love my original jet speed. If I like the fit of those should I go ft1 or ft2? Or the one down from ft2? Don’t know which would fit closer to original jetspeed. thanks
  13. mjpisat

    Warrior Covert RS Pro?

    When does it come out?
  14. mjpisat

    Your current equipment

    Helmet: Bauer IMS 9.0 with CCM FM680 Cage Elbows: CCM CL Shoulders: CCM CL 130 Shins: warrior dynasty ax2 Gloves: warrior alpha Skates: CCM Tacks 9090 Pants: covert pro stock flyers Sticks: Qre pro stock
  15. mjpisat

    Best looking helmet cage combo

    Black ims9.0 medium with large ccm fm680