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  • Skates
    True/VH with Vaughn cowlings
  • Stick
    Easton aluminium shaft with a variety of blades, True goalie stick
  • Gloves
    Goal gloves are Factory Mad catch and blocker,; Eagle custiom goat skin, talon 90 with back hand pad and goat palms
  • Helmet
    Kustom Composites carbon/kevlar player, Protechsport
  • Pants
    Easton Air pro stock Rangers, Warrior Ritual Pro
  • Shoulder Pads
    Eagle, Brian’s Sub 3
  • Elbow Pads
    Reebok Platinum
  • Shin Pads
    Bauer Vapor APX 7.0, Brian’s Zero G
  • Hockey Bag
    Extra large lawn and garden trash bag cleaned of leaves

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    down the corner, out in the street
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    Hockey, drums, self surgery: not limited to heart by-pass, LASIK,and the occasional amputation, self-dentistry: a few extractions and a root canal.
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  1. bunnyman666

    The Venting Spot

    You like your partner that much, eh?
  2. bunnyman666

    Sparx Skate Sharpener - At home sharpener

    I am certain it is; but you could change a few features and call it something else...
  3. bunnyman666

    Sparx Skate Sharpener - At home sharpener

    Two things I am wishing for on the consumer machine: 1) cross-grind wheel 2) Asymmetrical hollow wheels for goalies. I miss the HELL out of A-Trap (when done correctly, of course!) Jeremiah Sparx- I know you read this board, please entertain offering these items!
  4. bunnyman666

    The Venting Spot

    Find a friend with a ventilator and have them call on your shift and have them ask for you? You’re welcome
  5. bunnyman666

    private power skating prices

    Having the entire surface between three of you would increase the value of the sessions. Weaving between kids on their buckets at a public session is annoying and dangerous!!!!
  6. bunnyman666

    private power skating prices

    That is a lot of money. Yes- it is one on one, but the trick to this is several sessions in a row to help develop the habits. If you could successfully split it with a few others, it wouldn’t be quite the financial pain; $115/hour would get pretty old for me for a month’s worth really quickly!!!! I would get pretty burnt out if I weren’t seeing quick improvement.
  7. bunnyman666

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    I particularly like mine.
  8. bunnyman666

    private power skating prices

    When I re-entered hockey six years ago, several coaches offered their services. I paid $13/half hour to both a figure skating coach and later a speed skater coach who both offered me help. I am certain their prices increased. This was during public sessions. My speed skater medaled nationally. The figure coach has several students who have won nationwide contests. I made a several month commitment with each of them. What does these lessons entail? Is it a series?
  9. bunnyman666

    Rivet issues with composite skates?

    Gah! Must’ve skimmed the post; plenty of shoppes who can’t admit that a job is above their paygrade!
  10. bunnyman666

    Rivet issues with composite skates?

    So what you’re saying is next time, order a boot with the holders not attached?!? This is a True/VH skate, right? That is poor, just bloody poor.
  11. bunnyman666

    Rivet issues with composite skates?

    I use T-nuts when attaching my cowlings to my composite (VH/True) skates. I use blue Loctite to ensure no monkey business like stuff loosening. Never have had a problem and rusty screws are easily replaced in seconds. I like the fact that I can go to the hardware store instead of going to a hockey store and having to wait sometimes days to fix something I can fix in five minutes. I do value what a competent skate tech can do, so please don’t take this as a disrespect, gentle skate techs. I recognise what is well above my paygrade and will not leave a mess for a skate tech to clean up due to my incompetence. Of course I may watch and learn if the repairs can be done whilst I wait!
  12. bunnyman666

    Step Steel

    I was hoping CCM would build a better mouse trap!
  13. bunnyman666

    Step Steel

    Saves me an email... Seriously, though- it drove me nuts how Bauer seemingly wanted people tied to their crappy steel as a price of having the easily removable steel, which was one reason why I never even considered Bauer holders when ordering my True/VH skates (mine were transitional when True had just bought VH); of course now you are stuck with the True/Step holder when ordering said skates. I always liked that I could get Step steel for CCM holders from the onset.
  14. bunnyman666

    Yeo had to go

    The Blues first part of the season woes have caused the loss of the head coaching job for Mike Yeo. The players just did not come out to play for him, unfortunately. Now Craig Berube is the interim head coach. Will he be the leader the Blues will need to be led out of the cellar to salvage the season?
  15. bunnyman666

    Step Steel

    We know that CCM will be most likely to allow Step to have compatible steel (unlike Bauer in the US) for the holder come out sooner than later. I should ask my contact at Step...