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    Ice- Easton Mako M8
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    CCM Tacks 7092/ STX Surgeon RX2.1
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    CCM Super Tacks
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    CCM Resistance w/ CCM Resistance 300 White cage
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    CCM Super Tacks Girdle
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    CCM RBZ 130LE
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    STX Surgeon 500
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    Reebok 20K Pro
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  1. Cosmic

    Going to a cage, what is good?

    Best advice I ever got was from the forum: Make sure that the inside of the cage is white. I ued a titanium cage, and when I tracked pucks coming to me, I was looking through blocks of wire and felt like I was looking out of a prison. With a white cage interior, when I look down to track pucks, then white washes out with the color of the ice, so all I see is puck (and ice), which is obviously what one would think one would want to see. My white steel cage is heavier than the titanium, but it's fine- I will take extra weight any day and the ease of puck tracking. The cage I have also has flattened steel wire in the areas that you look through, so again, just makes it wash out that much better when looking at other players and not noticing steel bars between me and them,
  2. Got an email from CCM that theP30 is being discontinued. They did not say when the last batch would be put on sticks. I am cool with this; I think the P90TM will be better anyway.
  3. The blade height of the Warrior at the hell looks tallest. Is this the case? Which one is that? The P28 pro stock?
  4. I’m curious about the length of the P90T. I consider the P30 to be a short blade lengthwise. Once I get to medium length (P88) I find that stickhandling becomes a bit more challenging. i think the P28 is also a short blade lengthwise; I just don’t like how (as mentioned) the kink starts so close to the heel. Not only does it give a small area for backhands, but catching passes on the heel becomes a bit of a problem for me when moving and trying to time when the puck will hit the “wall” (and not the ramp) of the blade face. I have watched better players; they don’t seem to suffer from these nuances that plague hacks such as myself- but these are issues I need to consider when studying the curves for potential purchase. This P90T keeps sounding better and better.
  5. Cosmic

    Gel STX

    I second this, and add a $10 weight to your stick: https://www.purehockey.com/product/a-r-hockey-stick-weight-16-oz/itm/17622-2/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7sWjss275QIVhyCtBh0UPwPVEAQYAyABEgKoYPD_BwE Most people in this forum cringe a the thought of spending $250 on a game stick, let alone a training stick.
  6. Cosmic

    CCM Skate VS Bauer

    That was what started getting me thinking on this speculation. When I saw that, I thought, "Please, let it be just a matter of time!" This, I did not know about ...very promising!
  7. Cosmic

    CCM Skate VS Bauer

    FWIW I’m hoping that True/ VH launches a retail non- custom for affordable prices (think Easton Mako M7/ M8 quality - $399.99 or so). When I compare the quarter package of traditional skates to Mako/VH I feel like I’m comparing a ski boot body boot to a tennis shoe. I was in Bauer Supreme before my Makos and it was nothing but problems. Ever since I got into Mako it’s been all good. Only issue has been dialing in size. I’m an 11.5/ 12 in Nike basketball and a 9.5 in Mako, but that’s just a size thing and not a design flaw. Don’t mean to detail the thread, just saying you might be looking in the wrong place or comfort.
  8. Just called again to inquire about the P90T and P90TM. I thought he said “expect something next year,” which I thought meant the line AFTER Ribcor since I heard Ribcor is possibly launching new sticks in November. Then the rep said “These new patterns may be on the Ribcor.” So I think he may have said “expect something IN the next year.” My phone is all jacked up from the vibrations of the tank of my motorcycle, so I miss words a lot. Anyway ... I asked some specific questions and the rep could not answer in specifics - all good I get it. He just said “look around online and stay tuned” pretty much so it sounds like CCM has some exciting stuff in the works as far as blade patterns go.
  9. I did not ask about the P90TM. Also forgot to ask about what the pro stock P30 name is, and who uses it in RH @ 95 flex.
  10. I called CCM this morning. The rep that I spoke with said that they are not getting rid of the P30. We went over the upcoming release of the Ribcor 4 and the sticks down the line. On the top of the line sticks, they are making it with P30. Somewhere down the line, either on the lower value sticks or intermediates or somewhere that I was not really interested in, the rep said that they will not launch P30s. I think he said it was just P28, P29 and P88 on those sticks that had nothing to do with me (but don't quote me on that, I may have gotten it wrong). Regardless, on the sticks that I am interested in (the Pro that is usually about $150/$160), and the one underneath that that is usually about $100), we will see P30 on the 75, 85, and 95 flexes. This is great news! (Thank you, CCM!!!)
  11. Cosmic

    STX Surgeon RX3 Flex question

    I attributed what felt super stiff to the shaft shape geometry- maybe that design gives more rigidity. Or, maybe STX was just dialing in their flex and has since softened up? But yes it could have been the dual kickpoint- it’s hard to sag. it wasn’t a bad thing- I actually really liked the Surgeon. The geometry was great, and the thing was a tank for me. i just got tired of P88 and switched to P30 and thus got out of STX and into CCM. Thinking of giving the P28 a try in an STX now.
  12. For those who have used the STX Surgeon RX3, how is the flex rating? I used the RX2.1 in an 85 flex and I recall it seeming like a telephone pole. If the flex rating has remained the same, then it ought to be an 85 again. Presently, I am using a Tacks in 95 flex, and it is perfect. Should I go 100 or 85 flex in the STX Surgeon RX3? I am 6'2, 215 lbs, and rarely shoot slapshots. I do not like feeling bend in the stick though when I am stickhandling though.
  13. Is the P90T the same as the P90TM? And is the P90TM a CCM exclusive?
  14. Has anyone used the BASE BC14? It looks an awful lot like the P30. Can anyone who has used or has familiarity with both, comment on the differences? I found the BASE curves (including BC14) here in case anyone is looking: https://us.basehockey.ca/collections/blades/products/blade-senior
  15. @Stephen7 Got a P30 in the works? I hope that this rumor proves to be false, as I am pretty much attached to nothing in life, except the P30 on the end of my hockey stick. Just in case this is true though, I need to start keeping my eyes open.