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    Ccm ht2
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    Anything hockey, favourite player jags in his prime ,out of hockey, 4x4 off roading & big diesels
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  1. Sprungdownunder

    Ask STEP!

    Did you guys make black steel for the CXN mako holders or only the step steel?
  2. Sprungdownunder

    New Chassis? True? revision?

    I think your right on second looks , proto alloy marsblades
  3. Sprungdownunder

    Marsblade roller chassis

    Had a look at his page couldn’t find them?
  4. Sprungdownunder

    Marsblade roller chassis

    That’s good news looks like I will start putting some coin aside can’t wait!!
  5. Sprungdownunder

    Marsblade roller chassis

    Hi Per are there still plans for the marsblade to be made with different materials like alloy or mag?
  6. Sprungdownunder

    Revision mag chassis

    Mag chassis have a reputation for durability issues so was wondering what sort of experience people have had with them. Are yours the straight 80’s?
  7. Sprungdownunder

    Revision mag chassis

    Anyone got the Revision Mag chassis on there boots ? Looking for some reviews on it as there’s not much talk on them apart from there website or the fact that there on True skates.
  8. Sprungdownunder

    New Chassis? True? revision?

    That’s a ice boot conversion, no vents near the toe cap & never seen that chassis before , dos’nt even look like a hockey chassis.
  9. Sprungdownunder

    Best bearings for the money

    Agree with others about bones Swiss 6 but I went one step further I replaced the OG balls with ceramic balls. If you can get your hands onto Rons rocket bearings there probably the best your going to get & they are competitively priced !
  10. Sprungdownunder

    Advice Kuzak old school chassis set up

    Thx for the response, I tried the 76-80-72-72 set up it the backyard & it was great with low speed /area I had to try it out but the 80mm wheel took a beating & not so sure how it would go with top end speed & at a rink. That being said I did some more research into it & found out its the kuzak split chassis which uses 76-76-68-68 for lower centre of gravity. Looks like I will just stick with that set up in the rink ATM.
  11. So I want to go back to old school style frame which is the kuzak low profile chassis I think it came out as a 68-68-72-72 but I was wondering if anyone has tried a rocketed set up of 72-72-80-76 which gives you a 3 forward rocker & a 2 wheel backward rocker, or should I just stick to the OG set up. Looking for People’s past experiences & there thoughts on it.
  12. Sprungdownunder

    Shops that do conversions and will ship

    If your in Melbourne I can convert them for you using t nuts.
  13. Sprungdownunder

    Sprung question

    Sounds like your sprungs get more of a work out then mine. After each game a blow them clean with compressed air as our sport court dosnt get cleaned often enough,twice a year I pull them apart clean them throughly then let the arms sit in a bucket of water for day or two. Also for a year they were seeing about 2 games a week now I have retired them to one day on sports court as the mlx carbon toe dosnt like the smooth painted concrete , I have another pair of A7's on some ccm pro tacks for the painted concrete rink.so should see me through for a good number of years.
  14. Sprungdownunder

    Sprung question

    Thought I'd mention my A7 MLX combo is going great after a year worth of abuse, I have yet to break anything on the A7's, love em.
  15. Sprungdownunder

    Sprung question

    The A6X chassis & arms have been out for awhile now , should be available from there website only.