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  1. JONES199

    replacement tounges?

    I will PM. I'm not sure what eyelet extenders are but the skates have the plastic extension pieces rather than traditional eyelets.
  2. JONES199

    replacement tounges?

    He does but he has always had them, always been in supremes. He switches them out as soon as they "break" or "fold".
  3. JONES199

    replacement tounges?

    A tiny gap on one foot just touches on the other.
  4. JONES199

    replacement tounges?

    Yes - he is in exactly what the scan recommends.
  5. JONES199

    replacement tounges?

    We took him to the Bauer store and had the 3D scan done over the weekend, while the skates are not custom they are the ones that they would sell him off the shelf.
  6. JONES199

    replacement tounges?

    Thanks already switched the lace pattern as well.
  7. JONES199

    replacement tounges?

    replacement tounges advice - the kid has lace bite on fairly new skates (6 months old), tried all the gel pads and inserts and switched out the laces to non-waxed is the next thing to try is new thicker tounges?
  8. We've had the holders and triggers checked on two separate occasions. Once at the Bauer store. 3 blades broke in the left skate and two in the right.
  9. Update - the kid broke his 5th LS4 since August yesterday. I have pictures of 4/5 and they all broke in different spots. The Tydans are on the way.
  10. JONES199

    Bauer Supreme 2S vs 2S pro skates

    The skates are for a bantam. Am i correct that the Bauer custom is more about configuring the skate? Are the sizes standard or are they creating a custom last of the foot from the 3D scan?
  11. JONES199

    Bauer Supreme 2S vs 2S pro skates

    Thanks. I'm not entirely sure what the difference is but he's never had skates as low as a 180 so I'm not sure now is the time.
  12. Time for new skates. Trying to discern the meaningful difference between the 2S and the 2S pro. Currently in MX3's. Always been in either a 190 or 1S level of skate. Goes up 1/2 size at a time so he's not in them for very long. He doesn't like/use the speed plates so are the blades the meaningful difference? We also considered the custom program but not sure what that would add?
  13. The holder's alignment has been checked. The difficulty with the Steps was on an earlier pair of skates.
  14. Had Steps in the past and they were just too difficult to get in and out. Ease of installation is important as the kid is off on his own.