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  1. Owner's manual will tell you the steps to follow, but generally they are nothing drastic. The guidelines will tell you to probably not tow or to keep the revs from staying at a continuous speed over a long distance for the first couple hundred of miles. Some performance oriented cars will require a servicing at the dealer after a few hundred miles, but this isn't common in mainstream cars.
  2. I did this for a few summers as a kid, not necessarily learning how to figure skate per se, but learning crossovers and edge control specifically. I was chirped copiously at the time, yet I'd say I benefited massively from doing so. Edge control is everything in a game, I find my ability to crossover as a fundamental base of my entire game as a puck mover.
  3. greech

    Diet plan suggestions?

    This is more along the lines of my philosophy here. Have had health issues that kept me off skates for years, and have been skating fairly regularly now for the last 6-8 months, but have tried to eat healthy for the last 3-4 years as I couldn't really exercise. I focus heavily on making as much of my food as possible from fresh ingredients. The only boxed things I really buy are things like Cheez-its or the like for snacking. Fresh fruits and veggies became my best friend, and I quickly realized that it's not much more effort to cook everything rather than eat out or assemble pre-packaged ingredients. I limit my carb intake and have done simple things like bringing fruit and veggie snacks when on the road to avoid a quick stop snack somewhere. The impact on my body (especially after being able to skate again) is remarkable. I don't gym, just stay active and outdoors while skating 2-3 hours a week, and the difference even as I am getting older is eye opening. Last thing- start reading the ingredients of EVERYTHING you buy and eat. I developed a deadly food allergy in the last few years and have to read everything I consume diligently. I've found that I end up not eating so many things that I should be able to as once I read the ingredients I end up seeing how much is in our foods and opt to just choose a healthier option.
  4. I ran fuel AG's for a season. 7/7.5 will be a 263 IIRC.
  5. greech

    MSH 15th Anniversary

    Congratulations and thanks on 15 years of hard work, JR.
  6. greech

    Show It Off

    Down to my last new pair.
  7. If you ended up with the 650, you should take your car to http://www.fluidmotorunion.com/ for work.
  8. ^beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. love me some 510s. all of the older nissan/datsun's are just spectacular in my book. once I finish my secondary degree I'm going to Japan and bringing back a hakosuka.
  9. It's a huge upgrade in all aspects of the car, but performance wise it's only reinforced how good a well modded speed3 drives. I drove the M3 all weekend and jumped into the speed and while it certainly doesn't have the top end (140+ mph) of the BMW, it really moves. For serious though, 2010 with all options from that year, 23k miles, garage kept toy with plenty of tasteful mods. It's certainly gotta go.
  10. Not being able to skate for the last year has saved me so much in sticks + ice time that I could go from this: to this:
  11. is this low enough for you EBondo? gotta do a little work with the camber out back, a little roll, and the rear will be coming down more.
  12. greech

    4th Annual MSH Summer Jam - Boston, MA

    Would love to skate, and or stumble through boston with you guys post-skate.
  13. greech

    4th Annual MSH Summer Jam - Boston, MA

    was typing my reply and you beat me to it, JR. Glad you did, I didn't really want to steal your thunder.
  14. greech

    4th Annual MSH Summer Jam - Boston, MA

    Yes we can, Z, just lead me with that sauce. And judging by this https://twitter.com/#!/ModSquadHockey/status/184406134269026305, its Boston. How glad am I to be living in the town of Summer Jam this year?
  15. greech

    4th Annual MSH Summer Jam - Boston, MA

    After going on the roof and holding the iPad up to the skyline, I am hoping that the sliver of a building is what I think it is. If so, how do I sign up again?
  16. Stockers are 18x7.5, with a 225/40/18 tire. Thinking by early summer I'll be on something forged, light and at least 9" wide. Between the new suspension and the bolt-on's I've got, it's become a very competent (read: quick) car, so I don't have too much else planned for now.
  17. greech

    The Venting Spot

    curious to see the answer for this.
  18. Coilovers, downpipe and other fun odds and ends are coming in for the 'speed3 in the next two weeks. Am I excited? Very much so.
  19. greech

    The Sweet Spot

    Congrats! I would be finishing a build of mine in the next few weeks, but paypal totally blew it. But that's for the anti-thread of this one.
  20. greech

    The Venting Spot

    Sucks you've had problems with your MS3, mines been awesome, you buy it new or used if you dont mind me asking.
  21. greech

    The Venting Spot

    I was dizzy in spells for a couple hours yesterday, and was hoping its not anything post-concussion related, and that was bothering me. But then I woke up this morning to find my garage door in shambles. Local PD thinks somebody was trying to either squat in the garage or take my car, 2 scenarios I'm not too excited about.
  22. Stole this pic of my buddy off his facebook. designed these jerseys for my old school, wondered what you guys thought of them, I'm not sure I really like the end result.
  23. greech

    The Venting Spot

    Funny, I came in to post about dramatic Italian women.
  24. greech

    The Sweet Spot

    I've been going through a crazy couple last months, but I'm playing hockey for the first time since august on saturday night. And by playing hockey, I mean shooting at a goalie clinic. But still, looking to get more ice time to help myself get back on the tracks, very excited to skate again!