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  • Skates
    True/VH with Vaughn cowlings
  • Stick
    Easton aluminium shaft with a variety of blades, True goalie stick
  • Gloves
    Goal gloves are Factory Mad catch and blocker,; Eagle custiom goat skin, talon 90 with back hand pad and goat palms
  • Helmet
    Kustom Composites carbon/kevlar player, Protechsport
  • Pants
    Easton Air pro stock Rangers, Warrior Ritual Pro
  • Shoulder Pads
    Eagle, Brian’s Sub 3
  • Elbow Pads
    Reebok Platinum
  • Shin Pads
    Bauer Vapor APX 7.0, Brian’s Zero G
  • Hockey Bag
    Extra large lawn and garden trash bag cleaned of leaves

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    down the corner, out in the street
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    Hockey, drums, self surgery: not limited to heart by-pass, LASIK,and the occasional amputation, self-dentistry: a few extractions and a root canal.
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  1. Power skating lessons from a figure skater really helped me. I am actually thinking of learning honest to goodness figure skating.
  2. The only thing in new gear that excites me is if it can still be made the old way. I am still excited over my Eagle goat skin player gloves, and I have had them for YEARS. NOS “pro fit” CCM HT2 helmets excite me, though I use a Kustom Composites player helmet. Goalie gear can excite me, but only if I do some sort of customisation. I just got a pair of Vaughn pads that require no strapping change for me to use them; the plus 2” thigh rise will need to be corrected. Guess what I will be addressing whilst out for my surgery? Lastly, vintage gear and restoring it REALLY excites me. The vintage gear I have collected is not pressed into service again, but making it suitable to be used makes me excited. There is something about the old stuff that stirs the imagination for me.
  3. bunnyman666

    The Sweet Spot

    Another small victory: played goal at drop in today. New exercise regimen has paid off as I was nowhere nearly as winded as normal when playing. I let in a few muffins, but it’s not like I get to play all that regularly at this point.
  4. bunnyman666

    Can anyone identify these shoulder pads?

    It was strange that some of the motocross and BMX chest protector designs migrated into hockey and vice versa. Heck- I remember Jofa making BMX protective gear briefly in the ‘80s.
  5. bunnyman666

    Was this a dick move or not?

    Not a dick move for all reasons stated.
  6. bunnyman666

    ProSharp Quad Profile Recommendation?

    I have never had my skates profiled but figured it would be 10-15 sharpenings MAX before the intended profile would be lost, particularly with how aggressive I have seen some hand sharpeners go after the toe and heel. Some get really, really rounded.
  7. bunnyman666

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    I love my VH/True skates! (me trying to steer us back on topic)
  8. I knew that there were no fewer than five manufacturers (not incuding the “Nike” Oilers jerseys which I think they were actually SP). CCM was not the ubiquitous brand it is now (yes- it is Adidas now) for sweaters. When I was a kid, there was not much difference between player and goalie breezers, either! I was always under the impression that twill was the order of the day when it was also heat press and other methods. Too many times I would see the unmistakable sheen of HTV on videos of 80’s NHL. I know the name plates on Blues sweaters were HTV. Again- more of a curiosity than anything. Thanks for the answers and keep more knowledge coming!
  9. Ha! Exact team I was watching! I would NOT do HTV over twill; however, for authenticity sake, I would do HTV on truly retro sweaters! The saddest thing is that that ‘diques sweater is one I can NEVER find in Goalie Cut! Thanks for the answer AND the pic!
  10. bunnyman666

    Old CCM Tacks Broken Holder

    You need to thoroughly inspect the boots. You may have dried and cracked glues, stitches that have rotted, and other things like that may make these skates unsuitable for use. They may have fared better if stored in a climate controlled environment. My old pair of skates (Bauer Supreme) had rotted liners and the outsole was lifting! As far as installing holders, they can put on as long as the holder isn’t too big for the outsole. I have even seen the newer Tuuk trigger holders on some older boots.
  11. I ask as on some vintage footage, I see what looks to be the seemingly unmistakable sheen of HTV lettering on jerseys in the 70s and 80s. I know it was used on practise jerseys for the longest time. I own a few vintage practise jerseys with lots of stitched spots and board burn. It is more of a curiosity question than anything. Thanks!
  12. bunnyman666

    Leg pads not rotating back to neutral

    I have not worn a boot strap in four years and mine go right back to centre. I wear a Brian’s ZeroG with an elastic system to hold the pads onto my legs, as well as elastic toe ties. I used the Brian’s smart toe, then other styles of shock cord/velcro style toe ties. What Reactor series do you have @sconnie? The later Reactors (pro model was 9000, I think it went 5000, 7000 and 9000) were a bit stiffer than the older Reactors (2000, 4000, 6000); may have nothing to do with your rotation problem. @psulion22 the boot strap ala Lundquist also raises the pad up, effectively giving you a taller thigh rise without using a taller pad, extremely useful in the thigh rise restricted NHL. Never tried the Lundy loop, and found boot straps run conventionally to be constricting for me. I could see the boot strap run like Lundy as an area the NHL may crack down on in their quest to increase scoring, all joking about the boot strap save a couple of days back.
  13. bunnyman666

    Hockey Feels Like A Chore

    All that it has taken for me to be a “rarin’ to go!” is the fact I can’t do it right now...
  14. bunnyman666

    Widest Skates

    The perfect skate for me before I bought my VH/True were the old Reebok since they accomodated my super-wide forefoot and super-narrow heel. I pumped the pump to the max to lock my heel. But the fit of that line supposedly changed with the switch from the Reebok to CCM branding is what I had read, so I knew I was destined for the True skate. If the CCM Ribcore boot would have stayed the same, I could have saved some SERIOUS money because I would have waited to buy some on sale. Please don’t groan “but this skate has a very ugly cowling”, but the Vaughn boot is quite wide, and it was originally slated to be a cowlingless skate. Throw a Bauer Vertexx holder on and you’d be golden.