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    Ice- Easton Mako M8
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    CCM Tacks 7092/ STX Surgeon RX2.1
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    CCM Super Tacks
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    CCM Resistance w/ CCM Resistance 300 White cage
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    CCM Super Tacks Girdle
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    CCM RBZ 130LE
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    STX Surgeon 500
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  1. I am interested to try too. I wonder if it is more comfortable to hold due to ergonomics.
  2. Does anyone know of a basketball gear (or just basketball sneakers) forum for hoop gearheads, similar to this one with this level of daily activity? I am trying to get sized in the KT3 Lows, and am all over the place in my sizing (ie- size 12.5 in UA Curry 2.5, size 11.5 in Dainese (which is supposed to run small but is apparently running big for me), and a size 9.5 in Eason Mako skates (size 11 if you use the down 1.5 from shoe rule), so it is hard for me to order with confidence online.
  3. I have been having some foot pain in the front third, bottom of my foot (so, on the bottom of the foot, just behind where the toes attach, and then moving back toward midfoot), after the last couple of hockey games. Nothing major, but noticeable. I have been researching footbeds that can provide some softness there- it looks like the SuperFeet Orange are the best option. Has anyone tried these, or found a footbed that will work for me? I am in Easton Mako M8 (been in Makos for about 4 years- love them); everything else has been, and still is great.
  4. Cosmic

    Tampa Bay vs Boston

    Touche. I will also say, that I hate the Bruins so much, that I actually tune in when I might not otherwise, just to root for them to lose (2014 series vs. PIT, and 2014 SCF vs Blackhawks, plus this series vs. TBL). So, perhaps the NHL knows what it is doing by letting guys like Marchand get away with his antics. I could be biased too because I went to some playoff games (1988 maybe?) during the NJ Devils first Cup run, pre-Brodeur/ Stevens/ etc, around 1988, and I recall the Bruins goonery was strong in that series, so yea I have been forever influenced. I had not really chosen a team yet, I just enjoyed hockey at the time and naturally supported the home team (NJ Devils).
  5. Cosmic

    Helmet help for girl playing AAA

    This, as well as the best tip I ever got from this forum, which is to try a cage that is white on the inside (outside color does not matter). With a white on the inside cage, when I look down at the ice to track a puck coming to my stick, the ice camouflages out the cage. With a cage like the Bauer Re-AKT titanium, I literally have to track a puck as it moves through the grids of a prison bar type matrix, which is difficult and distracting and lead to many missed pucks, which I saw no solution to (until I learned of this white on the inside phenomena). Now sure, you can say, "Well Cosmic, what about when you are tracking opposing players with black or any color jersey? What then?" I actually do not notice the bars when tracking players. But when tracking the puck, perhaps because it is so small and catching passes is so fine motor, whereas moving with the play and players is more feel and gross motor, it all works out (with the white interior cage).
  6. I like the 1S better than the Super Tacks, but I did not give it an honest try until I already decided on the Super Tacks. It's not that big a deal that I was gonna throw another $200 at it now, but when the 1S goes on clearance +30% off, then I may just grab it.
  7. I guess my point was that a Medium in Super Tacks, due to the adjustability features, may work for length in the legs. I just remembered, that I tried on a Medium Super Tacks, it felt great in the hips and legs. I have a lot of extra waist compared to @Dangles83 as I am a 36-38 waist. The only are I felt the Medium Super Tacks lacking was it was too low in the upper girdle (kidney protection) area and did not come up high enough for my liking. The Large came up higher, and I could wrap the extra material around my waist fine with the Large. Not sure if @Dangles83 will be able to do this with a Large @Dangles83 Did you try the Supreme 1S? Or, not looking to spend a car payment on a girdle (can't blame ya). I think Bauer is better for slim and fit types, wheres CCM is more for athletic to bigger. I am a Medium in Bauer 1S (amazingly- I was shocked as I figured I would be Large to XL).
  8. Cosmic

    Tampa Bay vs Boston

    Sure the officiating went the way of TBL in Game 3. But, due to the way that BOS plays some may say physical, some may say dirty. I have no problem with physical, which I see as a hard body check on a puck carrier- but dirty is checking non puck carriers and all the incessant slashing- I think that Boston does this more than other teams, by design and in a calculated fashion in the playoffs because they know they will get away with it- and I think that they are right, and they generally do get away with more than what they get called for. For example: In today's Game, the hit from Kreiji on Killorn at the end of the second period. Really? It's playoff hockey, and it's the Bruins, so they let it go. How about after the Cirelli potential penalty shot trip, as he approached a loose puck on an empty neck. After the penalty, and after he got up (and approached the boards), he got late hit and boarded by 2 guys. Playoff hockey, and it's the Bruins, so no call. And it was late I guess, and a penalty had already been called on the trip so fine. But what, a non-puck carrier, with his back to the puck, just getting up and gaining composure, is fair game to be targeted? Where is Player Safety in this? In Game 2, I think that Paquette or some grinder on TBL dumped the puck. It hit Krug or some BOS D man in the helmet- maybe intentional, maybe an accident. Regardless, it was a WEAK hit to the helmet, definitely not a penalty, and Krug takes offense and slashes the guy as he goes in to chase the dumped puck. How do the refs miss that? It was so clearly a slash and should have been a penalty. This was the guys on the puck, no excuse to miss that call. Game 1, Marchand blatantly crosschecks Point in the back, as Point makes an innocent pass out of his D zone. Again, how do the refs not see this? And was the Marchand Vulcan neck pinch in game 1 or 2? And all the licking in the TOR series? How does he get away with this? He's a repeat offender and the NHL has the film. Why? Is this good for the game? Is this what the NHL is all about, and/or what the fans want to see? I also saw the Stralman slash on Marchand when he was on a breakaway. Sure, that should have been a call. The refs missed it. Maybe they thought, "it is Marchand, and he is getting slashed, does not compute does not compute does not compute what do we do?" The only other time that I have seen a team aside from the Bruins get away with consistently egregious dirty/ constantly slashing./ constantly roughing guys up well after the play, was during the NYR cup run in 2014, when the NYR targeted Giroux and just punished him every time he touched the puck, often late after he passed. Playoff hockey? I guess. That was the same year that John Moore got a multiple game suspension for what looked like a basic hit on a guy speeding through the neutral zone, where Moore's shoulder happened to meet the guy's head since Moore is 6'3, and the other guy was shorter and had his head down. Anyway, I digress. The point is, that I think the game would be better if the refs just shut down what I feel the Bruins are known for, and get away with more than anyone else, across the board (starting with Boston). Full disclosure- I have absolutely hated the Bruins since I was a kid, and am a NYR fan. I like TBL because they got alot of my favorite NYR guys, and how can one not like Stamkos, Kucherov, Hedman. and Palat They are skilled and classy and are not up to any antics- they just play hard and play well- with style, skill and class. I can't say that about the BOS teams over the years. BOS teams play hard; I will give them that. Anyway yea I am biased as can be so there lol.
  9. I am 6'1, in a Large in the Super Tacks, and the legs are definitely long enough.
  10. Cosmic

    Equipment for beerleague?

    Agree with all the comments about things potentially getting rough in "beer league." Accidental collisions, and then people get riled up too. And don't forget- the puck is hard, and sometimes men try to shoot this hard puck very hard, and it does not always just hit the goalie or the back of the net clean. Sometimes that hard hits players and breaks bones. So, I gear up as if I am playing contact, and all of my protective gear has and continues to serve me. That being said, if you want to save money on a stick, then the CCM Tacks 5092 for $100 is an insane deal- feels like a high end stick from just a year or 2 ago. And pants still feel like diapers. I like the Bauer Supreme and the CCM Super Tacks girdles. Curious to see what Warrior has lined up for this year with their new girdle.
  11. Cosmic

    Curve options

    I have used just about every retail curve at least in the shooting zone at HM, and most in actual play, as well as, the Base P71, and the Scheiffele pro stock. It's an absolute no brainer for me- the P30 (CCM exclusive) is the best curve out there (for me), hands down. Every one should at least give it a try (in the shooting range, or on an inexpensive stick).
  12. Cosmic

    Most protective shin guards?

    Been in Reebok 20K pro for a couple years and love them. When I need new shins, I will definitely be staying in this line. No rush to change tho- the 20K Pros are holding up fine and have been tanks.
  13. Cosmic

    Stick Splinters in Fingers/ Hands

    Every time that I have ever gotten a splinter from the sticks, I was wearing gloves. The materials of the palm (unless it is that Kevlar on the CCM CS 400s or whtever- that not one person liked as it was horrible feel) do nothing to intercept stick splinters.
  14. Multiple times from multiple sticks of different brands (so this is not a brand issue and the brands that I have experienced it with, I do not think are worth mentioning), I have gotten splinters in my fingers and hands. It has always been after at least about 6 months of use or so. The stick is never visibly splintering, I just feel my hands catch a splinter here and there sometimes during games, or after I notice sensitive areas in my hands and see where the splinters are imbedded. So this morning, I felt discomfort in my hands while getting ready for work, examined them, and saw two areas on both hands where the splinters went in. I played hockey last night, and likely did not notice because I had a splitting headache and felt exceptionally nauseous after the game (from unrelated stress- the hockey was fine). Is there anything that can be done to sticks when they make it to this point in their lifespan? I have been getting years out of sticks before the break, so I would like to continue this trend, if there is a fix for the splintering issue. I thought about sanding my sticks down, but would that potentially make things worse by weaking the integrity? Is there instead, some sort of a liquid that can be placed on the stick that disintegrates the splinters forming, while also burrowing into areas of future issue?
  15. Is there ice hockey for hacks like us (beer leagues, pickups, etc.) in St. John's and St. Thomas Virgin Islands?