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    Ice- Easton Mako M8
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    CCM Tacks 7092/ STX Surgeon RX2.1
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    CCM Super Tacks
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    CCM Resistance w/ CCM Resistance 300 White cage
  • Pants
    CCM Super Tacks Girdle
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    CCM RBZ 130LE
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    STX Surgeon 500
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    Reebok 20K Pro
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    NY Rangers' Playoff Runs
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  1. @Stephen7 Got a P30 in the works? I hope that this rumor proves to be false, as I am pretty much attached to nothing in life, except the P30 on the end of my hockey stick. Just in case this is true though, I need to start keeping my eyes open.
  2. Payment methods accepted: BitCoin, LiteCoin, PayPal (Family and Friends- check my seller rating here, I am confirmed legit) Easton Mako II Skates, size 10.0EE: $275 + Shipping Bauer Vapor APX2 14 inch gloves (Jimmy Hayes) with mods: $175 + Shipping STX Surgeon 500 Elbow Pads, size Large: $45 + Shipping Warrior Franchise Pro Stock Pants, size Large: $45 + Shipping Warrior Dynasty Girdle, size XL with the Garter sewn in: $85 + shipping CCM Crazy Light Shoulder Pads, size XL: $85 + shipping CCM U+12 LE Shoulder Pads, size XL: $45 + shipping Bauer Supreme TotalOne NXG Shin Guards, 16 inch: $45 + shipping CCM 7092 Tacks Stick, 85 flex, P30 curve: $85 + shipping 2 Titan TPM 3030s, 85 flex, P40: $100 + Shipping
  3. Cosmic

    2019 CCM Ribcor Trigger 4 Pro

    Is a date set as to when the Ribcor 4 comes to retail? I think the look of these is annoying (green is so tacky), but I may just be interested to try the 2nd or 3rd tier offering.
  4. I am hoping to get a warranty in case the stick fails in the first 30 days or so. And yea I did check there and got lost in all the listings. I think I saw a used 95 flex CCM something or other with the P30, but it was priced like a new stick.
  5. I am trying to get my hands on a new stick with the following specs: -P30 curve (Panarin) -95 flex -RH -low budget around $100 or so-or the $159.99 model with 30% off coupon is even better. I visited Hockey Monkey earlier today- they had an 85 flex in a $110 Ribcor. I almost bought it but I know it’s gonna get too whippy too soon, so I passed on it. if anyone knows any of the retailers that has these in stock then please let me know. I guess it’s not a popular pattern, so it’s hard to find. I think I prefer Ribor, then Tacks then JetSpeed but most important is just a stiff twig with an easy curve to use. i have a few sticks that are on their last leg to get me by until maybe these sticks start showing up along with some Black Friday deals.
  6. Cosmic

    Hockey Feels Like A Chore

    I had that feeling for the last 6 months or so that I played (August-December 2018), after a good 5 year run of playing all the time from about 2013-2018. I was forced to take a break when I moved and had a gear failure that I never repaired/ replaced, and am starting to get the itch to play again now. So yea, this 9 month break or so is having me feel reborn! (and thanks to @SkateWorksPNW, I am getting that piece of gear on Monday, gifted via the MSH brotherhood. About to go get my skates sharpened and shoot some pucks (dryland) at HockeyMonkey in a bit, figure I will be on the ice within a week.
  7. Cosmic

    Jock pants with padding

    Those are perfect! Exactly what I was using, but I had the blue ones! I was actually in a Large. They were tight and fit how I liked, I just Hulked through them after a bout a year and a half, but hey man this is perfect. Let's PM for shipping and address and THANK YOU!!
  8. So I used to wear the Bauer 37.5 goalie jock pants with the electric blue PORON structures- they suited me pretty well because they had those huge knee PORON pads, which sat behind my Reebok shin guards that did not have much knee protection (and are otherwise bomb proof). These jock pants also had huge PORON areas inside the thighs, another area that my girdle lacks protection, and where I sometimes took shots when I for whatever reason would rotate my skate out and expose that area to block a high shot (don't ask me why this is reflex- I have no idea- but when I took very weak shots there, no padding, they left a nasty bruise- with these pants, I was fine. I got these FrankenPants from Hockey Monkey Sweden or Europe online. They never released in the USA as far as I know. So the last time I played, these came completely unraveled and torn apart. I think I sized down for a tighter fit, and then just ended up ripping through them. Trying to get back into hockey and just looking for a good liner with some nice little additional pads, if it exists. Bauer looks like they have completely gotten away from the PORON laced liners, which is a shame. I like that extra PORON down low for those miscellaneous pucks that found their way through the rest of my padding down there. Anyone have any ideas? I am headed to Hockey Money today to see what's good. I am figuring that I am more likley to find something online tho through the minds gathered here.
  9. I am thinking about spending a few days in Fresno, CA during the week leading up to Thanksgiving (so figure like November 24-27 or so). Any good pickup hockey games or private skates that might need an extra skater?
  10. I am interested to try too. I wonder if it is more comfortable to hold due to ergonomics.
  11. Does anyone know of a basketball gear (or just basketball sneakers) forum for hoop gearheads, similar to this one with this level of daily activity? I am trying to get sized in the KT3 Lows, and am all over the place in my sizing (ie- size 12.5 in UA Curry 2.5, size 11.5 in Dainese (which is supposed to run small but is apparently running big for me), and a size 9.5 in Eason Mako skates (size 11 if you use the down 1.5 from shoe rule), so it is hard for me to order with confidence online.
  12. I have been having some foot pain in the front third, bottom of my foot (so, on the bottom of the foot, just behind where the toes attach, and then moving back toward midfoot), after the last couple of hockey games. Nothing major, but noticeable. I have been researching footbeds that can provide some softness there- it looks like the SuperFeet Orange are the best option. Has anyone tried these, or found a footbed that will work for me? I am in Easton Mako M8 (been in Makos for about 4 years- love them); everything else has been, and still is great.
  13. Cosmic

    Tampa Bay vs Boston

    Touche. I will also say, that I hate the Bruins so much, that I actually tune in when I might not otherwise, just to root for them to lose (2014 series vs. PIT, and 2014 SCF vs Blackhawks, plus this series vs. TBL). So, perhaps the NHL knows what it is doing by letting guys like Marchand get away with his antics. I could be biased too because I went to some playoff games (1988 maybe?) during the NJ Devils first Cup run, pre-Brodeur/ Stevens/ etc, around 1988, and I recall the Bruins goonery was strong in that series, so yea I have been forever influenced. I had not really chosen a team yet, I just enjoyed hockey at the time and naturally supported the home team (NJ Devils).
  14. Cosmic

    Helmet help for girl playing AAA

    This, as well as the best tip I ever got from this forum, which is to try a cage that is white on the inside (outside color does not matter). With a white on the inside cage, when I look down at the ice to track a puck coming to my stick, the ice camouflages out the cage. With a cage like the Bauer Re-AKT titanium, I literally have to track a puck as it moves through the grids of a prison bar type matrix, which is difficult and distracting and lead to many missed pucks, which I saw no solution to (until I learned of this white on the inside phenomena). Now sure, you can say, "Well Cosmic, what about when you are tracking opposing players with black or any color jersey? What then?" I actually do not notice the bars when tracking players. But when tracking the puck, perhaps because it is so small and catching passes is so fine motor, whereas moving with the play and players is more feel and gross motor, it all works out (with the white interior cage).
  15. I like the 1S better than the Super Tacks, but I did not give it an honest try until I already decided on the Super Tacks. It's not that big a deal that I was gonna throw another $200 at it now, but when the 1S goes on clearance +30% off, then I may just grab it.