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  • Skates
    TRUE w/ XS holder & Black Step Steel
  • Stick
    Pro Stock FT2 or QRL
  • Gloves
    Bauer 1X Lite Pro
  • Helmet
    CCM 310 w/ FV1 Shield
  • Pants
    CCM HP45X or HP70X
  • Shoulder Pads
    Easton Mako M5
  • Elbow Pads
    Bauer 1X Lite
  • Shin Pads
    Bauer Supreme One80
  • Hockey Bag
    Warrior Q20 Black

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  1. z1ggy

    CCM Pro Stock Pant Models

    So PSH agreed they sent me the wrong pair, I got a full refund. Are the 70X's really hard to find in medium? Literally 0 places I can find them... PSH says they don't have any in stock either, and all else I can find are L or XL. I could probably fit into L's but I'd be running into the same issues with them falling down a bit and having to crank the zipper. Any other pro stock pants with extra padding that are a more "traditional fit"?
  2. z1ggy

    Easton Mako Skate Questions

    Give True a try. I know you said you got VH's but if you just did the old school pictures + foot stencil... that's not as good as the scans they do now. I've baked my True's 2x now plus did a shrink wrap over the instep and heel and it's much better fitting than anything else, even Mako. I'm like you, wider forefoot and more narrow/small heel. I had the same issues with my Mako heel cup.... the heating with the heat gun and using clamps didn't work that well for me, if at all. I just dealt with it and got used to it. If you don't want True's the FT2 also fit similarly to Mako albeit a little more narrow overall. With the 90 day play and return thing... it's a no brainer to try them, it's quite literally free if you don't like them. If they fit half way decent and you think you might keep them, I'm sure you could bake those a few times, and punch out any spots, or bring in anything that's too loose.
  3. z1ggy

    Thickest laces

    I use Proguard, which I think are the ones that come stock in my Trues. I think they are 1/2'' thick. Just don't use Elite... total junk.
  4. z1ggy

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Yeah I've read your stuff about the foot and ankle strengthening and the skating going down eyelets. Problem right now is ice is getting harder to come by now that high school and all the other teams get priority so stick times and pick up hockey is getting harder to find.
  5. z1ggy

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Anybody find after a bunch of hours in the boot, that it opens up a bit? I've baked mine twice and put about... 15 hours in them now and I'm finding recently that my foot has a little extra wiggle room than previously. Mainly in the instep/ankle/heel area. Should I rebake and re-wrap them?
  6. z1ggy

    Custom skates

    I thought there's a video out there roughly showing the process in the CCM factory, even showing the bajillion random lasts they have floating around?? In fact I swear I saw the video which was linked in a thread on this website. I mean... do you want you skates to look all indented and janky? If they fit awesome, then... job well done, no?
  7. z1ggy

    CCM Pro Stock Pant Models

    Agreed. Messaged a seller on Sideline Swap who was selling HP70X's and asked if his had the X designation or not, and he said they did. Eh, as long as it's 0 cost to me, I would rather return them and get what I actually wanted. There's nothing wrong with my HP45X and they are my pant I game right now, so it's not like I'm in dire need of pants for an upcoming game or something.
  8. z1ggy

    CCM FV1 Full Face Visor

    The "instructions" provided in the box actually say not to use any kind of spray and to only use warm soap and water, and to wipe down with micro fiber towel. That's all I've done so far, and it's worked just fine. I just need to be conscious when I take my gloves off between shifts to not try to touch it, because it does attract grease and sweat easily. Usually between shifts, I unbuckle it and flop it up to give my face a little air and it prevents me from touching it by mistake.
  9. Did you use the same exact stick in 87 and 77 flex? I don't find massive differences between the two flexes if I go to the store and flex on some different ones in the same stick. I've found for sure though some brands have much stiffer profiles than others. The new Sherwood sticks play at least 10-15 flex higher than rated, compared to CCM & Bauer. I find flex profile matters a lot too - My old 85 flex RBZ felt way more stout during shots than my 85 flex DT4 and my QRL. There's no reason you need to go spend $300 to do an experiment. I've used 85 flex for a really long time but recently moved down to 77 and I'm never going back to 85. My shots are actually more powerful now than before and I haven't noticed any reduction in "quickness" of the release. I'm sure it's slower, but... we're talking tenths of a second I'm sure. Makes 0 difference to a guy like me playing weekend pick up and beer league.
  10. z1ggy

    CCM Pro Stock Pant Models

    OK so I got the HP70 but... the inner tag doesn't say X like on my HP45X's. Did they send me the regular HP70 and not the "xtra padding" version? See pics. My HP45X pro stock: The order I placed for HP70X: I found this picture online when I typed in "HP70X CCM"
  11. z1ggy

    CCM FV1 Full Face Visor

    K I've had 2 games with the shield now, 0 issues. No fog or anything else.... Highly recommend.
  12. Depends what you consider a good deal. I got my FT2 for $170 and I see a bunch of 1X Lite out there for $150 or sometimes less.
  13. I overlaid the P90T FT2 stick over the p28 pro stock and the prostock is maaaaaybe like 1/16'' taller just near the hosel area but not along the entirety of it.
  14. So I think the p28 looking shorter is just camera angle stuff. First pic the P28 is in the back, second picture I moved it to the front. I played another game with P90T and it 100% keeps shots lower and backhands are way easier. Could be the FT2 being a different kick point than my DT4 but I think it has more to do with curve.
  15. I don't think P28 is shorter in blade length, I just think the actual curve is a little more pronounced (deeper maybe?) so it tricks your eye into thinking it's shorter. It's like, which is shorter, a straight line that's 4 inches long, or a segment of a circle that's 4 inches from start to finish? Both are 4 inches long, but the curled line of the circle would probably fool your brain into looking shorter because it takes up less room in a given area.