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  • Skates
    TRUE w/ XS holder & Black Step Steel
  • Stick
    Pro Stock FT2 or QRL
  • Gloves
    Bauer 1X Lite Pro
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    CCM 310 w/ FV1 Shield
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    CCM HP45X
  • Shoulder Pads
    CCM FT390
  • Elbow Pads
    Bauer 1X Lite
  • Shin Pads
    Bauer 1s
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    Warrior Q20 Black

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  1. z1ggy


    I would never want a 370g stick. The Supreme ADV is stupid light and it's so horribly balanced I gave it back to the person who let me use it literally within 3 minutes. Balance >> static weight. IMO sticks don't need to go much more below 400g. Give me the best puck feel and balance you possibly can, stop giving me less weight.
  2. z1ggy

    Are low kick sticks just hype?

    I'll let you know when I get it haha.
  3. z1ggy

    Are low kick sticks just hype?

    Purchased a prostock Trig4 and also a 2N pro. Will give thoughts in a week or two about how I feel they compare... if more pucks are going in with one vs the other, if I feel one shoots harder/faster than the other and so on.
  4. z1ggy


    The high prices just mean more demand for the lower end stuff which long term means the prices across the board will go up and retailers can also hold higher prices on older models for longer. These companies aren't dumb. it does nothing but hurt us consumers because seriously... unless you are getting these for free or you're insanely elite, who's using a $400 twig? Was there a real market demand for this? I don't bat an eye at spending $1000 on skates because I can make them last for years and years, but I could snap a $400 stick in 3-4 games.
  5. z1ggy

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    I didn't pay extra for my ccm holders. Can't speak to the True holders but the XS are very good.
  6. z1ggy

    What would you do?

    Depending on your flex and curve needs, there's lots of top of the line sticks available from various pro stock websites for <$200. I was dumb and didn't pull the trigger on a 2N pro on this one website for like $190 a few weeks ago. I use P92 or P28 so when inventory comes in, they sell almost instantly.
  7. z1ggy

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    To me the ADVs felt terrible anyway. Super light blade, the feel was weird and somehow the stick was almost too light. I'd much rather use my FT2 than the ADV. Maybe the Vapor one is different but I gave the one I used right back to the dude in like 2 minutes.
  8. z1ggy

    Too HEAVY for Skates??

    It's all player preference. My FT2 were as stiff as I thought I'd possibly be able to use and when I switched to True's it felt like I Was skating with concrete hiking books on (the stiffness of boot, not the weight). However, I got used to it and I actually like how stiff it is now. I don't think something ultra stiff suits most people but for somebody that weighs 250, I could maybe see stiffness helping to extend life of boot. You really want to get the advice of some of the shop owners here. I only weigh 190 and my Mako's were fairly soft for top level boots and started to really soften up around year 5. If you do go stiffer, you may find yourself wanting to drop an eyelet when you lace. I did with FT2's, but I don't with my True's because they are already fairly aggressively pitched forward.
  9. z1ggy

    Hockey wax

    I'm not material scientist but something tells me that.... you don't. I was always convinced it was a way to get you to use it 2x as fast and order more product again. I used the MAX on its own and was totally fine. I use howie's now and when I re-tape my stick, I will put a ton of it on, then melt it in with my heat gun, then come game time I'll apply another very thin layer. Seems every bit as good as the hockey wax. I can get my tape to last 4 or 5 games before it starts getting really jacked up. Also helps keep ice off the blade in the 3rd period since they only cut the ice once for us.
  10. z1ggy

    Skate size help? (mostly Bauer)

    Get fit for ccm. 90 day no question asked return policy. I used ft1 and ft2 this way, paid $0 to use them for 3 months each.
  11. z1ggy

    Skate size help? (mostly Bauer)

    Don't buy used unless you know it's going to fit your foot really well. Since you can't try them on, it's totally a blind buy, and skate fit does change over time, as you're kind of finding out. Say you normally only spend... $200 on skates that are "new to you". You've just blown that budget and now you still don't have skates you like. Do you skate a lot? I play 2-3x a week in a fairly aggressively men's league and my last skates lasted me 5 seasons before I started to tthink about replacement. If I was cheap (I'm not) I could have easily gotten 1-2 more years out of them. That's 6-7 years for a pair of skates, and even more if you play less that I do. Pretend you bite the bullet and buy a mid range skate for $500. You can't afford to spend $71-83 per YEAR on one of the only things connecting you to the ice while you play?? Hockey skates is one of those things that I will swear up and down that spending the extra buck is worth it. Do you need top of the line Tacks or Jetspeed? No, definitely not. But is trying to cheap your way into an 8 year old skate for $40 over and over again worth the time and hassle just to save a few $$? Nope, not in my opinion. If money is a problem, then save up for a few months and go get fit at a store. You have a pretty normal size foot so I don't see why a big store like Pure or Hockey Monk won't have your size in all the major models. If you love hockey and you love playing, it will be worth it.
  12. Isn't there that one small company that makes the mega gritty blade that also has holes in it? I thought I saw howtohockey/hockeytutorial or some other youtube channel testing these out. No tape was needed. I use lizard skins on my butt end though. Honestly I'd be willing to try just a tape knob on top so my hand isn't constantly slipping off but the traditionalist in me keeps on putting tape or other things there to hold on to...Maybe if I manage to finally snag a 2N pro or 4D pro I'll rock the knob job.
  13. z1ggy

    Nexus Sticks Discontinued?

    I mean, this matches CCM right? 3 stick lines (Tacks, Jetspeed, Ribcor) and 2 protective lines (Tacks, Jetspeed). For skates...I'm not sure if sales justify it or not but I could see Ribcor skates going bye bye just like Nexus is.
  14. z1ggy


    Those look like some thick tongues on those puppies. I actually saw a vid on his YT channel recently where he was skating around outside in NYC for some charity thing and I'm pretty sure he had these skates on.
  15. z1ggy

    Nexus Sticks Discontinued?

    I can't see the sticks going, it's the number one used/marketed stick in the NHL right now.