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    Take a wild guess
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    CCM-RBZ Stage 2 Hossa P40, H11, or Zlobin Pattern
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    Cooper Pro circa 1975 & CCM 5-Roll HG135S circa 1985
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    CCM Pro Standards circa Late 70s
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    Cooper HP-18s circa 1978 and CCM Supra 610s & 630s circa 1990
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    Bauer 600s with shoulder caps and biceps pads swapped from Jofa 8400s
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    Jofa 9144s, 8066s, and 8044s
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    Jofa 5500s
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    CCM 32" and Larger Generic Duffle Bag

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  1. YesLanges

    Wearing a Mask in Beer League?

    Agreed, but IMO, anybody who takes an aggressive slash at someone a couple of shifts after having his stick held for a few seconds sort of playfully (especially, after having just done the exact same thing to that guy on the previous face-off) is exactly the type who just might carry it over. This guy can't claim the excuse of ignorance either, because he's a very experienced and good player who played Juniors in Massachusetts and beer league for at least 40 years. Also, to be entirely fair, when you play year after year with and against the same core group of about 100 guys, there are sometimes a few guys who do develop long-term dislikes for one another; in fact, a couple of them have always had to be placed on the same team for years, because the league considers that safer than having them play against one another. Nothing happened, but I figured if he wanted to go that route, might as well just get it over with and then move on afterwards.
  2. YesLanges

    Was this a dick move or not?

    If you just change the gender of the genitals in your question, the answer is yes.
  3. YesLanges

    Wearing a Mask in Beer League?

    I took a very hard clearing flip flush about 2 weeks ago that would have been at least a few teeth with my half shield. The last time I wore a visor in a game was about 2 years ago for one game. There was one guy who had a beef with me (for holding his stick when we both got to a puck, exactly the way he did to me about 20 seconds earlier after he lost a face-off) who I thought might want to carry that over to our next game from the way he slashed me a few shifts later; so I switched back to a visor to match his for the next game, just in case, so we could get it over with if he really wanted to.
  4. YesLanges

    Marsblade Ice Holder

    Disregard. Figured it out.
  5. YesLanges

    ProSharp Profile Template List

    JR, I sent a couple of messages to the PSP email but never got an answer to my 2 questions. I have two specific questions before sending them in: (1) What would you recommend to try for my Marsblades if 8'/13' w/aggressive fwd pitch still feels too flat for me? and (2) The PSP charts go by boot size, but my 288s are a little big for Size 10 skates; so would you suggest moving up to the next largest profile on the size chart or sticking with whatever corresponds to Size 10 boots. I'll send them in as soon as I know what to order. Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. YesLanges

    Marsblade Ice Holder

    They definitely feel better with the fix installed, but still too flat...maybe a little worse than my regular blades used to feel before I started having them pitched forward...so the MB seem to just be undoing the forward pitch that I'm comfortable with...and it's reintroducing the same feel that led me to pitch my regular blades forward in the first place. I'm thinking the reason MB seem to promote my cross-under is simply that I'm more on the 13' part of my blade (8'/13') with them...I understand that extended cross-under is generally a good thing, but it's not worth the balance trade-off of also feeling too flat-footed at the same time even if they extend the length and time and distance of my cross-under...and because they extend the cross-under time, I can't move my feet quickly enough in sequence...I'm crossing under very deliberately like I'm always in a power-skating class and doing the drill where you're supposed to exaggerate the cross-under/cross-over without picking your skates up off the ice. I'm thinking that I might just need even more forward pitch on MB to duplicate the same body posture on steels that move. It may be related to my being one of those people who naturally always walk like we're facing into a headwind or walking uphill. (I'm only aware of this from what people have always told me and from seeing myself on film...to me, it feels like I'm walking normally and not leaning forward at all...and I know it's genetic from my dad's side because that's how his brother walked.) That might explain why regular neutral profiles (and MB) feel like I'm too far back on them. It's also possible that MB just won't work for me because the same pitch that I'd need anytime the blades move back would be ridiculous anytime they're not moving. I'm currently awaiting a suggestion from the PSP before deciding what to do to them to try them again, but they're not going to work for me on my regular profile.
  7. YesLanges

    Marsblade Ice Holder

    As I explained on p.5 of this thread, I was going to try your fix before messing with my regular profile. What would you suggest for someone who is very comfortable on 8'/13' and an (already) aggressive forward pitch? Some specific recommendation would be greatly appreciated so that I don't have to pick a new profile through guesswork, because I have no other reason to consider changing the profile that works great for me until I put them on MB. Negative on the likelihood that it's a transition-time issue that will resolve without a different profile. The first hour on un-adjusted MB didn't change at all after the first few minutes and it was the exact same experience for me after more than a full hour on them after installing the adjustment piece that you provided. It was definitely an improvement over the un-adjusted MB, but nothing changed for me during that session, either. So far, I'm noticing zero benefit and it feels like I have too much blade on the ice (and/or my weight is too far back) during crossovers and transitions. If MB are going to work for me, it's definitely going to be on a different profile. Any suggestions?
  8. YesLanges

    Marsblade Ice Holder

    Thanks, Nicholas...appreciate any suggestions.
  9. YesLanges

    Marsblade Ice Holder

    I installed the modifiers that I received from Per (thank you). He supplied two sets, one of which restricts the steel's movement more than the other, so I started off with the one that restricts it more, figuring that if that eliminated the issue, I could then experiment with the smaller restriction afterwards. It made enough of a difference that I was able to just do drills and shoot around this time without concentrating on my skating the entire time I was on them. While a big improvement over the unrestricted motion, I'm still too flat-footed for comfort on crossovers and transitions and it just feels like I'm at 75% of my normal skating capacity without any noticeable benefit of the technology at all. No improvement after an hour of skating. If the motion were to be limited any further, I think they would just feel exactly like my regular steels but with the unnecessary added weight of the MB holders. I guess the next step for me before concluding that it's a bust would be changing my profile from 8'/13' to 8'/11' or something like that. JR, do you have a recommendation for what profile I should try through the PS Project and/or do you agree that if MBs are going to work for me, it will only be by finding a different profile than what I'm used to on my regular steels?
  10. YesLanges

    Marsblade Ice Holder

    Thanks, Deke. I'm not using the original Lange holders...using semi-modern Icetek holders and removable steels (2 screws). I responded to JR via email.
  11. YesLanges

    Marsblade Ice Holder

    Thanks, Per. I hope you're right and I'll try your fix before I start messing with my profile. Not looking forward to that at all. II'll be on my regular blades in a few hours and I'm going to try to be more aware of where it feels like my weight is distributed for comparison to help me understand what might be accounting for the difference the next time I'm back on MB.
  12. YesLanges

    Marsblade Ice Holder

    Thanks, Man. I'm thinking that my aggressive forward pitch might actually be the main reason that I'm not feeling too far back on my heels, which seems to be the most common negative comment from others. Agree regarding stability. I'll try the fix that Per sends, but I'm thinking that as between reducing the amount of pivot (which undermines the main purpose of the whole design concept) and keeping that same pivot but adjusting the profile, the latter would be preferable. If the fix doesn't work (and maybe even if it does), I think I might try reducing the 13' in case the pivoting is just putting me more onto the 13' part of my blade than I need to be to keep my mobility. Ideally, if these things are going to work for me, I'd rather maximize that pivot and take full advantage of the design concept but just find the right profile for them if it turns out that the right profile on conventional steels just aren't the right profile for me on a pivoting blade. Re. the Lange boot, I really don't think that's a variable in this equation. For one thing, it's the same boot I'm already using and it's the same profile that already works for me with conventional steels. (The boots would be more likely to be a variable if I didn't already have a profile that works for me with regular steels on the same boots.) For another (and probably, more importantly), the bottoms where the holders actually attach is no more or rigid than the bottoms of any other skate boots. So, I think I'm no different from any other user in that I'm just comparing the MB to what already works for me with regular steels on the same exact boot.
  13. YesLanges

    Marsblade Ice Holder

    Thank you. The reason I asked is that I already reviewed that chart and it goes by skate size. My skates are size 10, which is right on the line at the high end of one profile, but (I believe) 288 mm steels could also go with a larger skate. So, I'm asking which profile corresponds to 288 steels, because I can't imagine that boot size is a more reliable determinant than steel length. Likewise, I'm asking those with more experience, such as yourself, which first option they might go with based on my interest in increasing speed if I'm very comfortable on my current 8'/13' with fwd pitch, because your experience trumps my flipping a coin to decide between a triple and quad radius. Thanks in advance for any input.
  14. YesLanges

    Marsblade Ice Holder

    I never knew anything about it. In the meantime while I see about working things out with Marsblades, I have a set of steels about ready for sharpening. What would you recommend for 288 mm steels to try to improve my straightaway speed if I'm currently very comfortable on 8'/13' with aggressive forward pitch (FBV 95/1)? (Curious why the chart goes by skate size and not steel length.)
  15. YesLanges

    Marsblade Ice Holder

    Thanks, Per. I'm Backer # 497.