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  • Skates
    Bauer Vapor X:60, Sr. Size 6.0EE, Bauer Vapor x7.0 6.0D
  • Stick
    Bauer Vapor X80,x700, PM9, 67flex, STX Surgeon 500, x9 75 flex
  • Gloves
    APX2, 14"
  • Helmet
    ReAKT, M Mask M ReAKT
  • Pants
    RBK 8k, Girdles rbk 9k, M
  • Shoulder Pads
    RBK 20k, M
  • Elbow Pads
    RBK 20k, M
  • Shin Pads
    rbk 11k, 14''
  • Hockey Bag
    bauer elite pro

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  1. MrTrololo

    JOFA JDP Patent

    Hello Does anyone know something about JDP patent? do they had/have it? Do other companies have something similar? Would appreciate your input. This question puzzles me for quite a while already. Thanks
  2. MrTrololo

    STX Surgeon 500 stick alternative

    Thanks. You got me absolutely right. Yes Rx2.1 is not possible as well. My problem with ccm is that I cannot find pm9 or x9 curve analog there. Somehow combination of lie and straight blade makes me happy.
  3. MrTrololo

    STX Surgeon 500 stick alternative

    is there something else?
  4. Hello, I'm 5ft 9inches 185lbs 32yo. Cannot get STX surgeon 500 in Europe with 75 flex and 9x curve. Really like the stick. Please give me some alternatives to the surgeon 500 stick. tnx
  5. MrTrololo

    Fischer sticks

    Hi, how much would be the custom stick (Austria)? Really no low-kick technology at all?
  6. MrTrololo

    Edges wear unevenly

    thats all right, but there is another theory that more skilled person uses whole gliding surfase incl. back porition of the blade. therefore blade got completely dull everywhere (NHL athelete)
  7. MrTrololo

    Edges wear unevenly

    Hello, My edges wear unevenly from front to back - is it normal? I have seen a few videos - specialist said that good player uses whole blade, so it should be no difference between sharpeness on front and on the back of the blade. Before injury I hade a good technique and had no difference (or did not noticed). Does someone knows about blades of a pro-level skaters? what do they have? thanks
  8. QUESTION: Which tendon(s) was(were) repaired during Pavel's operation? It was right ankle Thanks for input
  9. Hi, How and when could I get your Bauer Speed Plate product? Its very hard to find something and noone can tell me when is the official start of retail for speed plates. Thanks
  10. HI. are you talking about yellow superfeet? thanks
  11. the answer http://www.nhl.com/ice/blogpost.htm?id=4037
  12. The problem is that the sharpening process is really bad. edges are good, but the gliding surface is just a mess. thats why Im looking for solution. I want to polish the hollow at home
  13. Hi everyone, Does someone has an information about blade hollow polishing for the best glide? I have found this patent: "Ice-skate blade polishing method and means CA 1159484 A1" There is disclosed an ice-skate blade in which the portion of the ice-engaging surface of the blade which is inter-mediate the sharpened side edges of the blade, is polished to a mirror-finish, in order to decrease the friction between the blade and the ice. To polish this intermediate surface with conventional polishing compounds, a felt disc is used. It's sounds pretty much like a nice idea. Where I can try this? Can anyone comment on this? Kind regardsMr Trololo
  14. MrTrololo

    Skate fit problem Heel lift in right skate

    Hi, those 55 flex eyelet extensions are on both skates? and what is your weight? how havy you are and what are skates ?
  15. MrTrololo

    Flexor retinaculum of the foot problem

    Thanks, Do you know which movement (of the foot) is causing such an injury? Was it a jump, or something?