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  1. boo10

    Custom skates

    Pretty sure you're correct. If you look at the linked video, you can see it is basically a big U clamp around the heel and ankles. The facing and forefoot are not touched. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3D2_dPZY3XH8c&ved=2ahUKEwjM4MGov9vlAhVEU98KHWGpCv8QwqsBMAN6BAgGEAc&usg=AOvVaw1DQyM2g8aZckrY_JK6952h
  2. To my eye it looks like the P28 retail is on the right, P90T is in the middle and P28 pro stock is on the left.
  3. boo10

    Bauer vs Step lawsuit

    Funny you mentioned Matthews as I noticed that he is now using XS holders too. At the start of the season I believe he had Edge holders on his Jetspeeds. This may be CCM's window to convince EQMs to switch over to XS holders.
  4. boo10

    Bauer vs Step lawsuit

    Daoust 501s had titanium blades circa 1989
  5. boo10

    Very DIfferent sized feet (2.5 sizes)

    I think it's because True skates are much lower cut. I believe they usually have one less eyelet than equivalent sized Bauer or CCM skates.
  6. boo10

    Gel STX

    I could see how this would help with stickhandling, but you could probably accomplish the same improvement by strapping weights to your wrists. Don't really see how it would help much with shooting, since the modern technique is to push down to load the stick. If this stick has the same flex profile as your regular stick, it won't take any additional strength to load it. I think your shooting would benefit more from using weighted pucks.
  7. boo10

    CCM Skate VS Bauer

    When talking about Tacks, you need to specify if you're talking about the original revival line, (I think around 2012) or the current/previous generation Super Tacks line. They are very different fits. To answer your question, no, Bauer skates will not give you more forward flex. In fact, at equal price points CCM skates generally are a bit softer than Bauer. If the Tacks skate fits you well, your best bet is to either learn to skate without the top eyelet, (will take a few ice times to get used to it) or adjust your lacing. You can also install lace locks to help with modified lacing.
  8. boo10

    Very DIfferent sized feet (2.5 sizes)

    What size are the 80K skates you have now? Feet that are that much different in size are going to present a challenge with holder size. If you go custom, the smaller foot will have the holder hanging out past the toe of the boot.
  9. boo10

    Bauer vs Step lawsuit

    Yep, Bauer is the Apple of hockey gear. People are willing to pay more for an equal or even inferior product "because Bauer's the best". The comments you hear about CCM steel are a perfect example. CCM stock steel is just as good as LS1, but people talk like Bauer steel is so much better. I've seen lots of Bauer steel snap from being hit by a stiff pass, but have never seen CCM steel break from a similar impact.
  10. Being from the GTA, I can't imagine what it's like to have so few arenas available. I literally have hundreds of ice pads within an hour's drive.
  11. Lots of interesting opinions here, but the discussion seems to have drifted a bit from my original question. People are focusing on the idea of taking a straight blade and turning it into a Crazy Ovi, (or whatever other curve you can think of), but I was thinking about much smaller modifications. For example, I'd love to be able to take a P92 and just close up the face a bit. Reading through the posts, I think @JR Boucicaut comment about the foams currently in use may be the key. These foams are meant to provide rigidity and are likely not thermally reactive at all.
  12. I'm not really familiar with the current manufacturing process other than I know they use moulds. I have no idea if there's heat involved. I was talking more about the ability for consumers to tweak curves by heating the blade and applying force, similar to the method us old-timers used on our wood sticks. You can technically do it now, but you create micro fractures in the carbon fibre, which causes premature breakage. To my knowledge, baking True skates multiple times does not damage the carbon fibre. I'm just curious as to why that property of the skates hasn't or can't be used in stick blades.
  13. Just curious..... We know that a carbon fibre based product can be very pliable when heated and very rigid when cooled, (True Skates). Why has no manufacturer adapted this technology to stick blades?
  14. boo10

    Slowly sinking into my heels

    Baking will not "plump up" the foams. I'm assuming you are using speedplates? You could try shimming under the heel of the footbed, (just cut the heel out of a cheap dollar store footbed). Other things to try would be more costly: - Superfeet Yellow will lift your heel - shims between boot and holder - profile runners with forward pitch
  15. boo10

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    I don't really think there are more issues now. I think it's a combination of scaled up production, and the fact that people are much more likely to post on forums about problems as opposed to how happy they are. My particular case is a little befuddling because regardless of what my scan said, True had additional two pieces of info consider. 1) I indicated that my current skate size is 7.5D, and that it was on the cusp of being too small. 2) Pictures of my feet on the True brannock, which clearly indicate my size on the True scale. I have no idea what happened that resulted in such a small skate being made, but I just chalk it up to being an anomaly. I does make me wonder if they are ignoring everything other than the scan? On the plus side, they did build enough volume into the boot to accommodate my unusually high instep, which was the entire reason I went custom to begin with.